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Comment Re:Yes, yes, i'll buy a Tesla. (Score 1) 207

This is one area where the "lower cost of living" areas of the country kind of get shafted.

I make ~$65k per year. In my area - that's fine. I bought a recent construction 1800sqft 4 bedroom house for $115k. Food and electricity are cheap here - I have no problem living comfortably on my salary - EXCEPT when it comes to buying something like a car. Cars cost about the same regardless of where you are in the country. As such while I'm making over twice the median income for my area - even $40k for a car isn't remotely feasible. My realistic budget tops out at around $25k. Thankfully you can still get (some) cars for less than that.

That said - I'm still driving my 10 year old car that's long been paid for. You can buy a LOT of gas per month for the price of a car payment.

Comment Re:Ah yes, a cable... (Score 1) 206

Except your story doesn't make any sense here. I've read some of the reviews and using a 10K resister isn't cheaper than using a 56K resister, it is simply wrong and dangerous.

The part isn't cheaper, but the employee that made that mistake is cheaper than the one who wouldn't have. Labor costs are part of a product cost.

Comment Re:"Less than 1% chance" (Score 1) 143

Because 1% chance means quite unlikely.

Unless we literally get a time machine working, its unlikely that we'll be able to show EXACTLY what happened. All we can do is model it, and anything that has a very tiny chance of happening is generally thrown out unless all other potential avenues are exhausted. Otherwise, each time we say "yeah, that 1% course is possible, lets stick with that" - we're wrong 99% of the time.

Comment OneDrive subscription Cancelled (Score 1) 330

Well, there goes my onedrive subscription.

I personally wasn't using 75TB, but I was up around 4TB - I got the OneDrive subscription to keep an updated mirror of my large storage RAID which has about that much space.

With a limited of 1TB I no longer have need of their services. Newsflash: if you advertise unlimited, people will use the feature as such. Nobody expects infinity, but what is considered extreme usage by you may well be considered normal by some of your users.

Comment Re:The best punishment . . . (Score 1) 241

The article clearly states that the guy who sold it inherited the item after the previous owner passed away.

If he had never been told what it was, he probably just assumed it was some weird project from his relative (possibly parent) that was taking up space. It'd be something that one might would even throw away except that anything large and metallic has scrap value so basically you get paid for your "trash".

My dad and uncle went through a lot of this after my grandfather passed away. Behind his house he had a ton (well, actually many, many tons) of old tractors, plows, cars, etc that after they broke he just tossed in the woods behind his house (still on his property - just off of the cleared portion). After my granddad passed away just in the process of cleaning up the place they hauled off pretty much all of it and took in quite a few thousand dollars in scrap value.

Comment Re:Spicy! (Score 1) 310

Doesn't really seem to do that for me. I get a strong burn in my nose if I eat too much horse radish but it's just a quick reaction that clears up after a few seconds. Capsaicin actually gets the sinuses open and draining for a while.

From a culinary perspective though I enjoy both, though I'll admit horseradish was much more of an acquired taste.

Comment Re:Thanks to the War on Drugs (Score 1) 310

Yep. Its particularly annoying for things that don't get you high.

For instance, I've got gout. To avoid being off my feet for a few days every other month or so, I take Allopurinol daily, and cholchicine if I ever do feel any pain coming on.

I have needed these medications for ~10 years now. I'll almost certainly need to keep taking them for the rest of my life. So why the heck do I have to see my doctor every 6 months just for him to say "Yep, you've still got gout - here's your permission to buy your meds."?

Comment Re:What is it about... (Score 4, Insightful) 620

Why do YOU people always leave out the militia part? A little inconvenient?? There is no militia now, so you don't need any guns.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that the right to be arms is an individual right, not the right of the militia. It merely facilitates the formation of a militia when needed.

Claiming that 2nd amendment only applies to the militia would have made about as much sense as claiming that the 1st amendment only applies to the press.

Sweden destroys their constitution every 10 years, and re-writes it from the ground up. This eliminates the issue of a 325,000 page federal code, and ridiculous shit like Alabama having a law against playing naked ping-ping, or a woman in California from riding a horse wearing shorts, etc.

The constitution isn't "325,000" pages. As a matter of fact the constitution fits on less than 10 pages. All the crazy laws that we have are the laws beyond the constitution that have been later added. The constitution itself is a document that explicitly is intended to be timeless. Only the most basic of concepts are addressed there, and its been working for us just fine for well over 2 centuries.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 469

The trigger on S&W autos is hideous and prone to breaking under duress.

There are after market solutions to that - namely by Apex Tactical Specialties which enjoys much popularity in the competition world. S&W could certainly license or clone that type of technology for any military pistol submission. The FSS kit with proper springs gives the gun a 5.0 lb trigger (or lower, though I doubt they'd go lower for general issue) that's aluminum instead of the stock polymer, and while not quite as crisp as a 1911, is darned close.


Of course Glock could design around their issues too - aftermarket Glock barrels solve the case support issue (though even in OEM barrels it's less pronounced in more recent manufacture guns).

I doubt anybody will submit a model identical to what's off the shelf to this requests. They'll read up on what's required, and if interested either design a whole new gun (like Beretta is doing) or modify their existing designs.

Either way it should be a win for the consumer market as even the guns that don't get chosen may well go into production for civilian sales.

Comment Good I guess (Score 4, Interesting) 173

The story mentions prisons - I'm not sure if short-term jails are included in this but I hope so.

While I've never personally had to make any calls, my sister was arrested (DUI) once, and being a nervous wreck was calling me - nearly hourly- until we got bail posted. The collect calls - often lasting no more than 2-3 minutes, were charged at a flat rate of $15 per call. A one night stay ended up costing me over $200 just in collect phone call charges before I eventually just had to tell her that I wouldn't accept any more calls.

Comment I'm happy with that (Score 1) 171

Honestly - I've played a lot of good games "back in the day", and skipped over just as many that were good back then but I just never got around to playing (and whose interfaces I just can't play nowadays). I'm happy with remakes of those games, as long as they're true remakes like what Square is doing (I'm less interested and the "HD Remix" concept - I want completely new graphics not just uprezed stuff).

I personally have zero interest in "mobile gaming". I can understand that as a company they have to "follow the money", but I personally have little interest in games on a ~5 inch screen whose controls usually are just variations on "Turn device or touch the screen". I've embraced a whole bunch of "new media" with open arms. I love podcasts, most social media, and I've gotten to where I find myself viewing Youtube far more often than watching traditional television shows, but I'd completely give up gaming way before I'd play most of what passes for games on a phone.

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