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Comment: WTF? (Score 2) 175

by mac1235 (#34735932) Attached to: Microsoft Research Takes On <em>Go</em>
"Many games are written in C++, but this requires a lot of ‘libraries’ to store information, along with a lot of man power to create them. XNA comes with a number of pre-made libraries, making it a lot easier to program with."

I thought C++, (as a well established Programming language) would have more libraries than XNA, which I had not previously heard of?

Comment: A question of distribution. (Score 1) 287

by mac1235 (#34454616) Attached to: With Better Sharing of Intel Comes Danger
The material in question was too widely distributed to be considered secure. We can assume that any non-US intelligence agencies that really wanted copies has them. (Diplomatic cables are probably not as useful as technological, commercial and military secrets) Now the press has them and it's an issue?

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