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Comment Re:Homeopathy on BBC news this morning (Score 1) 287

Why would you think it's too non-PC? As good skeptics, they go where the evidence leads. Overdiagnosis is a well known thing in skeptical circles.

As for annual physicals, I'm pretty sure that's only a thing in countries with privatised healthcare. I don't think the NHS has ever proposed such at thing.

Comment Re:Bigger Pixels: Buy a TV. (Score 2) 197

This, unfortunately. Scaling and dpi setting both fail due to an unholy mess of percent, point and pixel based measurements in both apps and web pages, and lazy web developers who assume everyone has the same MacBook they do. Get a large, low-res display (TVs around 32-50 inches would be ideal), run it at native resolution and make your OS believe it has the dpi of a smaller one.

Comment Re:Uber is the problem! Let's ban it! (Score 1) 91

[citation needed]

You make a very specific claim: hitchhiking is dangerous, and it's more dangerous than it was in the past. Is that claim based on actual numbers or anally extracted ones?

This claims the chances of being killed or raped while hitchhiking in the United States are 0.0000089%.

Comment Re:Uber is the problem! Let's ban it! (Score 1) 91

If this were true, cab driver would be a seriously dangerous job. In most countries, it isn't.

Yes it is. Taxi driver is one of the most dangerous jobs.

Fine, I should've been more careful with my wording. The article you linked to doesn't break down the number but implies heavily that the high fataility rate is due to car accidents. We're talking about the risk of violence here, which the article implies has been decreasing: "There aren't so many potential felons in the backseat as there used to be".

But ignoring all that, let's look at the numbers. 19.7 fatalities per 100,000 workers (per year, I assume). Let's say a cab driver takes 20 customers per shift, 250 days a year. That's 19.7 fatalities per 500,000,000 trips, or one death per twenty five million rides. I can live with those odds.

I'll leave the conversion to micromorts to someone else.

Comment Re:Uber is the problem! Let's ban it! (Score 1) 91

This is a fair counterargument I guess. But I would posit that the number of people willing to pick up a hitchhiker is massive compared to the number of people with bad intentions.

What kind of a criminal would think it a good idea to target hitchhikers? Almost by definition they are both penniless and streetwise. And there really are not enough crazies on a random kiling spree to worry about it, no matter how hard Fox News is trying to convince us otherwise.

Comment Re:Uber is the problem! Let's ban it! (Score 5, Insightful) 91

Ok, I'll bite.

I guess the App is better than hitchhiking (which in my opinion is extremely dangerous both for the passenger (the driver can turn out to be a criminal)

And do what? As a hitchhiker you're asking a random person for a lift, which is statistically very safe indeed. The probability that a randomly selected person stopping his/her car is not only a criminal but a criminal who would target you is very small indeed.

It's like asking someone to watch your laptop for a while in Starbucks while you go to the toilet. If you ask a random person, chances are you're ok. If someone offers to do it, be wary.

and the driver (the passenger could turn out to be a criminal).

If this were true, cab driver would be a seriously dangerous job. In most countries, it isn't. I concede that in countries where hitchhiking has become less common, there's probably some cause to exercise caution regarding whom you might pick up. Common sense goes a long way.

Please, enough of the fearmongering. The western world is a safe place. You'll be fine, and so will your kids.

Comment Re:Archival grade BluRay (Score 1) 251

I would've thought the main reason CD drives are still available is that there's no reason to deprecate them while Blu-Ray and DVD drives can read them. (Also, lots of things are still delivered on CD media. Because Blu-Ray and DVD drives can read them.)

As soon as Blu-Ray goes away as a media, probably driven by cloud, streaming and other non-physical data delivery, CD goes away too. I don't think any of my computers bought in the past five or so years have had optical drives.

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