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Submission + - Malware Uses Fake Jay-Z App to Highlight NSA Spying on Independence Day->

DavidGilbert99 writes: Jay-Z, the NSA, Android, Samsung, Independence Day.....Sounds like an SEO-baiting headline right? Well in actual fact all these terms have come together in a fake Android app which is looking to take advantage of the new album from Jay-Z. Hacktivists are using its popularity to highlight the recent NSA hacking with malware which is set to be triggered on 4 July.
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Submission + - Stem cells used to grow miniature human livers in mice->

ananyo writes: Transplanting tiny 'liver buds' constructed from human stem cells restores liver function in mice, researchers have found. Although preliminary, the results offer a potential path towards developing treatments for the thousands of patients awaiting liver transplants every year.
The liver buds, approximately 4 mm across, staved off death in mice with liver failure, the researchers report this week in Nature (abstract.). The transplanted structures also took on a range of liver functions — secreting liver-specific proteins and producing human-specific metabolites. But perhaps most notably, these buds quickly hooked up with nearby blood vessels and continued to grow after transplantation.

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Submission + - Boston University Patent Lawsuits Hit Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and More->

curtwoodward writes: First, we heard that Boston University — a private, four-year school overshadowed by neighbors like MIT and Harvard — was suing Apple for patent infringement. Well, sure, patent lawsuits in tech are an everyday thing, right? But it turns out this is not a one-off: BU has been quietly filing a barrage of patent lawsuits since last fall, all of them revolving around the same patents for LED and semiconductor technology. And the targets run the gamut, from Apple and Amazon to Samsung and several small companies that distribute or sell LEDs and other equipment. A couple of small guys have settled, but Amazon and Samsung are refusing. Still to come: Apple's response.
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Operating Systems

Submission + - Dell puts XP back in play

illeism writes: Dell has begun putting XP back on new machines.

Dell changed the policy in response to pleas posted on its Ideastorm website which invites customers to post suggestions about how the PC maker can meet their needs. The suggestion saying "Don't eliminate XP just yet" got almost 11,000 votes. In response Dell said it would offer the operating system on four models of Inspiron notebooks and two Dimension desktop PCs.
However, Microsoft will always pipe up on things like this saying:

Dell was responding to a "small minority" of customers who had a very "specific" request.

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