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Comment This is not a new thing (Score 1) 492

In 1999 i had an extended business trip to San Jose to do stuff for Y2K. As usual my company made my travel arrangements but I couldn't understand why they had screwed up this time and put me in a shitty hotel next to a bunch of disgusting-looking shacks. It was several days before I found out these slums were actually insanely expensive homes costing five times as much as a large house back home where I lived.

Comment Bring it on (Score 1) 451

The truth is most people suck at driving. Genuinely good driving takes effort and concentration and most people however skilled or well-intentioned have got other stuff on their minds when they get behind the wheel. There's no hope of ever getting people actually to drive according to the rules so the only way is take the human driver out of the loop completely and the sooner the better.

Comment huge learning curve (Score 1) 270

I had over a decade of computer experience when I first encountered Windows 3.0 and even so I was barely able to use it as the designers intended. I totally failed to see "windows" on the screen - instead to me they looked like overlapping rectangles which randomly concealed part of what you were doing. I was like wtf this is supposed to be the latest new thing? To make an even worse user experience this was on a monochrome 286 with 1MB RAM which was sloowww, hence even harder to see the relationship between things you clicked and things that happened.

Comment Re:Tylenol does nothing (Score 1) 187

I'm in the UK and paracetamol is a common pain-relieving drug available over the counter.It used to be available in packs of 100 tablets or so but there were a few deaths and it is now restricted to packs of 16 tablets and the shop is not allowed to sell you more than two packs. Whilst I was in the US I found I could not buy "paracetamol" anywhere as nobody had ever heard of it. I was able to buy acetaminophen however (not realising it was theoretically the same stuff.) I can tell you though it is not the same - acetaminophen does absolutely nothing for me whereas paracetamol works fine.

Comment Logitech K310 because... (Score 1) 452

The Logitech K310 is reasonably OK to use and the build quality is pretty good. It is just an averagely nice keyboard although I do wish it had backlighting.

The unique feature of this keyboard is that it is washable and yes I mean rinse it in a stream of running water whilst scrubbing it with a detergent brush. Have you any idea how filthy and bacteria-ridden is a typical office or home keyboard?

Comment Union membership is a good idea (Score 2) 301

Some people have an irrational and emotional dislike of trade unions and are not afraid to show it, with words such as fools, idiots, morons, and so on. Crispin Odey the president of a 12-billion-dollar hedge fund would like to disagree with you: “... there is huge value in being in a union at the moment.”

Comment Reasonable adjustments (Score 1) 420

Supposing you have a disability such as fear of open/closed spaces, or closeness to or isolation from your coworkers negatively affects you in some way. In UK and probably most places there is legislation to oblige the employer to make "reasonable adjustments" for that disability in the physical layout of the workplace.

Comment Re:Its prison (Score -1) 356

Prison is theoretically at least not meant to be a "punishment" and if you say that to anyone who works in the "corrections" system they will get angry with you. Prison is not supposed to be about making people unhappy in return for them having done "bad things" it is supposed to be about reforming them and turning them back into good citizens.

Comment I've seen it (Score 1) 266

Dowsing, astrology, homeopathy, whenever anything like this comes up I always find it scary to see the angry response that comes from "science" people. It's as if they feel threatened somehow like their gods had been insulted. If they truly thought the subject was worthless they would just ignore it and not even bother to get into the debate.

When I worked in an IT company in Johannesburg one of the kernel developers there used to get extra money finding water for farmers. Not sticks or wands, what he did was get a brick and stand it upright on the palm of his hand. He would walk around and interpret the water course according to the brick's movements. I have no idea how or why it worked but he was getting paid regularly.

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