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Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 217

by lucas teh geek (#34084476) Attached to: The iPhone Serial Port Hack

Also, jailbroken iphone = horribly unstable

I dunno what deluded andriod fanboy echo chamber you're pulling that info from, but it's certainly not from actual experience. I've run my iphone both jailbroken and with stock firmware at various times and the stability has been consistently flawless either way

Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 217

by lucas teh geek (#34084410) Attached to: The iPhone Serial Port Hack

There is of course, hassle. I don't like to restore from backup so Every time there is a major firmware update I actually wipe my phone clean, then sync all my apps over fresh. But thanks to several tools out there it isn't a total restart.

out of interest, is there some jailbreak app that will let you back up your iOS app save data? on of the things that's always shitted me was the way there's no way to back up an individual app's data, and that if you remove an app from your device there's no way to save it's user data and use it later when you reinstall the app

Comment: Re:Google Policy on Automatic Updates (Score 1) 285

by lucas teh geek (#32630190) Attached to: Google Builds a Native PDF Reader Into Chrome
Telstra used to offer a "super fast adsl2+" (about 20mbps) that had only 250mb of quota. i dont know if they still do, I would hope the ACCC reamed their asses for such dodgy practices. 1GB quotas havent been common in many many years, and even back then it was only common on cable (which has always been ruled by shitty monopolies)

Comment: Re:Fine, but I want more vacation (Score 1) 620

by lucas teh geek (#30660580) Attached to: IT Workers To Get Fewer Perks, No Free Coffee
Personally I'm shocked that Americans will put up with only 12 days in the first place. In Australia 20 is the legal minimum. Various countries in Europe have 25-30 as the norm. How the fuck do you even get by on 12, even before a company like up goes and pulls a dick move like that?

Comment: Re:It doesn't matter that much (Score 1) 736

by lucas teh geek (#30264416) Attached to: Do You Hate Being Called an "IT Guy?"

I find those that are worried about their title are generally those who obtained a degree and think that anything less than the title of their choice is offensive because they take their degree far too seriously or people who, for whatever reason (ie no degree or just stupid) don't feel qualified for the job and want a excellent job title to reaffirm they're doing their job right and it will help when they're caught out and need to be find a job elsewhere.

ok then, would you graciously accept "junior" prepended to your job title? I mean, it's just a title, right?

Comment: Re:From the other side (Score 1) 467

by lucas teh geek (#30051546) Attached to: Attack of the PowerPoint-Wielding Professors

I know personally, I dont hear a thing if im concentrating on copying something down from a board correctly. I also write quite slowly and it makes my hand cramp, so if I'm trying to get things written down before they're taken off the board I do not have the opportunity to think about what I'm writing.

take those facts and apply them to your lectures, and all I get out of them is hand written notes that I then have to go back and try to teach to myself. why exactly is this any better than me not showing up and studying of your pre-prepared notes? I'm not advocating not showing up, but what you're forcing upon students like me is no better than what you seem to be so against.

personally, when I go to a lecture I want to listen, think and ask questions. taking notes prevents all of that. by trying to force those with no concentration to learn by ROTE, you're forcing EVERYONE to sit and take notes and you're preventing many students from learning in the manners they find efficient. some people learn by seeing, others by hearing. others by doing. on the scale of learning efficiency, ROTE comes in pretty fucking low.

Comment: xIAA loses (Score 4, Insightful) 366

by lucas teh geek (#29708447) Attached to: Warez Moving From BitTorrent to Conventional Hosting Services
with things moving away from p2p and back to the client-server model, the number of people open to lawsuits drops dramatically. downloaders are no longer forced to upload, so they're no longer "making available", the the most they can be realistically charged with is making one copy.

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