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Comment Re:This guy should be a lawyer (Score 1) 194

I thought to myself: What is a person good at that a computer is terrible at?

Pattern recognition.

So I thought to myself, what incidents, while driving, have I been in where pattern recognition came in to play?

I thought of numerous bad weather scenarios and several vehicle ahead scenarios that I had been in but the one that struck me the hardest was the little boy on the bicycle. I felt truly justified with my thinking that day.

Do I care that you do not personally believe that it happened to me? Not really.

Do I have any idea what you mean by straw man? I know the meaning of the term but I have no idea what you are talking about.

Are you saying that kids do not ride bikes on the sidewalk? Are you saying that it is not possible to see that they are clearly VERY new at riding and could have troubles? Are you saying it is impossible to go from the sidewalk to the front right tire of a car in a moments notice? I can not quite figure out where the straw man is. I am weary of playing Where's Waldo. Enlighten me with an actual argument or just shut up.

Comment Re:This guy should be a lawyer (Score 1) 194

Exactly not this. Perhaps in the situation that a child suddenly darts out in the road from behind an obstacle, the computer will react faster and better; however,the human brain is a VASTLY superior pattern matcher and can recognize that there might be a problem long before a computer even begins processing what to do about the problem.

Example: I am driving through a neighborhood moving at 20 mph. There was a child, perhaps 3, on a bike riding on the sidewalk. I saw that the child was unsteady so I slowed down even further, to perhaps 12 mph. Sure enough, as soon as I did that, the child lost control and dove straight in front of my car from the sidewalk.

A computer would have been going 25 because that was the speed limit. It would have reacted a few milliseconds faster than I did. I preplanned and only had to stop a multi-ton vehicle from 12 to 0. The few milliseconds that reaction time bought for the computer would be vastly overridden by the slower speed I was going. I saw a pattern that a computer would not.

To be fair, almost any other person would have ended up hitting the child too. I happen to have taught lots of children how to ride bikes and I could intuit what was about and what could happen. That child was super lucky that day.

Comment Re:CEOs gone wild (Score 1) 316

But the thing you learn about groups of people over time is that not everyone can or wants to be equal all the time

You almost got it right. Out of any group of people, you will have X% who can be given a goal and they will work towards it. The other percentage of people generally need lists of specific tasks in order to be productive.

My personal experience with X is that it is usually below 20 percent. 10 percent is about average.

Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 682

Except it isn't because two long term, well respected contributors have left not because of code, quality or merit but because of the toxic mailing list.

Except Linux got to where it is with Linus being the way he is. Perhaps a kernel is no place for non-toxicity?

It does not matter. We shall soon see what the best way is. Perhaps the two who left can collaborate and have a nice politically correct team who are not overly harsh on everyone and succeed at writing a technically correct kernel that everyone can trust.

Comment Re: Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 1) 682

Some people find it easy to be offended by certain language patterns. Some people just don't care about certain language patterns.

For myself, I would rather the communication be direct and unambiguous. If that means using slang and colloquialisms, then so be it.

In this specific instance, I am not particularly bothered by penises nor the thought of someone sucking them; however, the message is crystal clear: The code in question does not belong in the kernel as the ONLY entity it would satisfy is Microsoft. Furthermore, it is annoying that anyone would even bring this topic up so just drop it. Now.

He said it in fewer words and more clearly. *shrug* Either way, I am not particularly offended. Are you?

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 682

I am surprised that you did not provide any links to back your assertions. How can anyone take you seriously if you do not provide examples?

It should be noted that all of the examples that I have seen (the most public ones) have not bothered me in the least.

Maybe the kernel dev environment is not for you... without links, we will never know.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 325

The fear is not that the GMO crop will kill a person. The fear is that the genes will begin spreading and affecting non-GMO crops.

Why would that be a problem? Because nobody knows how the new genes will interact with different strains. The GMO corn may be perfectly healthy with the strain of corn it was spliced in to but it may not be healthy with another strain of corn. Or it may introduce weaknesses into other strains of corn and all corn crops except the GMO one might get wiped out.

In summary, there are lots of unknowns about GMO crops and being wary of artificially modified organisms appears to be wise; especially when it is a corporation pushing it.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 258

Obama has increased the violations of privacy started under Bush; he is worse

The implication of that statement is that he has no real control over the situation. He is a different person from a different political party. Things should be different, not necessarily better or worse, but definitely not the same. It is like a new president was never even elected.

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

Hm. As far as drivers go, all mainstream distributions and recommended best practice is to have two kernels selectable from the boot menu. The first (default) one is the newest kernel while the second is the older kernel which you are upgrading. That way, if you have an issue with drivers, you can merely boot off of the older kernel which is known to work.

Is that ideal? No idea. It works fine for me. Applications? Meh. Worst case scenario, you can uninstall the newest version and reinstall the older. Not quite a rollback but it has the exact same effect.

In summary, you are most assuredly not SOL if something goes wrong with an upgrade. If you are talking about upgrading entire versions, I would be interested in seeing your test for upgrading from Win2k to Win2003 to Win 2008R2 and let me know how rolling back works for you.

Comment Re:So, the FBI doesn't need to ask for Android? (Score 1) 306

What difference do you think guns make? Do you honestly think you would still be allowed to have them if if made a difference?

They would make a HUGE difference. They would dispel the helpless feeling that people get when they have no weapons at all. Those people would get support from other governments, Russia, China, Syria, Iran, etc to help overthrow the US Government with explosives, rockets, mortars, etc.

Don't believe me? Look at Iraq and Syria currently.

But yeah, a group of guys with 9mms and hunting rifles would get steamrolled by a single tank. I get your point... but you should consider mine.

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