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Comment Re:What causes gravity? (Score 3, Interesting) 233

Gravity is the result of space being curved in relation to time. Space and time are a result of energy being "tied in knots" to create matter. A black hole is literally the edge of the universe. There is no spacetime without matter. There is no matter without bound energy. Hence, the infinite point of energy for the big bang is the only descriptive term for a universe of pure energy since there is no matter to create space time.

The big bang was a "cooling" of the energy, which solidified into matter. As matter was "created", spacetime was created and expanded as a result thereof. The rest is pretty clear at this point although the implications are not.

Comment Re:Marriage WORKS (Score 1) 705

A stable environment is the best basis to bring up children - that's as clear cut a conclusion of social science as I know of.

While I am not certain the science is entirely settled on this, from my own experiences, I tend to agree.

Marriage should provide a bulwark in achieving that stability.

Should? Really? Is that the best you can do? Should? I have anecdotal evidence that your thesis is wrong. Does an anecdote prove a thesis? No, but it can disprove one.

My best friend refuses to get married. He now has children who are close to 18 and they have had an extremely stable home so far. Marriage not required; however there is intense pressure for him to marry her. Both families and all of society essentially conspire to force them to marry. In fact, there are laws which say they are legally married now despite him not wanting to get married.

That you seem unwilling to accept the value of stability or the value of marriage towards that stability, I find perverse.

I am unsure how you read that I am against stability or "the children" but go ahead and keep crying that cry. For the children indeed.

That your perception of human nature is so pessimistic, I just find sad.

I prefer to perceive reality, not wishful thinking based on puritanical models of behavior. That you find reality sad is none of my concern. I will give you this advice though: Yourself, and many others in this story have deeply ingrained puritanical leanings. These are biasing your views of what you see going on around you. Beware. Witch hunts are not that far away.

Look at the posts here: Most of them are screaming for blood. That all of the victims here deserved it because they were in turn victimizing someone else by cheating. Some have even called for all of this data to be examined by society.

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. Be careful of your biases, they will lead you to very dark places.

Comment Re:Trust is basic to civilisation (Score 1) 705

Your claim that it is 'puritan' to challenge promise breakers is pure labelling to avoid the issue.

When a majority create social rules that force certain behaviors, do not be surprised when some people pay lip service to your behavioral demands.

But go ahead and keep trying (out of some puritanical need) to force promises out of people. Let me know how that works out for you.

Comment Re:Adultery should be exposed (Score 1) 705

Adultery should be exposed

Yes. Society should control everyone's sexual behavior. No freedom. No self responsibility...

Fuck that, everyone's innermost personal thoughts should be exposed to society, not just their sexual behavior. Society will bring righteous justice upon all sinners, not just adulterers.

Comment Re:Poor choice of service? (Score 1) 705

There are a lot of other sites out there that don't specifically target cheating that she could have used instead.

Not if she wanted to be honest. The other sites are for singles looking for dates and potentially marriage. She was already married so she had to go to the only site that fit her circumstances. It is not that SHE was looking for a married man, it was that she looking for a man looking for a MARRIED woman.

Oddly, the CAPTCHA is slotting. How appropriate. ;)

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 226

If you aren't questioning you aren't sciencing - it's called religion.

I used to do a lot of sciencing but then my aunt got a terminal disease that was blamed on science.

I ended up gathering a lot of data and evaluated it from several different viewpoints, including some that were hostile to my own. I ended up making an unbiased choice to start religioning.

Ultimately, when sciencing, you have to think for yourself... and I am not the brightest bulb in the drawer. I was frequently wrong and people harassed me and teased me endlessly. I was wrong a lot.

I figure that the only thing sciencing did for me was to allow me to know when I was wrong. What use is that? Religioning is so much better.

When I am religioning, I have lots of people around me who say they love me and will help me. I am never wrong so I never get teased any more. Life is wonderful other than some weird unexplainable stuff happens sometimes. At least God forgives me for causing my aunt to suffer horribly and die.

Comment Re:there is no climate change ? who said that? (Score 1) 185

We aren't because there is a massive negative feedback system that counter-acts the effect of water vapor as a greenhouse gas almost entirely. That system is called "rain".

I live in a desert. What is this thing that you call "rain"? ;)

Comment Re:Already done in humans for COPD. (Score 1) 105

A better known and safer alternative is resveratrol. You can try taking supplements which may or may not work, or just drink the red wine.

Resveratrol is an exceptional PDE-4 inhibitor. One supplement that has been thoroughly tested and found effective is Longevinex.

The best alternative that I have found is the wonder drug called fuckitol. It is a stress reduction serum that dramatically lowers the levels of cortisol in your body.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

What would be different from auto updating vs. everyone manually updating? You would most likely get the exact same outcome. Vast majority will go smooth but some would fail.

The difference would be that the failure would occur when the user expected it instead of during the superbowl or in the middle of game or other inconvenient time.

I am sure there are other differences, but this one difference is a world of difference.

Comment Re:Lets calculate that ... (Score 1) 157

sorry: no one is working 100 hours a week.

You have clearly lived a very sheltered life.

I used to work two jobs to make ends meet. 16 hours a day (lol, more like 18 once everything was done) working as a manager at a security guard agency 4 days a week and then for the other 3 days each week, I worked 12 hours a day assembling powermacs for Apple. I averaged 116 hours a week for 2 years.

Many single moms have it just as bad or worse since kids do not allow time off. You clearly have no idea what life is like near minimum wage. If you did, you would know that a non-neglible percentage of the workforce does actually work 100+ hours a week.

But I am not attacking you. I am merely enlightening you. Have an awesome day. :)

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