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Comment: Re:Quothe the raven, "Forevermore". (Score 1) 204

But really think about it, and now think that there could be things in the Universe just like light which we simply do not have organs to perceive. How can we understand it?

Every thing that exists leaves some sort of trace or has some sort of effect on something else.

Take light for example: Without eyes, we would still know that it exists.


Why? Because when the photons impact atoms, it can be released as heat. We would discover the heat and ask why it was there. We would eventually discover light even without eyes.

Would we understand light in the same way as we understand it now if we had no eyes? Maybe not... but maybe our eyes limit our understanding of light in ways that a being with no eyes would not experience.

We could always ask someone who was born blind...

Comment: Re:MS Paint (Score 1) 287

by strikethree (#49820753) Attached to: Windows 10 RTM In 6 Weeks

Compare this to one of Apple's absurd interfaces. This day calendar program is clearly trying to emulate a physical day calendar, complete with leather stitching and yellow lined legal paper.

Regardless of what is "cool" or not, it is usable.

My questions is: Why is there only ONE TRUE WAY?

I mean, even if they offer a default which demonstrates their ONE TRUE WAY, why can't they have other themes... or allow us to build our own themes? It would be nice to be in control of our interfaces instead of having someone else decide that we need to use the ONE TRUE WAY. *sigh*

I am used to being disrespected by programmers and the people who manage them. Let it continue while I seethe quietly in the background.

Comment: Whoah! Did you see this? (Score 1) 342

by strikethree (#49820663) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th

I quote:

Device Guard requires:

        UEFI Secure Boot with 3rd party UEFI CA removed from the UEFI database

Note the part that I bolded.

No more dual booting. The next step in the "destroy all others" is being taken. You will not be able to dual boot, even with the distros that tried to play along with the TPM shenanigans.

If you want control over your computing environment, it is paramount that you not upgrade to Windows 10. "Right to Read" will mostly likely come to pass, but the longer we delay it, the more chances we have to prevent it.

Comment: Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 342

by strikethree (#49820599) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th

Everything is still flat and the colors still solid. It is very difficult to impossible to tell what is a border and what is a window control and which window it may belong to.

Why would I want to subject myself to an interface like that when those are the only cues at all as to how to interact with the operating system, minus the command line.

Comment: Re:Lemme ask you this ... (Score 1) 492

Yeah, I blame Bush for what he did, and I blame Obama for making the crap Bush did the new normal, which is actually worse.

Noticing a pattern yet? Noticing that this has NOTHING to do with which political party is in power?

Yeah... this country has been taken over. The nifty part is we do not know who or which organized group of people did it, but you can bet they are exceedingly wealthy... enough to make Bill Gates blush.

Comment: Re:This works 100% (Score 1) 255

Ha! If it were only so simple...

My diet has not changed over the past decade. I eat twice a day; eggs and bacon for breakfast, some sort of sandwich and soup for late lunch.

My exercise levels have not changed at all during that decade. I do not exercise.

I weighed 245 pounds. I weighed 190 pounds. I weighed 240 pounds. I weigh 200 pounds. I gain and lose weight based on what exactly? 40-50 pounds of gain and loss is not exactly small. Why does my weight vary so much? It is not diet and it is not exercise.

I feel certain that my weight would be more stable if I were to exercise, with the stabilization point likely at about 180. I know for a fact I would be healthier if I exercised...

But would my weight really stabilize if I exercised or would it still bounce around by 50 pounds?

I get comments all the time after a fat episode is over and a thinning episode starts: I am so jealous. What are you doing to lose weight?

Frequently, they are very unhappy when I tell them: Nothing.

Comment: Re:Heavy vs. light? (Score 1) 278

by strikethree (#49788881) Attached to: How To Die On Mars

Being a high school dropout, I have to ask: Do Gallileo's findings take into account masses of vastly different sizes?

The reason I ask is this: All masses exert gravity, yes? So say a planet exerts an acceleration of 8m/s squared. The prevailing theory is that ALL objects, regardless of mass fall at the same speed... yes?

What if one of the objects is a bowling ball and the other is an asteroid the size of a mountain... wouldn't the asteroid fall faster? Before you answer no, I would need an explanation of why the acceleration of gravity of the bowling itself and the asteroid itself is not added to the acceleration of gravity of the planet itself...

Just pulling random numbers that are likely orders of magnitude off but are sufficient to demonstrate my question: planet 8m/s squared, asteroid .00008ms squared, bowling ball, .000000008m/s squared of acceleration. To the human eye, there would be no difference in speed over a 100 mile fall, but when measuring to the picosecond, wouldn't there be a difference in time between the bowling ball and the asteroid hitting the surface due to their own masses exerting gravitic pull?

Again, a mountain sized asteroid has outrageously less mass than a planet so for most purposes, there is no reason to to account for its mass... but for scientific purposes and pedantry, wouldn't we need to account for it?

Comment: Re:Missing the key point (Score 1) 416

by strikethree (#49780225) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI

Hm. I would say that there is a further issue going on here, namely that people are conflating strong AI and consciousness. They may not be the same thing.

Intelligence is like a tool that consciousness uses to make sense of the universe. Consciousness just is: To quote the Old Testament when God is speaking to Moses, "I am that I am."

Strong AI does not necessarily need consciousness in order to be strong. It does not have to have a "will" or the need to dominate its environment like an animal does.

In short, strong AI would merely be a tool for us to use unless consciousness is required for intelligence.

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 742

by strikethree (#49779863) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

The intention of the IMF is not to help those it gives money to. The intention is basically to control them.


And that's basically the IWFs function now. Though FJS could not even dictate how they may spend the money, unlike the IWF now.

Your 'M' got turned upside down in this last paragraph. ;)
International Wildlife Fund? Heheh

Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 1) 236

by strikethree (#49774019) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

I do not know which window I am closing when I have multiple windows open... that is assuming I can even find a "close" button anywhere in the confusing mess of windows that are open.

Drop shadows helped a LOT to show which window was on top of which window. Gradients on the buttons and window edges differentiated them from background noise.

All I see are lines. I have no idea which line indicates a window edge or some menu/workspace delineation marker.

Removing all of that (shadowing/gradients) removes vital clues that ANYONE, programmer or novice, needs in order to be able to operate a windowing interface efficiently.

Perhaps I am supposed to be using the taskbar to choose which application window I am trying to manipulate? If that is true, then why don't sub-windows always show up in the taskbar? Many do not. How can I manipulate the windows effectively without clues as to what is what? It is supposed to be a windowing paradigm right?

I am not disagreeing with anything you said, I am reinforcing it. The only point that I am making is that the interface is terrible for everyone, not just one class of user as your parent poster implied.

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