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Comment: Re:Great for nvidia but, (Score 2) 178

by loufoque (#49319381) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Why do you think people want games on Linux? It's because rebooting to Windows is tedious.
Linux is the better desktop and working environment, so it is what you use when you don't play games. Having your desktop be an alt-tab away is convenient to quickly switch between gaming and other things.

Now why isn't the demand for games on Linux higher? Because most people who use Linux are professionals, and they don't spend that much of their time on the computer playing games, so when they need to, suffering the reboot is ok.

Comment: Re:SMH! (Score 1) 353

In a lot of countries, it's legal for kids to drink at 16, and most of them drink way before that, getting to experience alcohol and its effects as they grow up.
Compare that to the US, where you need to be 21, and where instead of being exposed to alcohol gradually young people indulge in binge drinking and other forms of excess as soon as they get the right to do so.

Comment: Re:Gordon Neufeld, developmental psychologist (Score 4, Interesting) 353

I watched your video, but I am still not convinced.
He basically has two arguments: access to information just causes information overload and does not lead to development of a curious and critical self, and that kids with access to so much information changes the authority structure and social interactions so much that former techniques of raising children don't apply.

The second problem is a non-problem, as society changes, the way to raise children must change as well. Relying on the fact that your children are ignorant is not a good approach to enforce your authority anyway.
As to the first problem, it's just not true, as is evidenced in the talk itself. The speaker complains that kids can learn about sex on their own before their parents think they're ready. This is basically admitting they can inquire about things they don't know and make opinions by themselves instead of relying on someone else, which is pretty much the same thing as building their own curious and critical self.

The only real problem with the information age is that you can't so easily indoctrinate your children to your own beliefs anymore, but that's arguably a good thing.

Comment: Re:This is one reason why IT doesn't get respect (Score 1) 765

by loufoque (#49319103) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

What's wrong with having an affair with a younger woman? It's a fairly common thing and I don't understand what this has got to do with anything.
The only people it matters for are those who are married and may not have agreed to have other sexual relationships outside of their couple.

IF I HAD A MINE SHAFT, I don't think I would just abandon it. There's got to be a better way. -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.