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Comment Re: Debug runtime typing system (Score 1) 73

static_cast does not allow casting between unrelated pointer types, you need reinterpret_cast for that.
reinterpret_cast is known to be dangerous and is therefore avoided.
There is also the C-style cast, which is even more dangerous than reinterpret_cast.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 0) 480

I wear those everyday, to me that's normal casual clothing.

Seriously, I worked in government offices and universities where I wore jeans and t-shirts every day. Professors even taught classes in Hawaiian shirts and shorts with flip flops. People were happy and productive. They didn't look like slobs, either.

That sounds very unprofessional, but then civil servants and university teachers tend to be hippies, so that's understandable.

Millions of students go to college every day in jeans and t-shirts. Heck, some go to class in their pajamas. They still work hard, make the grade, and many even discover new things - just like an R&D division

That's not enough if you ever want to make a name for yourself, build your reputation, get a raise, responsibilities, have clients ask for you or people demanding that you specifically take part in a critical project.
If you want to succeed professionally, you have to be professional and not look like a care-free zealot.

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