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Comment Re: Ugh (Score 1) 191

The right file manager to use is Nemo anyway, which is gtk3-based too.

If you'd actually install MATE on ubuntu, you'd see you lose access to the ubuntu all-in-one app indicator, which covers sound, battery, network, bluetooth etc. Alternative gtk2 applets are entirely missing from the ubuntu distribution, and even if you add them through ppa they're largely inferior to the ubuntu one, most notably in how they fit the theme.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 191

Ironically, I found installing Ubuntu very painful the last time I tried. It insisted on fetching stuff from the Internet even though I was behind a proxy it couldn't auto-configure and it took an extremely long time to load and configure the manual partitioning tool. Why I'd want partitions to be chosen automatically for me is beyond me.

Comment Re: No, just no. (Score 2) 696

I have always worked in software engineering, and most fellow workers I've met were rather introvertedand home-loving, though still happy to go have a beer after work.
As for the women, there is a clear distinction between the few women in R&D, who tend to look like dorks or hippies, and the women in other departments, which are clearly more social and superficial, attaching much more importance to their appearance and fashion and discussing small talk unrelated to work all the time.

It's no different than comparing the science and literature departments at school or university. People don't change that much when they grow up.

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