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Comment: Re:Google the All-Knowing (Score 1) 109 109

Google already does this. Didn't you notice they send you a notice on your phone of the type "you should leave now for the airport to be on time, we recommend this itinerary" even though you never told Google explicitly that you were taking a flight? It automatically detects where you're going based on your emails and can also automatically deduce where you live and where you work based on your GPS.
It can also automatically make recommendations of restaurants when it notices that you're not in an area you're usually in.

Comment: Just look at other countries (Score 1) 284 284

The US is the country with the widest education gap. A few (usually rich) people are very well educated, most of the masses are below the lowest of standards of any other developed country.

Everyone in the world is using standardized tests and degrees. It's a rite a passage and a guarantee that people that have passed them have at least a basic level.
Sure, it's a got a lot of limitations and it is a rigid mold, but that's what you expect of basic core stuff. It is not useful in evaluating truly smart people, but it is really useful to have a better education on average and in particular for the disadvantaged, as it levels the playing field.

Comment: I work for a company acquired by Cisco (Score 1) 32 32

Me and all of my colleagues appear to have defected to startups that do essentially the same thing than the company they bought.
They just killed innovation and expected the company to focus on the low-end with all of the high-end being handled by Cisco itself in San Jose.

Not a good strategy to keep a company moving forward...

Comment: Please refine the question. (Score 1) 161 161

Please refine the question, I don't understand it. In particular, what is native vs javascript necessarily about mobile application frameworks?
In any case, more and more companies use SaaS with a service oriented architecture nowadays, since they want isolation of the different services as well as high reliability and scalability. In big companies, they build their own frameworks, Javascript/XML (or HTML) are quite popular for the UI, while C++ seems to be favored for the backend of the service itself.

Comment: Re: Do not (Score 1) 133 133

That's not how things work.

The Mayans were a civilization based on water control. Water is necessary to survive and was only available seasonally in the region the Mayans originate from. The Mayan kings developed ways to control water, which in turn got them the following of their subjects, which allowed them to have a massive workforce available to build more sophisticated ways to control water, as well as the incentive to develop the technology further to stay in power.

Something similar happened to all ancient civilizations; they get developed out of need, dependence on a ruling class is built to address that need, and massive constructions are the result of large populations being controlled and conditioned.

Why is there no such thing during the middle ages? Because to a degree, people were generally happy, had what they needed and were left to their own devices instead of being at the mercy of a control freak.

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