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Comment Re: So what? (Score 0) 471 471

I wear those everyday, to me that's normal casual clothing.

Seriously, I worked in government offices and universities where I wore jeans and t-shirts every day. Professors even taught classes in Hawaiian shirts and shorts with flip flops. People were happy and productive. They didn't look like slobs, either.

That sounds very unprofessional, but then civil servants and university teachers tend to be hippies, so that's understandable.

Millions of students go to college every day in jeans and t-shirts. Heck, some go to class in their pajamas. They still work hard, make the grade, and many even discover new things - just like an R&D division

That's not enough if you ever want to make a name for yourself, build your reputation, get a raise, responsibilities, have clients ask for you or people demanding that you specifically take part in a critical project.
If you want to succeed professionally, you have to be professional and not look like a care-free zealot.

Comment Re: Title condradicts summary (Score 1) 143 143

You are greatly misinformed. I was surprised to wake up and see so many bad answers, and my answered down-modded to oblivion.
An good multi-core CPU is 500 GFlops, and it's reasonably easy to attain it. A good GPU is 1.5 Teraflops, and it's nearly impossible to reach that in practice.
And that's for single-precision floating-point, if you want double-precision, like all of science does, it's not really that good.
Sure there are different models, exact numbers might vary, but it's in that ballpark, especially if you factor in the very high price of the server GPUs, which is what you need instead of gamer cards if you want reliable data.

I worked as a scientist in high performance computing dedicated to CPU optimization for a very long time. Yes there are silly people that make outlandish claims of having 200x speed-ups thanks to GPUs. Those articles are usually kindly rejected from publication in any serious journal. This is not proper science, just people that let themselves be had by trends and marketing.

Comment Re:C++11 (Score 1) 132 132

It's partial but significant, just as I said.
I already report bugs to them regularly, but there is only so much they can do: MSVC is built on completely inadequate technology after all. I tend to contact the developers directly, going through Microsoft Connect doesn't work very well.

Comment Re: So the good questions were ignored. (Score 1) 556 556

You didn't understand 1, of course she's not transgender, she is just not following her own standards.

And yes this person should be accountable for what she did and asked the hard questions. She's a chronic liar that still to this day manipulates people to give her donations and publicity.

Comment C++11 (Score 1, Insightful) 132 132

Visual Studio is now advertising partial but significant C++11 support, and they claim only 3 minor features of C++03 are missing.
Of course, this is quite far from the truth, as it is riddled with bugs and nothing really works, but at least they're trying.

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