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Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 115

I'd say so. Coding is design + typing + debugging. This removes the typing (and the need to learn syntax and wrestle with silly syntax errors) and much of the debugging.

If you like coding with most of the tedious annoying bits removed, you might like actual coding. Or at least for "top down" people, it's a good approach.

Comment Re:It's official, you all live in a Dictatorship (Score 1) 179

It's not a treaty, so nothing in it has the force of law.

It *IS* a treaty. An international agreement is a treaty, by definition. That's what treaty means.

However, it is only a legal treaty in the U.S. if it gets ratified by Congress. And we'd better hope that's not the case.

Further yet, there's the issue of whether a treaty can override internal U.S. laws. My money is on NO.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 92

I agree in a way. 16GB of internal storage is pretty lame, unless the 64GB micro SD is seen as "native" storage.

But to keep things in perspective: Android is Java, and adds a huge amount of cruft and overhead to the underlying Linux OS. I've been wondering for a long time why we weren't seeing plain native Linux tablets, without all that Google junk.

As long as I have LibreOffice, Firefox, and a few other apps for it I'm good to go. I could wish for a more plain-Linux experience than Ubuntu, but if it has all the requisite drivers, then Ubuntu it is.

Comment Re: How is this newsworthy? (Score 2) 288

Amen! The idea of "natural rights" is a stupid one. There are no such things, precisely as you say. That's why society is important

This completely sidesteps the point. Would you rather live in a society that defines such rights as "natural rights" untouchable by government, or one that would allow government give or take away "rights" as it pleases?

Socialism, by and large, is a bad word. Even in those countries which have made a modicum of "socialism" actually work, like the Scandinavian countries, are not as "socialist" as many Americans seem to think. Look up Sweden, Denmark, and Norway in the Economic Freedom Index. In many ways they're more capitalist than the present United States.

Further, those countries have relatively small populations (smaller than many U.S. states and even some American metropolitan areas), and they have different historical social norms than the United States.

Further yet, in the 1990s, Sweden saw that even its modest amount of "socialism" was too much, and began to reverse course, moving toward LESS of a "welfare state". In the 20-some years they had been experimenting with it, they went from world's 4th per capita GDP to 14th. Now that they have further limited their taxation and "entitlement" programs, they are way back up again.

Denmark has had similar difficulties, and has taken some of the same steps toward solution (i.e., a bit back toward capitalism).

20 years ago, socialist Russia and China were dying. They were on the verge of mass starvation again. The only thing that has saved them -- and brought them back onstage as world-class economies -- was the adoption of more capitalism.

So yeah... socialism is a bad word. It has caused more misery and killed more people than capitalism ever has. Only a few countries have ever made much of it work, and even some of those have backtracked on it. Get on Twitter and ask Garry Kasparov. He'd be happy to tell you all about it.

And p-l-e-a-s-e don't try to tell me that "Democratic Socialism" is different. Tell that to the Greeks.

Comment Re:Allow me to quote... (Score 1) 571

Foreign governments have been hacking us pretty aggressively, including getting all the dirt on everyone who applied for secret clearance (where you list everything you could be blackmailed for). It seems quite likely they'd have read email on an unsecured server for anyone high profile, since that's so much easier (and let's not kid ourselves that Hillary is the only one doing this!).

The SAP documents include names of "NOC agents" - actual moles in foreign governments and whatnot. That's not the only kind of SAP documents, but it's a common reason for a doc to limit access so strictly. You die when you get outed.

Comment Re:Why so scared? (Score 1) 662

What sort of professional performer wouldn't want the majority of his audience to enjoy the show? He's saying that he's unwilling to change his style of performance to the point it's not his any more to achieve that - better to stay away. It's also quite valid to call out that that shouldn't be necessary - being so thin skinned isn't good for people - it makes them unhappier in life than they should be.

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is the key. (Score 1) 662

I think there is a difference between ridiculing people for what they are and have no control over (skin color, sex etc.) and for the choices they make, like their choice of religion.

Many people think that. So fucking what? To paraphrase Carlin: if you find a comedian offensive, there's a volume knob and there's a channel knob. If you find a speech on campus likely to offend you, don't attend. If you want to prevent that speech because people will actually attend, then go fuck yourself.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1825

To my mind, AmiMoJo's posts are exactly the same in value and content as GNAA posts. But there's an objective difference: GNAA posts only get downmods, but AmiMoJo's post sadly get both up and down mods (it's an imperfect world). On that basis, keeping his posts visible would mean most people could stop browsing at -1 and the GNAA posts would in practice disappear.

If we leave it to any subjective judgement, controversial opinions look just like GNAA posts, but clearly they aren't and thus clearly we need some objective system to provide special handling of them.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 2) 1825

have always thought that there should be a way to flag and remove obvious garbage posts rather than simply moderating them to -1.

I disagree - reading at -1 is not for the meek, and I think garbage and meme posts from cows to GNAA to APK keep /. colorful and creative. There doesn't seem to be a problem with the garbage posts staying above -1, and I like the "we never delete anything" ethos.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 2) 1825

. A "disagree" mod that didn't affect a posts score would be pointless

Oh no, it would get used. And much better than abusing -1 mods.

As for if the "disagree" mod has a -1 value, down voting is in essence silencing a

Sure, but that's so damn common already, I doubt it would be worse. I'd prefer "0" though.

Comment Re:Suggestions. (Score 1) 1825

Thanks for noting the scripts. I think we're all in support of some sort of revenue model to keep the site alive, but one that didn't involve creepy tracking would be appreciated.

Relatedly, please allow AC to be as anonymous as possible, Is TOR still blocked? If so, why? The mod system works well for garbage posts. Most AC posts are garbage of one srt or another, but we've had some pretty informative posts over the years from people who needed to stay anonymous. Anything to fight the tracking would be good to encourage that.

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