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Comment: Re:Why artificial? (Score 1) 349

In fact, why do we have to talk about intelligence? What about the Kardashians? What would they do if they showed up here? What would we do if we met the Kardashians? Would we try to eradicate them?

I personally believe that if a super intelligent AI were to find out about the Kardashians they would justifiably decide to eradicate our species.

Comment: Re:32MB? (Score 2) 214

by lister king of smeg (#49764205) Attached to: Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things

Could you tell us which percentage of Chrome-based browsers and Android phones do not communicate with Google?

From your misleading post it sounds like the number should be 90. If that was so, nobody would care, but the reality is the other way around.

well my amazon tablet runs android and doesn't use google services for anything but search and i was given the option to pick theirs amoung a list of several competing services. Same with chromium I choose to use google search because the competitors are shitty and/or and even more evil.

Comment: Re:bye (Score 1) 527

I agree wholeheartedly. Sadly, the handwriting for this has been on the wall for some time. I can only hope Debian's Iceweasel port of Firefox does not adopt this "feature".

This makes me start to wonder if there is a reduced capability browser -- something leaner and meaner, focused militantly on privacy and even going so far as to deliberately not support portions of HTML5 (e.g. DRM).

Coders of the world, here's a niche you could fill...

I have been considering going the other way entirely and switching to sea-monkey as I already use both firefox and thunderbird but both have been being shit upon by mozzila devs but from what i have seen seamonkey seems to get less abuse and lets me continue to use my addons.

Comment: Re:Until... (Score 4, Insightful) 108

Adblock Plus for Android got kicked out of Google Play along with other ad blocking apps in March 2013, because Google’s developer distribution agreement states apps cannot interfere with the functionality of other apps

How is AdBlock interfering with the functionality of other apps? That makes no sense. Are people running apps whose function is to display ads?

But, this is not surprising, since 98% of Google's revenue depends on advertising being as intrusive as possible,

Yes that is the sole reason for almost any ad supported app. Whatever other functionality they have is simply the bait used to get you to view their ads. You are the product sold to the ad networks by the app developer and then resold to the whomever is placing the ad.

Comment: Re:Dear god what idiocity is this? (Score 1) 85

Last time I checked ( a year ago? ), the full bitcoin block chain was north of 9GB, and so is surely at least 10 GB now. What embedded device has that kind of memory to jack around with bitcoin mining? Even then it is like playing a small lottery: most people will never mine anything and those that do get a whopping 25 bitcoins, which will drop to 12.5 and then to zero before long.

you don't actually need the whole bitcoin chain history to work it has just traditionally been done that way as that is how the first client/miner worked and the pc/server/dedicated mining rig had more than enough space as storage at negligible cost in those devices but it isn't actually need now.

Comment: Re:But...batteries? (Score 1) 85

If my phone could mine enough Bitcoin overnight, when plugged in anyway, to cover micropayments for some paywalled articles for me to read the next day, it might seem worth it - even if I was paying more for the electricity than the mined Bitcoin was actually worth.

Won't work. Cell phones and most tablets lack any sort of active cooling system; the CPU is not designed to run at 100% for any significant amount of time and will throttle itself soon it reaches a certain temperature. Heat also degrades li-ion batteries; running the phone "hot" overnight will slaughter the longevity of your battery just as effectively as leaving it in a car on a hot summer day.

we aren't talking about cpu mining but asic mining with a custom built dedicated chip the just mines the heat problems won't be as large as cpu or gpu mining

Comment: Re:Scam Currency Arrives At NYSE (Score 1) 85

Chips in phones wasting battery life to mine scam currency.

Or it could just run while it is plugged in charging, I for example plug in my tablet every night to charge have a show on while I try to fall asleep and wake me up in the morning with my alarm it takes it lets say and hour to charge it, and lets say i sleep 8 hours a night that means it could be mining while pugged in not pulling on the battery for 7 hours at a time. I plug in my phone at my desk at my desk four hours at a time and on the shelf at home at night thats a lot hours it could be mineing.

I have thought about getting a usb bit coin miner at plugging it into my personal file server at home as it sits doing nothing but waiting for me to either grab files off of it for hours at a time the power draw of a 2 or 3 miner chip is negligible and while not likely to get much would be fun.

Comment: Re:Sudafed (Score 1) 333

all you have to do is read the propaganda at the time and watch the videos of the day to see that it was in fact racist at the time watch reefer madness if you dont believe me

the propaganda is just how it was sold to the public, it does nothing to explain the motivation for it to be pushed in the first place

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