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Comment Re:That'll teach those engineers... (Score 2) 453 453

... strutting around in their low cut shirts and bare midriffs... And do we really need to see your tramp stamps?

In other news, Jerry that keeps showing up to work in his S&M gimp suit will switch to a more work appropriate polo shirt. Thanks for ruining it for everyone Jerry... you jackass.

No the guy in the gimp suit works in hr its the uniform

Comment Re:It stopped piracy (Score 2) 423 423

Well there is precedent the MPAA compared the VCR to the Boston Strangler in the early 80s.

"I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone." --- Jake Valenti (President of the MPAA)

If they thought a device that would allow you to recorded live tv was equivalent to a serial murderer then there thought of piracy must be at least equally hyperbolic.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

You tried to annex Canada in 1814, so we beat the crap out of you and burned down the Whitehouse.

Unfortunately due to commitments defeating Napoleon at the time, we couldn't commit enough resources to take back our American colonies so we settled on leaving the borders where they were before you invaded British territory.


The British tried to enforce trade restriction on the United States with trade with a verity of European countries and were boarding American merchant ships and pressing their sailors into service in the British navy against their will, at the same time they were funding and supplying native tribes to fight again American expansion westward. So the United States declared war on the British Empire.

Additionally the United States never seriously tried to take Canadian territory they sent a token force of untrained militia Under the command of William Hull to keep the British troops in Canada out of the way.

And it wasn't the Canadians the burned the Whitehouse it was British troops that came down out of Canada.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

Is Greenland not a country anymore?

It's never been a country. It's a territory of Denmark. On top of that, it doesn't border Canada since it's an island.


Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

I'm reminded of one time back in high school when we were discussing a poem by Margaret Atwood. The English teacher mentioned as an aside, "who knows where Margaret Atwood is from," thinking it would be a good segue. Silence. "I'll give you a hint: she's writing in her native language."

- "No."
- "No."
- "No." There was another pregnant silence and before I could hazard a guess on New Zealand, he gave up and said, "Canada! Margaret Atwood is perhaps the most famous Canadian poet!"

So help me, my thought at the time was actually, "Ohhh. Canada... they exist too."

The point of the story is, just because you speak English doesn't make it any more likely we'll remember that your country exists. Sorry, Canada. If it helps at all I'm in Texas, so you're not exactly foremost in our thoughts.

To many Americans Canada isn't so much a country as it is a slightly more independent territory or protectorate that we forgot to annex and declare a state. Or they think of it as A part neglected part of Great Brittan that England chooses to ignore (kind of like scottland but farther way and with less invested in it) a or a colony of maple syrup fetishists that no one wants to claim. I say that as a Canadian-American duel citizen.

Also (No offense intended but) I am surprised that you thought of New Zealand at all. Most people either think it as "middle earth" or of it simply as "the one that is not Australia".

Comment Re:Might make Gamestop a bit more relevant (Score 4, Funny) 93 93

Announcer: Do you remember a time when chocolate chips came fresh from the oven? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Fry: Ah, those were the days.
Announcer: Do you remember a time when women couldn't vote and certain people weren't allowed on golf courses? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

---Futurama S01E06: A Fishful of Dollars.

Comment Re:This makes me feel safe (Score 1) 357 357

I've always advocated and always ask for a manual pat-down and bag search. This takes 1-2 people about 5-7 minutes to do this, especially if you have baby/foot powder which will require drug testing. If you want to make it interesting for the screener, include a couple of "very" adult magazines (Playboy doesn't cut it) in the bag with the powders, it is very comical.

If 5% of the population did this the entire system would grind to a halt.

If we really wanted to get rid of the security theatre what we would do is organize people doing this when its known that senators will be flying from the same airport make it grind to a halt all day for a handful of senators and congressman when they are headed home for a long weekend or on the campaign trail and just watch the rules change.

Submission + - Google Photos Launches With Unlimited Storage, Completely Separate From Google+ 1 1

An anonymous reader writes: At its I/O 2015 developer conference today, Google launched Google Photos for Android, iOS, and the Web. The new service is completely separate from Google+, something Google users have been requesting for eons. Google is declaring that Google Photos lets you backup and store “unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.” All of Google’s various photo offerings had storage limits based on your Google account (Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+).

Submission + - SourceForge MITM Projects-> 2 2

lister king of smeg writes: What happened?

SourceForge, once a trustworthy source code hosting site, started to place misleading ads (like fake download buttons) a few years ago. They are also bundling third-party adware/malware directly with their Windows installer.

Some project managers decided to leave SourceForge – partly because of this, partly just because there are better options today. SF staff hijacked some of these abandoned accounts, partly to bundle the crapware with their installers. It has become just another sleazy garbage site with downloads of fake antivirus programs and such.

How can I help?

If you agree that SourceForge is in fact distributing malicious software under the guise of open source projects, report them to google. Ideally this will help remove them from search results, prevent others from suffering their malware and provide them with incentive to change their behavior.

As this story has been submitted several times in the past several days, by various submitter and is going around various other tech forums( , , ,) this submitter wonders has our shared "glorious Dice Corporate overloads" been shooting this story down?
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best tool for website + mobile site construction (w e-comm later)

kaladorn writes: I've built networked client-server apps in java/C/C++. I've built web services. I've built websites by hand (old school when browsers weren't compliant) and later with tools like RVSSiteBuilder.

The scenario I'm confronted with: My partner wants to open a small craft business initially on the side and I want to help her get an internet presence for that small business. I've read dubious things about the economics of Facebook Business Pages. We may take an Etsy presence.

I feel like we'd also want our own website. Initially, I just need forum/blog/social media widgets, galleries and static content but I'd like to have the site built by a tool so she can work on it and I can do minimal troubleshooting. I'd also like to either have the tool (or a tool) create the mobile site to match or at least make the site itself work well on mobiles. I'd like a later easy integration option for some e-commerce solution if we have a big enough success to justify that expense.

So: Too much to ask from a cheap or free tool suite? Or is there one out there that supports those goals and with which slashdotters have had good luck?

I've checked out some (DudaMobile, some of Google's tools, and some others offered by hosting companies) but what their PR never tells you is is the project going to implode later on because of some major issue or glitch they didn't mention. That's where it's nice to draw on collective experience.

If you have the experience with using tools to build small sites with mobile availability for the context (via a separate tool-generated mobile site or the main site just working well on mobiles) and/or with integrating e-commerce later, what would you recommend? (For ecommerce I"m just thinking of being able to take CC payments mostly, though debit would be nice too)

Comment Re:Maybe this will end "extreme" couponing (Score 1) 90 90

I hate those people and their giant binders of coupons. Why? Because if you get stuck behind one in line, they double or triple the wait time.

As someone who has had to work a register with those assholes so do we the cashiers, especialy when they try to argue with your managers for 15 minutes about store policy and combined coupons tying up lines.

In these matters the only certainty is that there is nothing certain. -- Pliny the Elder