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Comment Re:So it begins (Score 3, Informative) 144

Yes, but you got uppity around 1812 and tried to take the remains of our North American empire away, so we sailed down the Hudson river and burned down the Whitehouse.

We settled on the original borders because we decided you were a lost cause to civilisation.

Wrong. Brittan decided to start attacking US merchant ships trading with France and Africa, and embargoed the US trading with the West Indies, They kidnapped enslaved US citizens by impressing them in to the British navy against their will. They occupied forts inside sovereign US territory in a violation the Jay treaty. Refused compensation for seized US merchant ships, and the British were funding attacks on US outpost in the west by natives. As for the invading Canada the US wasn't really interested in taking territory they sent a militia regiment the idea being that if they could take it they could trade it back to Brittin in exchange for backing down on everything else.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1838

Add a disagree mod.

Because we don't have one, people use mods like troll and flamebait inappropriately. We need an explicit "disagree" mod to allow mods to express their intent. Whether it's -1 is a different question, but I'd be OK with it either way. We really need to emphasize the idea that someone can disagree with you, but be sincere, not trolling, if we want to be different from the non-geek sites.

There have been time I have up mod'ed people I disagreed with as they have had valid arguments and replied as an AC to them with my rebuttal. I don't know that we need a disagree mod or if we do just don't have it have + OR - attached to it.

Comment Re: We Need To Add To US Surveillance Programs? (Score 1) 343

... can't resist 20 million dummies who can shoot at them. Hence, the people cannot be subject to an arbitrary government tyranny as long as they possess firearms.

Dream on. The 20 million would need to be organized to form a serious resistance. The people, even armed people, have no power.

I take it you have never heard of the IRA. It worked for part of Ireland

Comment Re:Ridiculous Endeavors (Score 2) 174

Sad they are going to cut off Thunderbird, especially since they're only putting in enough effort to keep it on life support.
However, if some other entity picked up Thunderbird and breathed new life into it that could be an exciting venture.
On the other hand, from what I gather of the Thunderbird codebase, it is an antiquated beast with a lot of technical debt. Open source developers may be better of putting their effort elsewhere.

I hope Libra Office or Apache takes it under its wings
Libra Office makes since as it fits well with it office suite and fills a gap in its product offerings, as well as some shared code already.
Apache has OpenOffice and it would fit their the same as it would fit with Libra Office.

Comment Re:Oh good I was starting to worry. (Score 1) 30

With the news over the past week I was beginning to worry that Mozilla was going to actually focus on making Firefox a nice browser. Good to see my faith was not misplaced.

Mozilla hasn't tried to add any real improvements for a while now just killing customizability (removing thaeming option removing add-on api's.) and adding bloat.

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