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Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 134

In other news, you can still buy buggy whips, dial-style telephones, and vinyl records, too.

Nostalgia and straight-up Luddite-like behavior are enough to keep almost anything going at some level -- no matter how low its actual utility as compared to more recent replacement tech may be.

Hell, I own a vacuum tube stereo system made by Scott in the 1950's -- my father bought it when it was new, it's been with the family ever since, and now it is mine. I'm really quite fond of it in the "I actually use it" sense, though considered in the light of my home theater system, it's neither particularly functional or particularly high quality (though in its day, it absolutely was The Shite.) Still, it glows in the dark in a most pleasing manner. :)

I keep it in my office and enjoy listening to it regularly. My physical book collection, however... several thousand volumes... in boxes in the basement. I am a total convert to e-books. Textbooks, fiction, reference material... all right in my pocket, 100% accessible 100% of the time in 100% of the places I go (unless I'm diving or swimming, but hey. And I could get a waterproof, good to X-depth case for my phone, and then... :)

No not nostalgia,
I can read copy of the latest Dresden Files book while outside while walking my dog and not have to turn up the screen brightness to read in the sunlight then run out of battery.
I don't worry about Amazon deciding to delete copy of 1984 because I bought my copy from a publisher from New Zealand. - see Amazon 1984 deletion débâcle.
I can also loan my a my copy of A Canticle for Libowitzs to my sister to read without being sued for sharing.
I can underline highlight annotate without having to illegally break the DRM the publisher decided to "protect" my copy of my textbook with.
I can resell my physical books/
I can don't have to choose between breaking the law to format shift and break the DRM on my books or rebuy my books when my new reader a a few years no longer supports the old format or when the servers for DRM verification goes down.
I can buy my dead tree book second hand cheaper.
I can donate paper books to the local library.
My physical books don't enter legal limbo when I die and my beneficiary inherits my stuff.

Are ebooks convenient yes. Are they a replacement to my physical books? a resounding no.
I have many ebooks I have many physical books both have their place.

Comment Re:Ha hA! (Score 2) 109

And because this is Slashdot, let's all pretend people use Bittorrent for things besides piracy.

...I actually do torrent linux distros... occasionally virtual machine images.
And I haven't downloaded any movies/music over bit torrent for years now. Most of the time you can find them via http stream or download.

Netflix Hulu Amazon prime if all else fails search video linking sites for a stream be sure to have enough script blockers to keep the malaware away. Don't feel secure doing that use tor as well it will be slower but even less likely to be caught. want it to watch later use a video downloader (or just hard link to the file in your temp directory on nix systems (haven't tried windows) )

If you really must torrent though try using something like tribler and set to use anonymous download(it is a beta feature but probably better than nothing like vanilla bit torrent).

I do wish though that the pirates would all move to something like freenet or i2p or tribler. decentralized anonymous and censorship resistant they would be the perfect tools but no many don't even offer magnet links.

Comment Re: Seriously! (Score 1) 147

If the OS was Linux there'd be scamperin' going on to show it had nothing to do with the OS.

In Windows the whole stack, is monolithic chunk, your browser your display manager, your, shell and you kernal all come together and a re made by the same group. In Linux distros everything is modular can be swamped out, and is made by unrelated groups (KDE, GNU, Apache, Mozilla, Oracle, X11, OpenSSH, Redhat), So it is only a Linux bug if it is in the Linux Kernel. It is a windows bug if it comes with anywhere in the whole software stack (NT kernal, trident rendering engine, .net runtime, win32 libraries ) we call Windows.

Windows == Large Stack of Software
Linux == Kernal

Comment Re:That'll teach those engineers... (Score 2) 480

... strutting around in their low cut shirts and bare midriffs... And do we really need to see your tramp stamps?

In other news, Jerry that keeps showing up to work in his S&M gimp suit will switch to a more work appropriate polo shirt. Thanks for ruining it for everyone Jerry... you jackass.

No the guy in the gimp suit works in hr its the uniform

Comment Re:It stopped piracy (Score 2) 423

Well there is precedent the MPAA compared the VCR to the Boston Strangler in the early 80s.

"I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone." --- Jake Valenti (President of the MPAA)

If they thought a device that would allow you to recorded live tv was equivalent to a serial murderer then there thought of piracy must be at least equally hyperbolic.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

You tried to annex Canada in 1814, so we beat the crap out of you and burned down the Whitehouse.

Unfortunately due to commitments defeating Napoleon at the time, we couldn't commit enough resources to take back our American colonies so we settled on leaving the borders where they were before you invaded British territory.


The British tried to enforce trade restriction on the United States with trade with a verity of European countries and were boarding American merchant ships and pressing their sailors into service in the British navy against their will, at the same time they were funding and supplying native tribes to fight again American expansion westward. So the United States declared war on the British Empire.

Additionally the United States never seriously tried to take Canadian territory they sent a token force of untrained militia Under the command of William Hull to keep the British troops in Canada out of the way.

And it wasn't the Canadians the burned the Whitehouse it was British troops that came down out of Canada.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

Is Greenland not a country anymore?

It's never been a country. It's a territory of Denmark. On top of that, it doesn't border Canada since it's an island.


Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America

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