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Comment: Re:Monopolistic thuggish behavior (Score 1) 334

this would be a disaster for America, and CONcast.

Why is it no surprise we are suppose to live in a "free country", " free market" and yet our politicians are pretty much hand puppets just shove your money up their ass and make them dance. And people keep voting for this baboons, and allowing industries and corporations to pretty much OWN them.

I think the only hope we have right now is if enough yuppies get together and actually do something Gaagle has failed at, create another ISP service that is free, open, fast, and cheap.

By "Gaagle" do you mean Google if so what do you mean they have failed they are still expanding and delivering g.b.p.s. internet speeds and prices from other providers they are competing with have dropped where google has gone in and their speeds have gone up to match.

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You pay a private company for water? Where is this Randian paradise in which you live?

We pay a privet co-op for water out where I live south west Washington. Co-op shares can be a bit spendy up front but that is a one time investment and the water bill isn't that after that, but we have been thinking of putting in a well more recently just to be more self sufficient and off of the grid.

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The way Slashdot hid a -1 comment made it appear as if the post I was responding to was intended as a "the government would be worse" post, while in truth it was in response to such a post.

Thats why I always try to remember to quote the person I am responding to because people will mode you down when they read you post out of context. I wish /. would force mods to browse at -1 while they have points.

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To quote Shakespeare,

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,

but since this is politics it ain't no rose and it don't smell sweet.
No the money isn't put into the congressman personal account but the PAC is essentially a campaigning run by proxy. And instead of fiduciary reward other less formal forms of graft are used like their failure of a kid managing to make into a ivy league school, after a suitable donation is given to the university by a company wanting bill passed, high-speed internet may be installed in a senators home neighborhood, he may get high 6 figure sallery job no effort job lined up after his term is ended. Oh and don't forget insider trading is LEGAL for senators and congressman so a insider stock tip to them can make then rich with no repercussions.

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by lister king of smeg (#47742509) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

So If I spent roughly 10-20 hours a week playing Planetside2 (MMOFPS) for the past year and a half, which was free, I'm not a gamer? No purchase involved. There are many free to play titles (wasn't Farmville that so many mentioned free also?). I don't really play any other games outside of Planetside2, but after being in 3 large outfits (clans/guilds) of several hundred active members at any time, I can tell you male to female ratio is about 50:1 if not more. The whole female gamer thing still seems like a myth.

Its no entirely a myth I know one gamer thats female, she mostly plays single player rpg's like Baldurs Gate and freemium FPS's like Team Fortress.

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An AUP governs the use of campus equipment and services.

I clicked the link and read the article, and there's gasping outrage about how they're "limiting free speech" by telling students they *also* can't use the campus computer systems for things like political messaging, meetings, rallies, or anything else - in other words, no, you can't spam the student body.

And for those of you who think that it's not right that they'd limit that sort of usage, think long and hard about this:

- Campus Christian Ministry decides to start spamming the entire campus with pro-life messages.
- Young Republicans club start spamming the entire campus with messages calling for the impeachment of Pres. Obama.
- ROTC program starts spamming the entire campus with messages encouraging students to sign up for military service.

Where's your unfettered free speech now?

Yeah how dare those conservatives exercise their rights to free speech its not like you can mark them as spam and never hear anything they say again. Hell lets take this a step further lets just curtail all political speech on a public campus, In-fact lets set aside an area where they can say what they think where no one else was to hear it we can call it a free speech zone...

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by lister king of smeg (#47710047) Attached to: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board

BTW Robin Williams died. Many stories were submitted but /. failed to approve any for FP. Instead, we hear about Microsoft news again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

That would be because we are a tech and geek news site not a celebrity gossip rag, while he was admittedly an excellent actor and comedian that does not make it geek or tech news as such it did not make it on here. Where Microsoft is a software/tech company which makes it tech news thus get posted.

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