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Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 278

You're joking, right? We routinely see front page articles telling us that we should all own more guns. We routinely see discussions dominated by people shouting fact-free nonsense about abortion. We often see front page articles about how evil public schools are.

oddly enough the libertarian party supports gun ownership and gun rights.

Comment Re:Ties in with their new motto (Score 1) 58

Sorry, now it's "Do the right thing."

Of course, this is even more ambiguous than the previous one. I, for one, have no desire for the 'right thing' to be done to me, if an MBA is the one deciding it.

No it isn't the last motto "don't be evil" let them be chaotic neutral. With this they are stuck in the lawful alignment or possible the good alignments, depending on the relative alignment of the person interpreting it.

old motto
lg ng cg
ln tn cn
le ne ce

new motto
lg ng cg
ln tn cn
le ne ce

Comment Re:Depends on the account (Score 2) 257

Sure, you can have my NYTimes password - it's "passw0rd", unless they required mixed-case, in which case it's Passw0rd. (No, I'm not mentioning the login I use there, but it's no big loss if somebody starts impersonating me there.)

My Slashdot password? It's pretty complicated, my browser remembers it, and on the rare occasions where I need it, I have to remember where I wrote it down.

My bank account passwords? Sorry, get a warrant, and since cops who actually need to know that can get the information from my bank, they don't need MY password to do that, and don't need the ability to drain my bank account.

Sounds like me I use Qwerty1! for crap sites I don't care about.

Almost all of my meaningful accounts have their passwords generated and saved (encrypted) by my password manager so I don't have to remember any of them or worry about loosing the notebook I wrote the passwords down in.

My slashdot password is one of the few that I remember from my days before a password manager mostly because its not important enough to bother changing but used enough that I keep it in memory.;

Comment Re:One good reason *not* to join is . . . (Score 1) 447

From the article,

"If you haven’t registered for the site, and thus can’t contest those negative ratings, your profile only shows positive reviews."

Thus if you never register, you're invulnerable to bad reviews.

Alternatively like everyone that will troll the shit out of this sight sign up under a pseudonym.

Comment Re:Explosions are not that easy (Score 1) 147

Not entirely true... you're assuming that a 3 oz. glass of anti-matter water is an impossibility :)

Yeah, but then you'd have six ounces. And the TSA has already impressed upon us that, although 3oz counts as completely harmless, more than three can take down an airplane!

if you did have three plus ounces of antimater on board it probably would.

Comment Re:Not everyone wants a gigantic phone (Score 1) 208

It seems Google is ignoring those people who don't want a HUGE phone. The two models should have been the giant screened phone, and a smaller phone for those who like to actually be able to climb stairs with it in their pocket.

I do. I want a tablet that I can make phone calls from, I have a blue-tooth headphone/mic why not let me make calls and carry one device. Because the service providers won't let you get voice plan on a tablet; only data. So we are getting phablets that let people have small tablets that you can make calls from. It is an end run around the service providers by the manufacturers and customers that want one device. Once the Cellular service providers start letting you have voice on any device you will see a smaller phones and small tablets differentiate again.

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