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Comment: Re:Same problem as the anti-glasshole movement (Score 3, Informative) 140

by lister king of smeg (#46771205) Attached to: Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

But people are reacting because the Google glasses bring another dimension to this, when you get a lot of people that are potentially constantly filming you and uploading it to a massive data-aggregator with immense capabilities to correlate data and track people.

that keeps being repeted but it is bullshit, it does not have enough battery life to be constantly filming and the bandwidth requirements needed to upload hd video to google data centers would cost far to much to be doable even if anyone wanted to.

Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 786

From what I've seen, and experienced myself growing up, it seems that if your kid is the type who might be bullied, sending him to private (or maybe religious) school is an absolute must. Private schools don't seem to tolerate it, or have as much of a problem with it. They have no trouble expelling problem kids, and they don't accept just anyone.

As long as the princeples kid and his best freind are not the one doing the bullying yeah that was a fun year. Not all privet schools stop bullying.

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The surprise is the number of users today who are screaming "Da fuq? Teh Intuit iz de DEVIL!!!!" who were all of yesterday shrugging off Google's lobbying juggernaut as "just playing the game."

Well, it's not a surprise but it still sucks an ass how Slashdot marches in lockstep to their latest fanboy crush. For people saying how cheep it is to own a politician it seems that most Slashdotters are willing to be bought off for a lot less.

The difference is Google is lobbying to do things that don't dirrectly affect my bank ballence. Additionally many things Google is pushing for actully are in the general intrest like net nutrality.

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Tails doesn't store any data locally,' writes Finley. 'This makes it virtually immune to malicious software, and prevents someone from performing effective forensics on the computer after the fact. That protects both the journalists, and often more importantly, their sources.'

Traffic sniffing does not require files on the target and this is the biggest source of data for agencies like the NSA. It may protect you from key loggers being installed (unless they were inserted ahead of time).

All traffic sniffing will do is show they are talking to a TOR entree node. Everything is wrapped in multiple layeres of encryption between you and each of the nodes in between. Maybe they could tell from traffic analysis what type of traffic it is based on traffic profiling, streaming your pr0n over to will have a different profile than browseing a webpage wich will in tun be different than ssh, but they still won't know the end point and what the content is.

I'm pretty sure that part of Snowden's leaked information showed that exploits are occurring at the hardware level as well as software. Entry points like LOM modules were explicitly called out in the leaked presentations.

Yes but they would have to have had access to your computer to insert the hardware bugs. If you say pick up a cheap laptop at walmart paid for with cash they won't know who has it, and would not have inserted the bugs as they could not have known who would end up wih the computer.

I'd agree that forensics becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible (memory analysis can still occur).

if they are doing memory analysis thy have the computer in their posesion already and you probably have a much larger issues to worry over.

I don't agree that the systems are immune to malicious software at least in a general sense. Immunity would require a lot of control for the hardware running the OS, and monitoring to make sure things have not been tampered with.

Technically true. However you have to trust something, and as long as there has been know oppertunity to tamper with the computer you can assume your safe for most things.

Relying on a repository build of an OS imaged is still a target for potential a MITM attack feeding a user a kitted image.

That is why we have cryptographic signatures on repositories and iso images. If they can break a 4092 bit key in polynomial time we are f***ed anyway

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As a taxpayer, I don't want people getting free money for the government at my expense. They need to pay it up in today's dollars - with interest. If your parent or grandparent abused the system, I'm sorry but it's time for you to pay up.

This is about taking money "back" when the government made an accounting error (not people that cheated or lied mind you) but not taking it back from the people they gave it to but rather taking it out of another persons return. If the government accidentally gave me $500 thirty years ago and I died after five years ago long after I spent it, would you be OK with them deducting $500 (plus interest and adjusted for inflation) from your return, simply because you happen to be a relative?

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by lister king of smeg (#46738047) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

if the clothing isn't stored properly, it won't last as long. Before air conditioning and modern insulation, cedar chests were the bees knees in providing protection for clothing and papers. so all is not lost and it won't be all that bad.

that may be true, thank god then that much of our clothes are synthetic those not eaten by creepy crawlies.

Comment: Re:Some of the oldest trades become useful. (Score 1) 730

by lister king of smeg (#46738011) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

The post-apocalyptic world would also need blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, farmers and so on. Not to mention someone capable of swinging a sword and lopping the heads off marauders intent on dragging off the young women and torching the village. The challenge is that scientists and engineers do not necessarily have the skills most critically.

Says the man that has never seen a trebuchet cannon or a ballista.

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