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Comment Re:Catfish (Score 2) 228 228

Dictionary people used to just categorize definitions for eternity. They recognized the slow change, but now it seems they've gone overboard in the other direction, being too quick to recognize new words that may be faddish and need the lens of time to know if they're gonna stick around.

Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 0, Redundant) 122 122

Nobody in a free society should be a fan of unelected people taking vast new control over a huge new domain that did not exist when Congress created this law some time around the Flintstones era.

Congress should do its job and decide what, if anything, such should be like, rather than unelected bureaucrats stretching the law to fit...and give themselves power.

It is precisely because politicians can hide and play a game of "I had nothing to do with this", if things go wrong, that that state should be denied to them.

Comment Re:Happy, happy, joy, joy... (Score 1) 377 377

There's nothing wrong with ceding a few seats (out of hundreds) to "fringe nutters". The whole point of a milti-party parliamentary system is for people who aren't in the majority (or the largest plurality) to get their say, and the district-type systems always short parties that aren't based on regional pork-peddling.

Comment Insurance is not like music (Score 1) 231 231

Music by specific artists is a unique product -- another artist generally can't reproduce the same music in exactly the same way.

Insurance is the opposite. All auto insurance is essentially the same -- the differences have very little value. If one insurance company fails to update it's business model, 5 more insurance companies will swoop in and take the business.

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