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Comment: Re:And... (Score 2, Insightful) 342

by lfd (#33250456) Attached to: The Future of OpenSolaris Revealed

I beg to differ. I've never had the opportunity of working for Sun (been detached to Oracle back in 2000) but I've switched from Linux to OpenSolaris about a year ago and I will miss it dearly.

There is definitely an OpenSolaris community and those who want to continue building on OpenSolaris legacy will contribute (or, more modestly use) IllumOs.

I've been a Linux advocate myself for over 10 years. The truth is, OpenSolaris is much more of a professional OS.

Open Source

Illumos Sporks OpenSolaris 161

Posted by kdawson
from the may-grow-up-to-be-a-fork dept.
suraj.sun sends in this news from The Register. "If you were hoping that someone would fork the OpenSolaris operating system, you are going to have to settle for a spork. You know, half spoon and half fork. That, in essence, is what the Illumos, an alternative open source project to continue development on the core bits of OpenSolaris, is all about. ... Development on OpenSolaris has all but stopped, so Garrett D'Amore, a former Sun and Oracle software engineer who worked on Solaris for many years, decided to do something about it. ... What Illumos is doing is taking the core OpenSolaris kernel and foundation, which is called OS/Net or ON inside of the former Sun, and creating a repository and development community around that. ON includes the kernel, C libraries, shell and shell utilities, file systems, and networking functions of OpenSolaris. 'We are not a distribution in a normal sense,' says D'Amore. 'It is more of a code base.' And one that Nexenta, Belenix, and SchilliX, who do create alternative distros for OpenSolaris, can in theory base their future releases upon if they don't like what is — or isn't — coming out of OpenSolaris."

Comment: Re:I'll probably sign up for this (Score 1) 488

by lfd (#30802428) Attached to: NY Times To Charge For Online Content

Well I also enjoy reading the NYT from time to time. But I left the US 6 years ago and I'm not gonna sign up for a paid up subscription. The occasional curiosity about what's going on in Jersey does not justify a business case.

I guess I'll have to revert to more open options like the Star-Ledger. Is USA Today still free?


+ - Intel Opens First 45nm ProdFacility in Chandler,AZ->

Submitted by
Tech.Luver writes "Production of a new generation of microprocessors for PCs, laptops, servers and other computing devices officially began today inside of Intel Corporation's first high-volume 45 nanometer (nm) manufacturing factory in Chandler, Ariz. Called "Fab 32," the $3 billion factory will use Intel's innovative 45nm process technology based on Intel's breakthrough in "reinventing" certain areas of the transistors inside its processors to reduce energy leakage. The 45nm transistors use a Hafnium-based high-k material for the gate dielectric and metal materials for the gate, and are so small that more than 2 million can fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Millions of these tiny transistors will make up Intel's faster, more energy efficient lead- and halogen-free processors for PCs, laptops and servers, as well as ultra low-power processors for mobile Internet and consumer electronic devices, and low-cost PCs. The first of the company's 45nm processors is scheduled to be introduced on Nov. 12. ( )"
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