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Comment: Re:Not even remotely surprised (Score 1) 196

by leachlife4 (#35235964) Attached to: 80% of Browsers Found To Be At Risk of Attack
Self-updating applications do not work well, in practice. They either are not in use constantly and will thus miss patches for a while, and then delay their use when you do want to use them so they can update, or they take the windows approach and have a service running constantly, which, when there are many applications installed, leads to performance loss.

I like the repository approach that *nix uses, as it is reliable and light on resources, though the rss/signature concept does sound as if it could be viable. The whole application installation/config/registry structure in windows may have to be changed a bit to make this work without breaking everything when an update is performed.

On another note, npackd is a windows based package management system, though it has some compatibility problems with the windows add/remove functionality already built in (cannot uninstall/update application installed regularly from npackd, and vice versa).

Comment: NO (Score 1) 405

by leachlife4 (#34058752) Attached to: Time To Rethink the School Desk?

I can see this MAYBE in a private school, but NEVER in public schools. Having graduated from HS 2 years ago, I am able to say it is ridiculous how stupid kids are, and how little they understand concepts, such as money.

The chairs would be destroyed within a month. A chair isn't really going to motivate someone to do better in school; students will either do well or they wont, it is up to them to not fuck around and be little show-off pricks for their friends all the time.

Though, as I am sitting in my Aeron right now, I can say I would have loved to have them in HS.

+ - Birdman boots alternate recovery on DroidX!->

Submitted by rainabba
rainabba (1876222) writes "Aside from rooting the DroidX (which was also done by Birdman), getting a custom recovery running is the next most important step in being able to flash custom roms. As of 6am GMT-7, Birdman and accomplished exactly that. It will take another day or 2 to polish the recovery and process to a point where it's viable for the average Android "hacker", but this should lead to Froyo on the DroidX, and who knows what else. It also PROVES that eFuse means little to us and Motorola has failed to prevent the "tampering" of their devices just as every other manufacturer has.

More info at:

For updates, follow


Link to Original Source

Droid X Gets Rooted 97

Posted by Soulskill
from the root-root-root-for-the-home-team dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Droid X forums have posted a procedure to root the new Motorola Droid X, putting to rest Andoid fans' fears that they would never gain access to the device's secrets due to a reported eFuse that would brick the phone if certain boot files were tampered with. Rooting the phone is the first step in gaining complete control over the device."

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