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+ - Starting a programming project 1

Submitted by leachlife4
leachlife4 (638543) writes "I am a freshman Computer Science major, I have taken two years of programming in high school which used Visual Basic for the introductory course and Java for the 'advanced' AP class. Having received credit from the AP test I was able to take CS II (which was also taught in Java) my first semester here in college where I felt extremely bored, my professor encouraged the use of UML diagrams and MVC program structure. This semester i am taking a discreet math course and a Computer Architecture course based on MIPS assembly. Recently I have become involved with *nix and have learned a bunch, but I would like to contribute to the OSS community. I have an idea for a project and have written out rough guidelines for what i would like to implement, but I am at a loss for where to begin with the design and implementation of the program. I would like to program this in C++ though I have limited knowledge thus far. I really want to learn a lot from this project but also end up with a good and usable program. What can i do to get myself going on this project (which may well be outside of my knowledge so far), or at this point should I not even be thinking about beginning to write code and still be working on planning?"

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