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I would hope that was sarcasm. The states were originally independent countries joined by a confederacy and the Union or republic was created to act as a head of state facing foreign relations and a few other things outlined in the constitution. It was never intended to be this huge government can do anything organization and was never used in that way until FDR had a constitutional showdown with the supreme court and won.

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Yes and no.

At land fills, near where you cross the scales, there are little antennas on either side or both sides of the scales. These look like wifi antennas but actually detect minute amounts of radiation through metal (steel and/or aluminum) trailers. Granted, they are only 10 foot away from the trailers but they can pick up radiation left over on X-ray film, or watches with the glow in the dark radium face buried deep within tones of trash as it passes through the scales. They look something like this but there are all sorts of different types.

You will also find similar types of antennas throughout towns and on some police vehicles. I'm not sure what their range exactly is, but I could imagine them being built into navigation buoys. But I do not think they couldn't be too sensitive in something like that else you would have all sorts of false alarms to read about.

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Lol.. they need a warrant to use the devices period. The problem is they are using it without one, finding reason they should have one, and dealing with it after the fact.

And yes, i see your tongue in cheek. I just didn't some young person who grew up watching cops, 24, ncis and whatever else on TV thinking it was fine to work ghe other way. Cop shows always seemed to me to be indoctination to having your rights violated. I mean how often do we go WTF when watching one out of bordom. I do quite often.

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Syria has advanced anti aircraft weapons that could pose a greater threat to bombers. The raptors could not only better avoid it if used but neutralize them making it safer for other aircraft

That is likely the biggest reason.

Although Syria would be helped by the strikes too so i'm not sure why they would use them unless its posturing.

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Nice little rant there but it fails to address anything i said or asked.

Now if you think your politicians are not representing you, vote them out and vote ones that will in. If you find that not possible, then it is likely that outside your little circle, you are in the minority. No worries, it just means you will have to convince others to side with you.

So do you have anything to say about what i actually asked?

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I have yet to find any creditable explanation to why all the sudden the oceans are a sink and not before. I mean seriously, if something didn't all the sudden cause it to soak up heat, then all previous temp records would have been impacted by it too making the suggestion of the oceans being a sink for the current warming (or lack thereof) somewhat moot.

But say that out loud and you will As if it really matters any more. This isn't about science or the environment any more. It was politicized from near the beginning and now they are much more brazen about it. Anyone can look around and see the real situation- it was proudly on display at this rally.

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