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Wow.. i love how you worked the koch bros in there like it actually means something. But i'm not so sure you beed to force others into conserving abd sequestoring. It would appear that you are simply too selfish to go the extra mile for someone else who might not want to jump in the band wagon.

So qhy exactly is it that you think everyone else has to jump through your hoops too?

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by sumdumass (#48045229) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Actually, i started this off a little faceteously with the emphasis on someone not wanting to harm others. Eveeything you said is absolutely true for soneone acting in ill will.

I did however think that people nott qanting to harm others would act in a sense of self preservation and to the betterment of others. If what has been revieled turns out to be true, my faith in humans is not displaced but my assumptions that government and health care people would have a clue turns out to be completely incorect. This guy went to the hospital vomiting and told them where he had been citing concerns about ebola. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him home where he though it would be wise to play with kids or something. An absolute failure worse than the secret service allowing a fence jumper into the whitehouse or convicted felons serve as contract security agents.

To this day, they haven't even quarentined the people he is known to have been in cintact with. Instead, they are watching them or something stupid. You are correct- it simply won't work that way.

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You are right. There is always the north korean style, the chinese style, vietnamese/cambodian style, german style, and a few others i missed.

Communism has and likely will always devolve into oppresive styles of ruling over the people with brushes against mass murder because everyone has to either agree with the results of it, be forced to agree with it, or eliminated from innfluencing it at all. Every single conversion to communism we have witnessed has either mass murdered some of the people who rejected it or imprisoned them. This is just history and no one has ever pointed to anytjing that would change it in the future. There has however been plenty of people claiming it was never true communism and thinking it would somehow be different if we just tried again. Unfortunately, everyone looks like a scottsman to them.

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by sumdumass (#48037751) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

I'm sort of at a loss here. Why would a random person think they have ebola? The CDC has ready contacted the people possibly exposed. Either way, yes, they should contact a medical professsionsl as they have all or should have all been contacted and are aware of the threat and symptoms.

But thats largely neither here nor there. The entire point of my comment was about people knowingly in a possible situation where they could have been infected.If they are one of the, assuming they value their life or even the lives of others, do yoh think they would want to know if it was ebola or just not care and get some antibiotics?

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Exactly. Get the people to want something they have previously rejected and witnessed most previous attempts turn into violent oppressive regimes that failed to progress much through fear and contrived disdain.

All hail the stupidity of the crowd. Er i mean the will of the people.

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It doesn't have to be alien like.

The main purpose was to determine if the enviroment was hostile to them. Of course they did other crap but think about where we need to know if the enviroment is hostile.

Think off fire response, motor vehicle accidents, threat assesments for dignitaries, yet another way to find electronic listening devices, and so on.

Of course it might need a little work before it is ready and reliable but there is a use that may be right around tbe corner- litteraly

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by sumdumass (#48032105) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Any other type illness i could agree with you. But these people would have known they were in areas that could have exposed them. They would know what to watch for (symptoms) and they would know the disease is a painfull death if not caught early.

So unless getting ebola and infecting others annd dieing was their intent, i suspect they would get checked out for signs of jetlag let alone one of the documented symptoms. If it wasn't so deadly- unlike varients of the flu, i could agree.

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by sumdumass (#48031417) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

It would seem that the incubation period can be several weeks but the risk of spreading is only there once symptoms appear. I imagine a person who is not intending on doing ill will with the disease could self monitor and quarantine himself if needed.

It's not like they will let ISIS or ISAL or whatever infect anyone and send them over with the disease to spread it across all populated western areas or anything. And if they tried, they would be captured at the airport or border crossing by the professional TSA.

Wait, maybe they should quarantine some people.

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by sumdumass (#48031219) Attached to: The Physics of Space Battles

You are the one who posited that an explosion was a chemical reaction (not true in this context), and wouid create an "atmosphere", and therefore you can hear it in space.

Lol.. Star wars is only one movie with explosions in space. Wikipedia defined explosion not me. So both your points are seemingly useless in this context.

I do not know why you feel compelled to opine on things you know nothing about, but be prepared to spend a life of being corrected.

You mean trolled right? Because so far, all I have gotten was you who is too afraid to log in and have your silly ideas associated with an online persona spend more time trying to attack the messenger instead of the message. Corrected doesn't mean what you think it means.

As for your tantrum, something must be going on in your 14 year old life. Are you being "butt hurt" by someone? You should go to a teacher and report it, no one should touch you in your "special place".

lol.. How original- I see what you did there, you took what I said and added a few words to pretend you were smart. Or did someone say that to you earlier and you were repeating it because you think they are smart?

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by sumdumass (#48027517) Attached to: The Physics of Space Battles

That is very much likely but it still serves a worth while purpose. Suppose something outside your space station explodes. You would hear it if it is close enough, it would likely transfer noise through the hull of the craft, microphones and sensors could also pick up the noise.

It wont be anything like in the movies but there can be sound and it can be benificial in making you aware of dangers near your ship.

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by sumdumass (#48024163) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

Not quite a surcharge for solar where I live but they separate grid tie in from usage for me. It's part of the deregulation BS where you can pick your supplier. I don't use enough to make moving beneficial so I stay with the original provider. They show the grid tie in, the current costs of the market rates and ad .02 or something like that. Not around a bill right now, but it increases my monthly bill about $15 when they did it a few years ago as apposed to before.

Now a neighbor wanted to do the net metering with a wind turbine on his farm a few years ago. They said he had to estimate the amount of energy he would supply and would be penalized if he went over or under and he has to go with commercial rates instead of residential with a farmstead exemption (allows the lower of the two rates whichever it happens to be).

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