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Comment: such a tired myth (Score 2) 188

by SuperBanana (#49185897) Attached to: <em>Star Trek</em> Fans Told To Stop "Spocking" Canadian $5 Bill

First off, Canada != US, fellow American.

Second: people and businesses can limit the forms of payment they'll accept for practical reasons all the time. As in: no bills over a certain amount, or refusing payment in pennies. Coins CAN be legal tender, but no merchant or private party MUST accept a particular form of currency. Don't want to accept $1 bills, only $5 and $10? That's fine:


"Legal tender is the default method of payment assumed in contractual agreements involving debts and payments for goods or services unless otherwise specified."

Third: the currency is defaced. That is the whole point - it's potentially not legal currency if you've drawn all over it. If you interfere with security features in the bill and it becomes more risky to trust as valid (such as, counterfeit bills that meet other security features elsewhere on the bill)...then they are right to refuse it.

I'm kind of shocked Canada doesn't specifically outlaw defacement of the currency; the US sure does.

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 3, Insightful) 251

by sumdumass (#49185647) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

No.. The EPA would propose a regulation and during the required comment period, people could examine the science and the data used and attempt to reproduce it. If they find fault during the regulation process (the EPA cannot just declare regulation, it has to propose it, wait for a comment period, address any concerns brought up, comment, then vote to pass it). But anyone can reproduce the science if it is sound. You will have people in favor of the regulation reproducing it, you will have universities doing the same. if someone cannot reproduce it and others can, you will only have people looking like dumbasses and nothing more.

Comment: Re:Or maybe it was aliens (Score 1) 117

by sumdumass (#49182329) Attached to: The Mexican Drug Cartels' Involuntary IT Guy

You do not know if he was even captured at all. Let alone speculating about big foot, drug cartels, the NSA, or Chinese military. Its just wishful thinking and hoping that he is still alive and alright at this point. For all we know, he could have ran off with some chick that wasn't his wife or interrupted something illegal and is face down in a shallow grave somewhere.

Comment: Re: Doxing is asking for trouble. (Score 1) 422

Lol.. you do not need to know someone's identity, you benifit from identifying the person you are talking to as the person you have been talking to.

Try holding a conversation with a random stranger walking down the street, pause it then pick it back up with another random stranger right where you left off. And as far as the logical fallacy goes, when it is spread across three different post how do you know the current poster is the one who made the previous posts and really using the fallacy? Well, you do not.

Like i said, its just annoying. That is a reason people don't like conversing with ACs. It may not bother you, but its annoying to others.

Comment: Re:Systemd in 4.0-era, for or against? (Score 1) 119

by sumdumass (#49179935) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Getting No-Reboot Patching

Wow, not only is the story a dupe, so is the lame attenpt to hijack it and.make it about/ whine about systemd.

Now all we need is for aa bunch of dupes pointing this out and we can just take off for a mini vacation before we all fork the kernel and role our own and try to hijack every other linux story.

I do not know what to think about systemd other than it seens to work but i do know i'm about sick with the people trying to inject it inti any linux related story. Perhaps someone should just move to BSD or something.

Comment: Re: Doxing is asking for trouble. (Score 1) 422

Without being able to distinguish who holds what position means there is no debate, just shouting. But more importantly, it resolves or exposes possible issues like circular reasoning and so on.

Its not impossible to converse with ACs. Sometimes it adds depths of insight to a discussion. It just get annoying at times.

Also, you are no less identified when you create an account verses posting AC. Its trivial to get a junn or apam email address and create an acciunt qith as much or little information as you want to give. You can make it completely fictitious or out yourself completely. Your IP is logged with the comment either way and can be used by LEOs or the NSA just the same. What it does do though is make it more dificult to troll or shill some position though. But on the pluss side, it is also simple to chAnge browsing leveks for comments so you can easily see the downmodded comments. There are a lot of downmodded comments that are otherwise insightful, funny, informative, or just provide context that get downmodded vecause it threatens soneone's worldview or agenda. You would think that alone would be worth it to log in. You can still post anon when needed.

Oh, and sorry about thw downhill quality of my posts. Just has carpal tunnel done and usinf my other hand more is already causing it to goto sleep and shoot pains. Guesss it needs dons too

Comment: Re:And this, kids, is why you configure your serve (Score 1) 68

by jafiwam (#49179607) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients

Then you're part of the problem.

If vendors didn't pander to people running IE 5 then they would sack the fuck up and call their nephew to spend 5 minutes installing Teamviewer and Google Chrome.

People who refuse to run modern shit on their hardware may be the majority, but only because assholes are willing to bend over backwards selling them "lazy" as a commodity.

Not sure what the GP is going on about.

In my observations, retiring Windows XP drastically reduced the number of issues from "my stuff doesn't work, it's new, I bought it 10 years ago, why not?" complaints.

There was a small cadre of folks re-installing XP on new machines (I did it too) because there wasn't a reason not to. After Nosebleed and Hearbeep (or whatever) happened last year I shut off old ciphers on all my stuff. And know what? NOBODY NOTICED. I get an occasional hit from China or other shitholes I don't care about trying it, and they often come along with other probes so it's not real traffic.

So the point is, GP isn't correct when he's talking about his "majority," there is no such group. They're gone. The idea that there is a technically adept person running old shit because it still works, who also doesn't know it's risky, and also can't afford to upgrade to new shit is a Venn diagram with three unconnected circles on it.

Go ahead and run what you want as a hobby if you get fulfillment from it. If your hobby puts you at risk, or can't be used somewhere, tough shit.

Comment: Re: Doxing is asking for trouble. (Score 1) 422

Lol.. thanks for proving my point. You did not even bother reading what was posted and said stupid shit about just doing what was already said to be annoying.

What part about a conversation or thread is so dificult for you to understand? Slashdot has a discusion system not a tweet post where you just yell something and ignore the responses or whatever.

Comment: Re:Doxing is asking for trouble. (Score 1) 422

The problem with ACs is that you do not know if you are responding to the same people and a lot of them more or less just troll. But it is annoying to hell and back when some AC is too lazy to read the start of the thread and wants to rehash everythibf already discussed or you assume it is the same AC who has already taken a position in which the new AC has not.

Comment: Re:new argument to undo copyright extension (Score 1) 93

by sumdumass (#49178615) Attached to: Has the Supreme Court Made Patent Reform Legislation Unnecessary?

The constitution gjves congres the ability to establish and regulate copyright. But yoy question was basically answered by its own wording. Any right granted can be removed also. That is why the founding documents talk about inalienable rights endowed by a creator- rights that exist purely becaause you exist and inherent within the conciousness of the majority of people.

This is why the GP is wrong too. One of the roles thd federal government was constituted to do was copyrights and pattents. Collective barganing is a bit different though. It is using the interstate commerce clause to impose requirements on employers to recognize unions and collective bargaining which is also exempt from monopoly laws too.

Comment: Re:Scylla and Charbdis (Score 2) 93

by sumdumass (#49178547) Attached to: Has the Supreme Court Made Patent Reform Legislation Unnecessary?

Please enlighten us on why they are more ans not les corrupt than congres. I have read their recent decisions and think the GP is correct. SCOTUS is less corrupt than congres in appearance if not practice.

But here is a hibt, wherher you like or dislike a decision or fail to grasp the reasoning does not mean corruption.

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