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Comment: Re:Please post Tape backup ref (Score 1) 983

by lart2150 (#46466433) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
I should have done a bit more looking around before I posted my other comment. If you want to drop a crazy amount of money you can get a Oracle tape drive. The T10000 T2 tapes hold 8.5TB uncompressed however it's unclear if you can buy one drive or how much one costs.

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Slashdot and threatpost both have it wrong. The original article(linked threatpost) from says "his arrest on suspicion of wire fraud, access device fraud and unauthorized access to a computer"

Comment: Re:Do Canadian credit cards for sub $10? (Score 1) 248

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Credit card processing has fees attached to it. Many smaller shops tend to have a large flat transaction fee and some percent. if you charge $.50 on your credit card it might cost $.11 in fees meaning the merchant only gets $.39 for the $.50 worth of goods from a $.10 transaction fee + 3%. There are some processors out there that only charge a percent as far as I can tell like square.

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by lart2150 (#43108491) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Flagged Channels For XBMC PVR?
The issue is channels that are encrypted and require a cable card aka almost all but broadcast channels and that's changing(thanks fcc for not looking out for us). I have RCN and the only channels that they flag that I've run into so far are the premium movie channels. OP I think your options are switch to Comcast(I think they flag a tad more then they should be are not too bad) or give up on rolling your own dvr.

Preparing To Migrate Off of SHA-1 In OpenPGP 152

Posted by kdawson
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jamie found a note on, the first in a promised series on migrating off of SHA-1 in OpenPGP. "Last week at eurocrypt, a small group of researchers announced a fairly serious attack against the SHA-1 digest algorithm, which is used in many cryptosystems, including OpenPGP. The general consensus is that we should be 'moving in an orderly fashion toward the theater exits,' deprecating SHA-1 where possible with an eye toward abandoning it soon (one point of reference: US govt. federal agencies have been directed to cease all reliance on SHA-1 by the end of 2010, and this directive was issued before the latest results). ... So what can you do to help facilitate the move away from SHA-1? I'll outline three steps that current gpg users can do today, and then I'll walk through how to do each one..."

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