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Comment: Re:writer doesn't get jeopardy, or much of anythin (Score 1) 387

by mcgrew (#48450705) Attached to: Alva Noe: Don't Worry About the Singularity, We Can't Even Copy an Amoeba

You people who believe in the singularity very obviously don't know how a computer works. It's simply an electric abacus; look at schematics for an ALU or a logic gate. How many beads do I need to put on my abacus before it becomes self-aware?

The danger is anthropomorphism; it's simply too easy to fool people into believing they see sentience where there is none. Evil people will use this to their evil ends.

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by mcgrew (#48358951) Attached to: In this year's US mid-term elections ...

You know, danbert8, you would come across as far less ignorant if you googled first. FYI, that link leads you to information about federal taxes that go to schools. And you don't know that the INTERSTATE highway system was built by the federal government under Eisenhower, and that all the states get federal money for roads and highways?

Comments like yours is why I've spent a lot less time at slashdot lately. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Before S/N opened, I spent a lot of time commenting at /. Any more, I check messages and read little of /., partly because stories have been showing up at S/N before /. and partly because there are so many more short bus riders at /. Oh, and slashdot's "stupid quotes" annoy the hell out of me.

I hadn't had mod points at /. for years, despite being at karma cap.

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by mcgrew (#48345657) Attached to: Part of the first chapter ...

It's their problem, I'll just link to S/N when I have an entry that might be in a book until they fix it. I'm not going to take extra effort because of someone else's lack of competence.

The problem you or I can't fix is quoting a newspaper in a comment, seeing it's fine in preview, and having /.'s garbage generator shit on it; you can't edit a comment.

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by mcgrew (#48340407) Attached to: Part of the first chapter ...

Yes, if I enjoyed murder mysteries. It was well written, far better than that best-selling hack James Patterson. Stephen King is a great writer, but I've read few of his books because I'm no fan of dark fiction. I did enjoy The Green Mile, though.

Since you're looking to turn writing into a career, you did in fact choose the best genre. I don't care for them, but murder mysteries sell like crazy.

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by mcgrew (#48340379) Attached to: Part of the first chapter ...

I compose in Open Office. Since what I write will probably wind up in a book, unicode is necessary and removing it is a hassle we should not have to put up with.

What's most maddening is that when previewing a journal or comment, slashdot's garbage generator doesn't shit all over it until you hit "submit". There's simply no excuse for it. Soylent News uses slashdot's code, and they had it fixed within a month or two of opening.

This should be especially embarrassing for what's supposed to be a tech site.

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?