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by kyrsjo (#48283817) Attached to: Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

I have no problem criticizing Islam, for much of the same reasons as Christianity: Hiding behind a "holy book" which cannot be questioned instead of using the brain the FSM gave you, and applying this nonsense inconsistently and illogically. Basically, using it as a justification which cannot be questioned, but can be applied to any situation.

However, discussing something with people which generally agree with you gets old quickly, so why bother. Since this is a tech site: Imagine 10 people sitting in a room, some using Mac and some using Linux, discussing how badly Windows sucks, everybody nodding at the others comments. That sounds like a really boring discussion to me...

Oh, and get an account FFS.

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by kyrsjo (#48283721) Attached to: Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

The Muslims I know are yet to kill me over disagreeing with their religion - they seem to be more interested in meeting up for some (pork-free) food and board games :)

Anyway, the point was really that "you shouldn't criticize X because I think Y is worse" is stupid logic - by that logic, why are you buying Christmas (or Yule, as we call it where I'm from) gifts when there are children starving in the world?

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(1) That's a horrible and extremely incorrect generalization. Both groups are composed of people, some which are usually nice, some which are often not. Your statement is not just overly broad, it is obviously false.

(2) My point was that I am free to criticize any religion I want, no matter what you or Bartles find more important. To make an example from a different field (which you maybe understand better): Hypothetically, do you think I should refrain from criticizing the faults of Gnome 3, just because because Crazy Taco think Windows 8 is much worse? From my perspective, I don't use Windows, so it affects me less, I know it less, and I find the discussion about Windows boring. So I rather talk about the problems and their possible solutions of Linux.

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by kyrsjo (#48012967) Attached to: Could We Abort a Manned Mission To Mars?

Agreed, it's a good book, and one that seems to get most of the technicalities right. The thing which bothers me the most is the authors very flat and sometimes a bit boring writing style - there is a lot of "I did this, and then that happened. Then I did something else, and exactly the same thing happened again. Then I tried something completely different, got a bit lucky, and now it worked. Yay.". The same goes for the characters - with some exceptions for the main character, they are all very much portraid as "cardboard cutouts".

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Quite a few US universities are heavily involved in CERN. And European universities. And Russian. And to an increasing amount, Chinese. And also many others.

The people "teaching" (implying that there is something worthwhile to learn) creationism, are not scientists - they are coming up with neither new data or reasonable interpretations. So thus no US scientists are "teaching" that steaming pile of poo.

As a European, it would be great if /. would stop descending into the "USA sucks" vs "Muh freeduuum units and muh F-150" idiot-fight it often does :/ It used to be a nice place...

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> and they probably buy them fpga's and boards in industrial quantities anyway
Njaaa. Define "industrial quantities". Mostly I've seen people use a few 10s of them, not 100s or 1000s.

The really expensive part about ASICs are to make the masks for lithography etc., not how many chips you make. Thus you don't want to make a new chip unless you *really* need to.

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