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Comment: Re:Propagation delay ??? (Score 1) 720

by kyrsjo (#48496075) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

Maybe. However, it might also be that HP's engineers are better at designing the mechanics for good airflow - after all, I ran this computer very hard for months (htop was showing a load of more than 400%, continuously for several months), and it was dumping quite a lot of hot air, more than enough to noticeably heat a relatively large office.

Comment: Re:Upgrade to Windows for improved stability! (Score 2) 257

by kyrsjo (#48490851) Attached to: Bad Lockup Bug Plagues Linux

As said by several others, BSODs are an error message from the kernel, which has died (detected that something is seriously wrong, and stopped itself before it overwrites the file system or something like that) - just like a "kernel panic" on Linux or OS X. And yes, they usually come from hardware problems (regardless of OS), sometimes from misconfiguration (again regardless of OS), and rarely from programming errors (regardless of OS).

What you're saying is that Microsoft code is trivial, since all non-trivial code has bugs, unhandled or poorly handled special cases etc.

Comment: Re:Propagation delay ??? (Score 3, Insightful) 720

by kyrsjo (#48487347) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

Exactly - what he is seeing is caused by crappy cables forcing retransmits, not propagation delay. The signal speed in a cable is typically higher than 10% of the speed of light, so any extra delay is measured in nanoseconds.

Anyway, a more silent PC is possible. My old workstation, at work was a quite powerfull i7 (although with a moderate GPU), which often ran at full load for months on end. It was completely silent (being under the table also helped), to the point where an i3 iMac is now annoying me with how loud it is. It was an HP marketed towards the pro marked, and cost something like 1200 $ (without taxes, using my employers good deals) when I ordered it in 2012.

Comment: Re:Try a stable distro like RH/CentOS. Or Mac (Score 2) 257

by kyrsjo (#48486553) Attached to: Bad Lockup Bug Plagues Linux

I'm not so sure - after being extremely sceptical to macs (and using Linux as my primary/only desktop for more than 10 years), a wild iMac suddenly appeared on my desk at work a few days ago. It's an old i3 from 2010 which I reinstalled with 10.9 (10.10 isn't supported by the AFS file system due to some legal issues with code signing, and 10.10 is apparently mostly iOS compat stuff, which I don't use), install iTerm2, emacs, brew, and some other stuff - and its working quite nicely. And unlike when I've used Windows machines lately, I never had any urges to throw anything expensive out of the window without opening it first, so I guess I'm pleasantly surprised.

Comment: Re:What's happening to Linux? (Score 1) 257

by kyrsjo (#48486479) Attached to: Bad Lockup Bug Plagues Linux

I feel they are really different tools for different things.

I would hate to do much of my Python scripting or fortran-barely-beyond-punchcards wrangling with an IDE, which in the first case would force me to setup hundreds of little "projects", and in the 2nd case would fight me every step of the way because nothing is really standard. Sometimes, all I want is a good editor, and for me, emacs is exactly this (and vim/sublime/ed/notepad.exe/whatever for other people - whatever floats your boat).

On the other hand, for large and reasonably standard structured projects, IDEs are great.

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