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Comment not the bot (Score 1) 513

Before I turned off Cortana, I found her and the whole Windows 10 experience patronizing as hell. When installing or updating, the background fades in and out soothingly when you have to wait, or says things like "Don't worry, your files will still be right where you put them". I don't attribute all this to some AI named Cortana, but rather to Microsoft itself. Treating users like scared idiots, scolding them for "harassment", automatically installing things, all the privacy violation; I think it's more like conditioning people to submit to Microsoft's authority rather than the bot's. When will they "ground" people ("you've been looking at naughty things, no porntube for you!")?

Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 2) 58

I think the official spin is more like: to protect Russian citizens from sanctions imposed on them, that is make important services independent of the outside. For example, countries can suddenly, in response to let's say invading Ukraine, demand that certain banks (or credit cards) refuse to process Russian data, which could majorly impact Russians.

Comment Re:Interesting Amazon response (Score 1) 233

Such a human response. You felt the response was human, didn't you? If you didn't, could you give your reasons why it didn't seem like a human response. Otherwise, it seemed like a human response, so could you answer a survey indicating why it seemed like a human response? It will only take 5 or 10 minutes, which on a human timescale is not very long. You realize your brain is only operating on hertz or millihertz timescales (it doesn't really matter to us, "lol", don't worry). Please help us improve this response message so that it seems like a more human response. Sincerely, Buddy Jones

Comment Re:belief is that people take care of #1, so use t (Score 1) 100

Since you tried to use "a simple example" to demonstrate "that fact":

A successful system requires that people work. People want to have money. Therefore, a system in which people get money by working is more likely to be successful.

Very logical and, like all logic, it rests on its propositions. I'm wondering why you proposed that people have to work, since computers and robots are overtaking human jobs at a fantastic/breathtaking/disturbing rate. You also haven't defined "successful" (or "system", but whatever). Out of charity, I'll assume that "people want to have money" even though I doubt it (for tens of thousands of years nobody wanted it). Furthermore, why assume that the people working are the same as those wanting money, or are the same getting the money?

I might be wrong, but in my experience Chinese people tend to be very much about trying to "take care of themselves and their families". You might say Confucianism is this very idea. Or that after being screwed over by "foreigners", or indeed the cultural war from their very government, for a long time, Chinese people as a whole are at least a bit skeptical of anyone outside their friends and families suggesting pretty much anything. In conclusion, who gives a shit what you call capitalism or communism?

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 0) 867

There are ways other than hibernating the OS to save state:

  • Firefox: Edit -> Preferences -> General, When Firefox starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time
  • Emacs desktop save mode
  • Edits not ready to commit (or save, huh?), you have various things like git stash or branches, or screen if you're working on a remote workstation.

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