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Comment Re: On Monday (Score 1) 130

I am sure this happens in other types of recycling centers as well.. In our office, we are constantly going through PC, rack servers, monitors, etc. Some of it only a few years old. While there might be value in getting money for them, it is actually a great thing that there are companies that will come in and take them away for free. Sure they have value, but the labor involved in recouping those costs are just not worth it at our pay scales. In addition, shelf space in our office has value too.

Comment Re:God kill me now! (Score 1) 278

Funny, my submission seems to be getting more interest than some of the the other boring posts recently... "OMG!! Clicky keyboards, what will they think of next?!?!?!"

Just think of this as a nice little diversion so that everyone can share some personality quarks with everyone.

Submission + - What's on your keychain?

kuhnto writes: I was playing with my key chain and started to wonder, "what does everyone on Slashdot have on their key chains?" What cool things do you have that you want to share? I'll start... Car key, Car alarm dongle, house key, Kingston USB Drive, AAA mirco flashlight, and a Swiss-tech Utili-key.

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