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Comment: Re:I wonder about the legality though (Score 1) 148

by kuhnto (#46371907) Attached to: The Spy In Our Living Room
Along this same line of thought, why doesn't somewone setup a long term experiment and wireshark all the data that is coming out of the new xbox? Lets see what is being sent out or not. True, it will most likely be encrypted, but at least some traffic analysis woud be interesting. And large bursts of data? Any activity when someone walks in?

Comment: Give me stuff on Sunday! (Score 1) 121

The problem as I see it from a weekend warrior, tinkerer, technical point of view is as follows: 1. The majority of SB is not open afer the standard set of work hours (m-f, 8-5)to allow for other run of the mill people to purchase goods 2. The SB is engaged in a trade based (can not remember the exact name for this) buisnesss such as window tinting, hardware supply, or other wholesale or redistributor only market that will not sell to the "common folk" 3. If the SB will sell to regular person, their inventory is not easily accessed. There are other thingsto list, but n essence a big company needs to ge tthe common person unlimited access to the tail of the dragon type of goods. An example would be if i need a hydrolic actuator at 3:30pm on a sunday afternoon,but i am a software engineer and can not call up local plumbers union to get one.

Comment: Re:Why is there a wi-fi crisis? (Score 2) 186

by kuhnto (#42986983) Attached to: Carmakers Oppose Opening Up 5GHZ Spectrum Space For Unlicensed Wi-Fi
Unfortunatly, no one can understand the possibilities of using new capabilities until they exist. (Please note, i am generalizng here), until wifi and the opening of 2.4 (worthless in the eyes of the FCC) spectrum did the explosion of wifi communication occur. Hopefully the same will happen with a new RF band such as the 5 ghz bAnd.

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