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Comment: Re:Wi-Fi? Seriously? (Score 2) 139

by krilid (#36227176) Attached to: Cooperative Cars Battle It Out In Holland
Looks like has been Slashdotted, here are a few links that might be interesting: (they actually use 5.9 GHz communications, 802.11p specifically for use in intelligent transportation systems) Movie from the preparations to the challenge, lots of nerds and tech: Winning team technical paper: Runner up technical paper:

+ - Cooperative cars battle it out in Holland->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The first cooperative platooning competition, where vehicles use radio communication in addition to sensors, was held in Helmond, Holland a week ago. By using wireless communication the awareness range of each vehicle is extended, enabling vehicles to travel closer together which increases road capacity while at the same time avoiding the shockwave effects ( responsible for traffic jams. The Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge distinguishes itself from earlier platooning demos (e.g. the PATH project, by having a completely heterogeneous mix of vehicles and systems built by multiple researcher and student teams. Using wireless communication to coordinate vehicles raises concerns about the safety of such systems, would you trust WiFi to drive your car?"
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