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Human Blood Substitute Could Help Meet Donor Blood Shortfall 172

Posted by samzenpus
from the blood-2.0 dept.
Zothecula (1870348) writes According to the World Health Organization, over 107 million blood donations are collected around the globe every year, most of which goes on to help save lives. However, while the need for blood is global, much of that which is donated is not accessible to many who need it, such as those in developing countries. And of the blood donated in industrialized countries, the amount often falls short of requirements. To help address this imbalance, scientists at the University of Essex are developing an artificial blood substitute. It would be able to be stored at room temperatures for up to two years, which would allow it to be distributed worldwide without the need for refrigeration and make it immediately accessible at the site of natural disasters.

Comment: Re:Humanity is Sick and Twisted (Score 2) 608

by krammit (#46836937) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?
This is completely absurd. There are roughly 7 BILLION people on this planet that you insist on painting with the same brush in the same stroke. And that counts nothing towards the countless other humans that have gotten us to this point in our evolution. Yes, humanity at its extreme can be a toxic parasite on its environment and fellow man; however that totally disregards the ability of the capable to rise above the morass and drag the bottom up with it. Don't think that's how this story will end? You think we'll end up in oblivion, fighting tribal battles for the rest of our existence? You sit there, typing your rant on a device that wouldn't have been within the wildest reaches of imagination a few short generations ago, and you condemn the greatest of humanities abilties and achievements down to destruction.

Life is a process. Historically, the pressures were strictly survivalist. Now? To me and a great many like minded, survival means a good deal more than our next meal. So instead of seeking to drive humanity down and out, how about joining those of us trying to pull the least of us out of the muck?

Comment: Re:3, 2, 1 (Score 2) 203

by krammit (#44008051) Attached to: Red Hat Ditches MySQL, Switches To MariaDB

Do I even need to point out that this kind of thing hurts the perception of Open Source developers and by extension Open Source software? Then again, it's about time we have a term to replace the horribly racist "Indian Giver []" term. "MySQLGiver" maybe? "Open Source Giver"?

You're right. Such an egregious abuse could never happen with closed source software. *cough*Skype*cough*

Comment: Re:vs MATE? (Score 1) 162

by krammit (#42629933) Attached to: SolusOS Forks Gnome 3 Fallback Mode
I'm sure someone will politely correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that MATE is largely tied to GTK2 with a transition to GTK3 planned as a major milestone for the project. This could provide a gnome2-like experience without the major hurdles the MATE developers find themselves facing. As with everything involving desktop Linux at the moment, it'll be interesting to see if this gains traction/viability.

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