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Comment: Re:Don't (Score 1) 687

by kpainter (#43229391) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is a Reasonable Way To Deter Piracy?

Seriously. Don't.

I agree. I was a long time user of UltraEdit and later UEStudio. I liked their products and purchased lifetime upgrades for both home use and work. When I purchased, they gave me a serial number that they seemed to change a lot. This was presumably a futile effort to shake the pirates. Nonetheless, I could put it on all my machines and I was happy. Then they hired some guy who was going to turn them into a real software company and he put limits on how many activations you could have per license. I think that number is two activations. I just decided their editor wasn't worth the effort and went to an open source alternative. Here is a specific case where their desire to prevent piracy (which it didn't - you can easily find cracked copies) cost them a paying customer. You rock IDM - not.

As to the original question, I think a serial number is fine. Much more than that and you risk pissing off your paying customers.

Comment: Re:BS (Score 1) 415

by kpainter (#42721181) Attached to: Why a Linux User Is Using Windows 3.1

Anyway, he's a tech writer, so I assume it would be easier for him to call up Adobe and say, "Hey, I'm working on this hilarious project, do you happen to have..."

More likely what happened is he called up Adobe and said "Hey, I'm looking for a copy of your software that isn't riddled with security holes" and that is what they came up with.

Comment: Re:The Hamsters get tired (Score 1) 615

by kpainter (#41725113) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Does Wireless Gear Degrade Over Time?
But if he were to go on a diet, he would be getting smaller would he not? Therefore, the effective rate of growth would be even greater!!! He should eat like there is no tomorrow in order to outpace the rate of growth. However, that would likely lead to an early death and so the time gains would be nil.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz