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+ - The Register: US recommends making streaming copyrighted content a FELONY'->

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kosty (52388) writes "From the article: 'A report by the US Department of Commerce's Internet Policy Task Force recommends that the government make the streaming of copyrighted material a felony. Currently, streaming content is a simple misdemeanor that breaches rules on violation of the public-performance right, but the report recommends upping the penalty to felony status for those who push out audio and video material for which they haven't paid royalties. "The Task Force repeats the Administration's prior call for Congress to enact legislation adopting the same range of penalties for criminal streaming of copyrighted works."'"
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Comment: Re:how is this not an act of war? (Score 3, Funny) 256

Proof? Who gives two $hits? I'm f$cking relieved that they haven't tried to pin it on Syria, Iran, Chechnya(?), The Tea Party, Occupy*, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexican Drug Lords, Canadian pharmacies, poor people, rich people, unions, PETA, gun owners, gun makers, Muslims, drug addicts, Social Security, or Medicaid & Medicare, or smokers.

Comment: Re:A bit of advice to OWS types (Score 1) 584

by kosty (#42433699) Attached to: New Documents Detail FBI, Bank Crack Down On Occupy Wall Street

"(Y)ou might try 'occupying a job.'" Wow. Thanks! You condescending pr$ck. Apparently not being able to do that left loads of free time for protesting in the first place. But, obviously, you'll *NEVER* have to worry about YOUR position being downsized / made redundant / insert-your-own-euphemism-here. Because..., why? You're just so damn good at what you do that you're immune to that sort of thing? I'm pretty proud of ya.' Or -- just maybe -- you'll be a job-loss statistic one day. And when it happens, maybe you get as much "helpful" advice as you appear to give. Then again, maybe not. All of my vitriol aside, right there with you on your other points...

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