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Comment: Clueless... (Score 1) 353

WTF man - first of all you do not understand what it means to hold own the rights. I don't know which jurisdiction you are reffering to - I assume Murrica since everybody else would state that (not assuming that Murrica is the only country in the world). Second of all you don't get what the rights are - if you have written some code that is you who have written it and in sane juridictions that can't be changed (nobody else can claim he/she is the author). Monetary profit (licensing) is a different deal but you haven't stated exactly which rights you wan't to keep.

Going further... when you write software as an employee of some company it is assumed that you are licensing it - that is the law in Europe. If you are coding for your employer that basically means he holds the monetary rights to it (you are still the author). That is the sane default.

Now I don't know if it is suitable in your case but I would call for BSD type license - that way you will get your monetary rights for the software (as you can take it and sell it somewhere else). But this is not the "default" and you should talk about it with your employer.

Comment: I love the Pocket Chip flavor (Score 1, Insightful) 180

by kosmosik (#49646561) Attached to: $9 Open Source Computer Blows Past Crowdfunding Goal

I love the Pocket Chip flavor - already pledget for two piece set. I was looking for something similar for Raspi but couldn't find any decent enclosure with integrated input, display and battery in slick case. Also integated wifi and bluetooth are very nice.

The $9 basic board comes without any display port but the modular aproach in which you can add VGA or HDMI via addon board is IMHO better than all-in-one Raspi - the board is cheaper that way and you can own only one display adapter and use it in multiple headless projects.

Comment: Re:flashy, but risky too. (Score 1) 83

by spitzak (#49579997) Attached to: Uber Testing Massive Merchant Delivery Service

Although I see problems with this I kind of doubt counterfeiting is going to be one. To successfully do this the driver/Uber would have to have access to a huge warehouse of counterfeit goods so they could exchange the real item (chosen by the customer, not the Uber driver) for a matching fake one. I just don't see that as a practical scheme for stealing goods.

Comment: Re:Animator needs three (Score 1) 301

if you and Wacom would embrace Bluetooth

So either the tablet is plugged into the wall or it is thick enough to contain a battery, or it has some thick part near the edge containing the battery? And I have to recharge it or replace the battery? Sorry I don't think so.

Comment: Re:Valve needs to use their clout (Score 2) 309

by spitzak (#49480757) Attached to: NVIDIA's New GPUs Are Very Open-Source Unfriendly

Actually you can change the monitor layout without restarting X now.

And the Gnome control for moving the monitors around somewhat works, though it is unclear if they are special casing Nvidia or that NVidia is implementing the necessary parts of xrnr. The Nvidia control works somewhat better.

Comment: Few hints (Score 0) 261

First of all You haven't said what country you are working in so I assume USA. Somehow USA people assume that everybody else lives here. Whatever. But it is important since the stuff you are asking is related to work conditions in given country.

> getting credit for their work

Probably irrevelant - they know their value, what they do and did so they need no patting on back.

> always having the break room fridge stocked

Also - whatever - people at certain age (I guess 30+) usualy tend to have own specific diet and also tastes so if you stock fridge with junk food or whatever it makes no difference since they probably go to lunch or ourder preffered food anyway. Just have a high-end coffe machine, loads of tea (you drink tea in US?) and maybe a blender. Food is individual choice.

> But I'd like to hear about the other things, big and small

1. As a manager - stand by them - whatever happens, if they do great, id they have some concerns, if they fuck up - stand for them as they are your people. Speak your mind to them but if it comes to relations with other business departmens you are the man to stand for the team.

2. Personally in my workplace I like a little flexibility in work hours - f.e. three times a week I go to work out at gym in work time - then I stay late the time I was at gym but I like it.

Comment: Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 737

by kosmosik (#49344937) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

Severely depressed person wouldn't be able to get up from bed and go to work. Not speaking of performing such act which requires planning, energy, will power and courage. These are features that severely depressed persons simply lack. If all this is true the co-pilot was for sure psychopatic and had some other mental issues but IMO it wasn't depression.

Comment: Re:Schneier got it right a decade and a half ago (Score 1) 119

by spitzak (#49316223) Attached to: OS X Users: 13 Characters of Assyrian Can Crash Your Chrome Tab

Yes, Java and Python (3) and Qt all are causing enormous difficulties as they followed Microsoft down the fantasy road and thought you had to convert strings on input to "unicode" or somehow it was impossible to use them. Since not all 8-byte strings can convert there must either be a lossy conversion or there must be an error, neither of which are expected, especially if the software is intended to copy data from one point to another without change.

The original poster is correct in saying "stay away from Unicode". This does not mean that Unicode is impossible. It means "treat it as a stream of bytes". Do not try to figure out what Unicode code points are there unless you really really have a reason to. And you will be surprised how little you need to figure this out. In particular you can search for arbitrary regexps (including sets of Unicode code points) with a byte-based regexp interpreter. And you can search for ASCII characters with trivial code.

Comment: Re:Type "bush hid the facts" into Notepad. (Score 1) 119

by spitzak (#49316185) Attached to: OS X Users: 13 Characters of Assyrian Can Crash Your Chrome Tab

Actually Plan 9 and UTF-8 encoding existed well before Microsoft started adding Unicode to Windows.

The reason for 16-bit Unicode was political correctness. It was considered wrong that Americans got the "better" shorter 1-byte encodings for their letters, therefore any solution that did not punish those evil Americans by making them rewrite their software was not going to be accepted. No programmer at that time (including ones that did not speak English) would ever argue for using anything other than a variable-length byte encoding for a system that still had to deal with existing software and data that was ASCII, this was a command from people who did not have to write and maintain the software.

The programmers, who knew damn well that variable-length was the correct solution, were unfortunately not bright enough to avoid making mistakes in their encodings (such as not making them self-synchronizing). UTF-8 fixed that, but these errors also led some of the less-knowledgeable to think there was a problem with variable length.

Unfortunately political correctness at Microsoft won, despite the fact that they had already added variable-length encoding support to Windows. It may also have been seen as a way to force incompatibility with NFS and other networked data so that Microsoft-only servers could be used.

One of the few good things to come out of the "Unix wars" was that commercial Unix development was stopped before the blight of 16-bit characters was introduced (it was well on it's way and would have appeared at the same time Microsoft did it). Non-commercial Unix made the incredibly easy decision to ignore "wide characters".

The biggest problem now is that Window convinced a lot of people who should know better that you need to use UTF-16 to open files by name (all that is really needed is to convert UTF-8 just before the api is called). This led to UTF-16 to infect Python, Qt, Java, and a lot of other software and cause problems and headaches and bugs even on Linux. There is some hope that they are starting to realize they made a terrible mistake, Python in particular seems to be backing out by storing a UTF-8 version of the string alongside the UTF-32.

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