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Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 4, Informative) 765

> Have better hardware, have a RAID, transfer the log messages over the network, have a UPS on your computer, invent a time machine.

You do realize this happens regardless of what hardware you are running. In my case, I have a VCE VBLOCK 720 running VMware Vsphere 5.5 against an EMC VMAX 10K that is only only 40% full and has 1ms FC latency across an ALUA mode4 (MPIO least-connect) configured path.

The issue isn't some out of place one off situation, but rather a consistent issue that other admins have experienced while running applications like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), SAP and Oracle RAC 12c with high limits of logging facilities. Visit VMworld, go to a VMUG, a VCE UG or any other group that runs lots of priority 1 applications on high end systems for their corporate environment and you will hear the same issue crop up in conversation many times.

Transferring log messages via rsyslog or snmp traps is CURRENTLY the only resolve here and it is one I find to be annoying.

"The next question seems obvious to me though - how do we avoid that in the future?"

I do not know, I am not a programmer. All I can say though is that it is an issue where the systemd camp has yet to satisfy sysadmins.

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 1) 765

I may have weakened my point by indeed mocking people on the conjecture that so many /.'ers simply jump on a bandwagon without knowledge of the entire entity. However, it is hard to ignore the sheer ignorance of some at times and I admit fault in letting it get to me. Regardless, journald is still a huge thorn for many and needs to be addressed.

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 4, Informative) 765

Here is one of many:

The TL;DR resolution: journalctl --fsck after rotation or pump it into a traditional syslog

Lennart Poettering's comments about it:

"our strategy to rotate-on-corruption is the safest thing we can do, as we make sure that the internal corruption is frozen in time, and not attempted to be "fixed" by a tool, that might end up making things worse"

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 3, Informative) 765

But but Fedora has been using it for years without issue! Oh wait, that's because no Admin in their right mind would use Fedora as a server. But but it is stable and secure. Oh wait, your high load servers keep corrupting the journald and journalctl can't read portions of it without trying to replace the who journal with a new one. But but you can install rsyslog to fix that! Yeah, because we ALL like having to beta test an unproven product in a production environment only to be forced in resorting to something else that actually works as intended.

I'm caring less about systemd and more about how shortsighted they were when they forced everyone to use journald. The fact that I have to configure rsyslog to have a working log that does not constantly get corrupted and restart a new log, erasing the old one is annoying and shows just how unproven this entire systemd implementation truly is.

Comment Re:news, why? (Score 3, Informative) 52

Civ V, a game historically known for its poor programming, rushed schedules and years of repair to get playable. This game still has one of the most artificially stupid AI's in the history of the Civ series, so I fail to see how this is even mildly interesting.

Comment Physically disable the microphone (Score 3, Interesting) 309

If it bugs you enough, like it did with me and my H7150 Smart 60", you can open casing and disconnect the microphone. Took about an hour due to all the screws and the button panel, but the silly microphone can just be unplugged from its source board once you get to it. Smart View Voice Control just complains "it can't hear" now.

Problem solved.

Submission + - Bill Nye Botches Deflate-Gate Science 1

spiedrazer writes: It looks like America's favorite non-scientist science authority has weighed in on the physics of the NE Patriots Deflate-Gate "scandal", saying that to change the pressure in a football, you need to have a needle to either let air in our out. This, of course, completely ignores the Ideal Gas Law and the effect that changing temperature would have on the pressure of the gas within the ball. MIT did a "slightly" more scientific look at the physics here and found a pretty significant effect.

I didn't realize that Bill Nye had so little science background, but from his wikipedia page: "Nye began his professional entertainment career as a writer/actor on a local sketch comedy television show in Seattle, Washington, called Almost Live!. The host of the show, Ross Shafer, suggested he do some scientific demonstrations in a six-minute segment, and take on the nickname "The Science Guy".[14] His other main recurring role on Almost Live! was as Speedwalker, a speedwalking Seattle superhero."

Comment Re:How does Microsoft test with USERS? (Score 4, Interesting) 378

Just PM'ed a buddy of mine in Cloud and Enterprise Engineering @ Redmond, WA. about this. He says he uses Windows 2012 Server as his desktop and VMWare Workstation running Slackware Linux on it. Yeah, seems weird, but he says he is more efficient that way.

Comment Re: noooo (Score 1) 560

Is it too difficult to use google? The top hit goes to wattsupwiththat:

Or even look at John Coleman's points? Wattsupwiththat even pops in the top 3 of that even:

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