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Comment: Re: here we go (Score 1) 834

by killfixx (#48359969) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

Fuck you! Did you seriously just turn "men have fewer parental rights than women" into "women make less, that's why men have fewer parental rights"?

Fuck you.


I can't read anymore of the SJW or NeoFeminist bullshit.

You are the problem.

Equality =/= feminism. Especially, not the recent spate of vitriol coming from 3rd wave feminists.

Eroding men's rights does not enhance women's rights but, that's what you would have me believe.

Comment: Re: Multiple CDN contracts? (Score 5, Insightful) 243

by killfixx (#48273181) Attached to: First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix

This is a very salient point. Netflix already has these arrangements with other ISPs. Only Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon (surprise surprise) refused to host local caching servers. Of course, this precedes their demands for more money because, "Waaaahhhh...they're stealing our customers, they need to pay!".

Netflix tried to be the better entity (within reason) and were told, in no uncertain terms, "Go fuck yourself."

Yay, free market!


Comment: Re: Chip and PIN (Score 1) 210

by killfixx (#46880661) Attached to: Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

A bit off topic, but how will this changeover affect companies like square that depend on swipe and sign for most transactions?

Other than that, it's about fucking time!

Sick of finding out every other month that some retailer that I frequent has been hacked.

I'm tired of constantly changing my credit info to avoid being ripped off...

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