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+ - Call Centre raided after DoS to UK phone network operators

product_bucket writes: The UK's Information Commissioner has (with help from Ofcom) raided [] offices of a currently anonymous Manchester call centre after network operators complained of disruptions to their networks. Whilst making unsolicited marketing calls of any type has been illegal for some time, The action was only justified after approximately 7,000 reports of complaints were traced back to the call centre operator.

Nuisance calls in the the UK are once again on the rise [] after government agencies have been at odds over who is responsible for what type of call is being made. With no less than three different organisations tasked with dealing with five [] different forms of telemarketing, unscrupulous companies are making the most of this risky business opportunity.

+ - Paradoxical Crystal Baffles Physicists->

An anonymous reader writes: In a deceptively drab black crystal, physicists have stumbled upon a baffling behavior, one that appears to blur the line between the properties of metals, in which electrons flow freely, and those of insulators, in which electrons are effectively stuck in place. The crystal exhibits hallmarks of both simultaneously.

“This is a big shock,” said Suchitra Sebastian, a condensed matter physicist at the University of Cambridge whose findings appeared today in an advance online edition of the journal Science. Insulators and metals are essentially opposites, she said. “But somehow, it’s a material that’s both. It’s contrary to everything that we know.”

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Comment: Re:Goodness (Score 1) 281 281

Unfortunately, in this case the pain spreads around. The sluggard isn't necessary the one who suffers for it.

ISPs get stuck dealing with NAT because too many servers are only reachable via v4, servers get stuck scrounging v4 addresses (possibly at great expense) because too many ISPs don't support v6, etc.

Comment: Re:He answered the most boring questions! (Score 1) 166 166

Or are you simply alergic to the d,e,m,s,t and y?

You've obviously never worked on an embedded system. Sometimes in that space, you throw out absolutely anything and everything you don't absolutely positively have to include. That's why busybox exists and has a config menu that lets you choose exactly what commands to support. Likewise, dietlibc for when glibc is too big.

Comment: Re:Wasn't this originally predicted (Score 3, Informative) 281 281

No, it wasn't. It was predicted that IANA would soon run out of blocks to hand out to the regional registries unless allocation policies were tightened up. They were tightened, but in spite of that, it ran out in 2011. IANA was last predicted to ruin out on July 5th this year. They almost made it.

For that reason, only Africa has addresses to hand out now, but that will be exhausted in just a couple years.

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 122 122

No, it exploded because an edict to run the test came down from on-high and heads would roll if it was delayed. So, to get things done within the deadline, it was assigned to the poorly trained night operators rather than the better skilled day operators. Then they did every don't in the book to avoid having to report failure after making a mistake. It was that final mistake of withdrawing all of the control rods trying to burn off the xenon poisoning that made it blow.

UNIX enhancements aren't.