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Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 5, Informative) 213

Which land is it that's completely inhabited by whites only? It's not the one that Stockholm's in.

Fun facts about Sweden: Nationally, about 10% of the population are immigrants or at least one of their parents was. In the greater Stockholm metro, it's more like 25%. Here in my suburb, it's about 60%. And to the best of my knowledge, Sweden's never had anything like the White Australia programme.

Sweden is not perfect, and racism does exist here, but they generally don't let people starve or freeze or die from lack of medical attention, either, regardless of colour or national origin.

Comment Re:Allow me to predict the comments (Score 1) 233

At this size and price, Pi is going to take a serious bite out of the Arduino community.

It will take some, but the AVR (not necessarily Arduino) still has a few distinct advantages for some applications. TheRPi is a 3.3V device and the GPIO pins are NOT 5V tolerant. There's a lot of nice TTL hardware out there that it won't play nice with. Meanwhile, you can get a very small pro-mini clone from China for $2 each. The other area the RPi won't touch is extreme low power. If you remove the regulator and power LED (or on the pro-mini, cut the solder link to them), you can drop to 10s of micro-amps in various sleep modes and wake on pin-change interrupts or the watchdog timer. That makes a big difference if you want to run it on a LiIon battery. If you underclock the AVR (using the clock divider register) it can easily operate reliably down to the low cutoff voltage of the battery.

That's not meant to take anything from the Pi zero. It opens a lot of possibilities where you need more CPU power than the AVR can offer.

Submission + - Professor saves home with smart sprinklers from 3,000km away (

bricko writes: Professor saves home with smart sprinklers from 3,000km away

Deadly bushfires have swept across South Australia this week, destroying countless properties and natural spaces. One ingenious professor was able to save his rural home, however, by remotely activating sprinklers using a smartphone.

Comment Re:It's just the calm before the storm (Score 1) 200

The current "refugee crisis" isn't didlley-squat compared to what happened in Europe and the USSR in the 1940s, when tens of millions were relocated to match the new international boundaries. (Or in China and Korea after the Japanese colonies there were disestablished.)

For starters, see and

Comment Re:An angry Atheist hit Planned ParentHood :( (Score 1) 88

I don't think so:

...Mr. Dear [shooter] was raised as a Baptist, Ms. Ross [ex-wife] said in an interview in Goose Creek, S.C., where she now lives. He was religious but not a regular churchgoer, a believer but not one to harp on religion. “He believed wholeheartedly in the Bible,” she said. “That’s what he always said; he read it cover to cover to cover.”

Comment Re:You have bigger issues (Score 1) 88

I couldn't care less about a fucking Barbie doll getting owned.

People who get them for their kids might care. But, wait--

These things scream of bad parenting - people who buy those spend 75 dollars to avoid talking to their children. If you find yourself buying one of these things, you have much bigger problems to worry about than someone getting your SSID.

Seems to me you're the one with the issues. Kids, can you say, "False dichotomy"?

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 381

Right, Apple ditched floppy disks when 64GB thumbdrives became available. Last year, right?

No, of course they did not--they simply dropped it, and left lots of their users hanging. But that's entirely orthogonal to the point I was trying to make, which, rephrased, goes something like, "I'm not opposed to change. I'm opposed to change that serves only to increase vendor lock-in whilst providing users with no real benefit other than helping to lighten the users' wallets."

Comment Re:converter (Score 2, Insightful) 381

This kind of bizarre nonsense hate just convinces me Apple's brand is still among the most powerful in the world.

I don't make calls with a brand. I do make them with my phone.

The supposedly rabid fans seem almost mythical to me, I can never find any...

You have time to talk about the power of the Apple brand as if it were a good thing, yet you've no time to look in a mirror. Interesting.

Comment Re:converter (Score 4, Insightful) 381

Floppy disks were superseded by other removable storage with clear, tangible advantages over it, as in, "You can pack 50,000 times as much data on something that has no moving parts, requires no power supply, uses a bog-standard connector and thus does not require a cable, is about 50,000 times as rugged, and you can stick in your pocket."

BTW, I have been using various Bluetooth devices for years (speakers and keyboards), and this discussion isn't about going wireless in any case. It's about Apple ditching a standard wired connector in favour of a proprietary wired one.

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