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Comment: Re:Obligatory George Carlin Quote (Score 1) 513

by kidblast (#30011498) Attached to: What Does Google Suggest Suggest About Humanity?

. . .Note that, by several estimates, that intermediate range contains the average IQ (or peak of the curve if you will ) for people the US has in prison for violent crimes. People with IQs between 70 and 90 have higher crime rates than people with IQs below or above this range, but it depends on whether you look at mean or median values whether the peak is in the gap range or just above it. So not only don't we know what to call the gap, we aren't sure whether that might be important for understanding violent crime or not.

So the smart violent criminals get away with it more?


+ - Hyperlinking The Human Primary Visual Cortex->

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robotsrule writes: "The growing list of apocalyptic scenarios for our planet now includes nuclear proliferation, honeybee and bumblebee colony collapse disorder, overpopulation, global warming, overfishing, super drug resistant bacteria, and there are new ones coming every day. Have we reached the event horizon of our own intelligence whereby we can't solve the problems we have created before time runs out on the human clock? We may have reached the dire situation where our only hope is to create smarter humans to save us from a truly horrific future. Evolution is far too slow and artificial intelligence is still merely a dream in a science fiction writer's eye. However new brain implant chip using advanced neural connection decoding technologies are appearing every day and at a faster and faster rate. Once you drop the fallacy that we need to understand the human brain to be able to interface with it and accept the new empirical evidence that neurons can figure things out on their own then the pathway to interconnecting the primary visual cortex between humans becomes a very real hope for our civilization. This article on creating the first collective human consciousness hypothesizes a future where we enter a dream world via existing technologies, currently in their rapidly evolving infancy, and find ourselves in a collective dream where we are able to see and solve problems we can only dimly remember once we unplug."
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Comment: Re:No Calendar-app, no SyncML (Score 3, Informative) 69

by kidblast (#29448633) Attached to: Google Releases the SDK For Version 1.6 of Android

Not only BT is missing. There's no calendar-app, and still no SyncML. Why? Even the Siemens S55 I bought in 2003 had a really pleasing set of Bluetooth-profiles, had SyncML, a calendar and J2ME... In my book, these are default, but required features. (ok, J2ME not so, since there's an alternative)

Google calendar was available on the G1 by default.

Comment: Re:that's why (Score 1) 136

by WCguru42 (#26092869) Attached to: Android Susceptible To Apps That Turn On Roaming
Amen. Wish I had mod points because you put it well. Software EULA statements are the most outrageous things in the world. We click accept because we want to use the programs and there doesn't really seem to be an alternative. But if people understood the language in these I think there would be more of a backlash to them. It's like a car company saying that they're not liable if their transmission falls off the chassis, it's just insane.

The world is not octal despite DEC.