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Comment: Re:Good luck Dawn (Score 1) 116

by WCguru42 (#41210323) Attached to: NASA Craft To Leave Vesta Heads For Dwarf Planet Ceres

Same calculation knowing that the solar constant for Earth (1 AU) is approx 1 kW/m2 results in a 137 W/m2 on Ceres (put on top of it the 20% efficiency of a photovoltaic and you'll get... what... 27 W/m2?)

Isn't part of the 1kW/m2 on Earth due to the atmosphere absorbing some of the energy? Ceres wouldn't have that problem. Still, that distance-squared reduction would still create issues.

Comment: Re:It sucks to be a Windows OEM right now (Score 0, Flamebait) 192

by WCguru42 (#40961169) Attached to: Microsoft Working On "Surface 2" Tablet

Did I miss the news where Microsoft said they weren't allowing other companies to release products with Windows8? Seriously, this is just Microsoft showing off how they envision Windows8 implementation, not shutting out everyone else. The main stink I've heard from OEMs is along the lines of, "We push generic, shitty hardware and the Surface doesn't look like that. Microsoft is going to make our product look bad."

Comment: Re:Really? Which legitimate scientists thought tha (Score 1) 87

by WCguru42 (#40961141) Attached to: UCLA Scientist Discovers Plate Tectonics On Mars

That's not that astounding of a claim to make. There are only a handful of antes in our solar system that are rocky, and there wasn't necessarily evidence to support plate tectonics on those other planets. Now, if the claim had been that there weren't plate tectonics anywhere else in the galaxy, then yes, that would be quite a bold claim.

Comment: Re:Can the Public Become Private? (Score 1) 71

by WCguru42 (#40711773) Attached to: Twitter To Appeal Turning Over Protester's Messages

...but there is a law requiring that they keep a copy of all such signs and give then to police when asked...

I was with you up until that point. This whole case is about whether or not the law actually requires that. Twitter is arguing that they do not have that responsibility under the law.

Comment: Re:Writing and Review (Score 1) 227

by WCguru42 (#39529803) Attached to: Bringing Auto-Graders To Student Essays


I had the luck of not getting into AP English during my eleventh year of public education. Instead, I ended up in the lower honors English course. The students in the AP English course read all the books that were going to be on the final AP test and learned how to do well on the test by taking multiple practice AP exams throughout the year. The class I was in was required to read a short essay or story, one to five pages, and then write a 1,000 to 1,500 word essay on the reading. This was a weekly assignment with readings being assigned on Mondays and written responses due the following Monday. We would receive grades, edits and comments from the previous week on Mondays as well. The grades were simply minus, check or plus. Three times a semester we had scheduled individual meetings with the teacher to discuss our writing, but he was available to discuss writing after class or during lunch most days. At the end of the year we were required to compile a writing packet where we included all of our weekly writing assignments along with four that we chose to rewrite. We were also asked to include a one page justification on our expectation for a final grade. This packet constituted two-thirds of the final grade. I feel that each of us in that English class leaned much more useful English skills than the AP class.

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