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Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 127

So much about Muslim bashing ...

Oh, you mean how every other comment the last week or so is 'ISIS this, Al-Qaeda that, Muslim whatever'? I'm not sure if I believe they're low-level operatives for those organizations, spreading propaganda, or just idiots doing essentially the same thing, but if neither then they need to knock it off because that's what they're doing: getting everyone talking about those jackasses, which is exactly what they want: easier to spread FUD if you've already got them in everybody's forebrains. Best thing anyone can do is ignore all their bullshit, and conduct our lives as much normal as we possibly can, and let the people we elect and pay to worry about that sort of thing, do their jobs. But enough about that junk..

In my opinion, you really want to show someone you care about them? Give them your time. Time is the one resource nobody ever has enough of, and you can't just go make more of it, it's always finite and in exactly the same quantity. Anyone can throw money at another person, and 'things' are nice and all, but it's only one step above handing someone an envelope with cash in it; the only thing that differentiates the two things is the time you spend picking out something to buy for someone.

Comment This is nothing but good (Score 2) 114

Competition is nothing but good for everyone in the long run, and as much as I think Elon Musk and SpaceX have done some pretty cool stuff, this Blue Origin company is showing that they too can do cool stuff and be competitive, and I can't see any way that's a bad thing for anyone. So how about you whiners and complainers stop whining and complaining and just enjoy that they did something that was a success?

Comment Place your blame for this appropriately (Score 1) 191

Before any of you get all pissed off about 'having the government all up in your business', consider this: The assholes flying drones in the way of aircraft trying to put out wildfires, or into restricted airspace (read as: the Whitehouse), or to (attempt to) smuggle contraband into prisons, or to spy on people in their backyards? They are the ones you should be beating on for this and no one else.

Comment Re:Fantastic way to lose all sympathy (Score 2) 743

Oh come on. The whole thing was fishy to start with. What I and others are saying at this point, is that the kids' father probably concocted the whole thing to troll the school and the cops into 'detaining' or 'arresting' or whatever word you want to use to describe it, for the sole purpose of this end-game, being the ability to sue someone for 'how poorly his son was treated'. If it looks like BS and smells like BS, then it's probably BS. The key factor here is the impending lawsuit. If all they wanted was to be left alone to live in peace they wouldn't bother.

Comment Re:Fantastic way to lose all sympathy (Score 2) 743

It lends credence to the accusation that the boy's father, a presidential candidate in south sudan or chad or some such place is quite media savvy and has manipulated the media and gamed the system.

Precisely. As soon as I saw this story on Firehose, I lost all sympathy for this kid, as he lost any and all credibility that he might have had. This had to have all been a scheme cooked up by the kids' father, and this is the end-game. They should get precisely ZERO dollars, and perhaps counter-sued for being a nuisance and conspiring to create these shenanigans.

Submission + - Comcast Injecting Piracy Warning Messages Into Your Web Browsing (

kheldan writes:

Did you miss last nights episode of The Walking Dead (where they finally reveal that Glenn shot J.R., but didn’t kill Laura Palmer) because you don’t have cable and just plan on grabbing a pirated version of it from the Internet? If you’re a Comcast customer who has been flagged a potential copyright violator, your web-browsing experience may be interrupted with pop-up warnings. Even if you don’t do any questionable file-sharing, the developer who posted the grab to GitHub tells ZDNet that Comcast’s ability to modify content on unencrypted connections may lead to "scarier scenarios where this could be used as a tool for censorship, surveillance, [or] selling personal information."

Nice way to keep it classy, Comcast.
My advice to you, dear Reader? Start using HTTPS Everywhere (or equivalent) if you're on Comcast.

Comment Re:Mars isn't going anywhere. (Score 1) 168

I totally agree with you, except for one point: wouldn't it make much more sense to build it on the Moon? Along with a permanent colony and industry/infrastructure to support such things? Seems like a better ROI than mucking about in LEO trying to bolt things together. Also, we could be testing out environmental systems for any Mars habitats or long-range ships in the process.

Comment Moon *now*, Mars *later*, damnit! (Score 1) 168

We need to go back to the Moon first, set up a colony there, and build infrastructure there to support further exploration of the solar system! Why? Number One, because we can make all our inevitable mistakes a few days from Earth, where we'll have an opportunity to handle them without everyone dying, and Number Two, if there are launch facilities on the Moon, it'll be that much easier in the long run to get to places like Mars and the asteroid belt, than having to use up all the delta-v necessary to boost out of Earth's gravity well, that's why.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 385


The general opinions in this conversation boil down to two sentiments:

They aren't stopping attacks so they must not be doing their jobs!


If Anonymous is 'getting in their way' then they must be incompetent!

with a dash of

They must be allowing these attacks to happen to keep us scared, it's a conspiracy!

thrown in for good measure from the paranoid conspiracy theory crowd.

I've said it before on this subject and I'll say it again: Unless you're a current or past analyst for an intelligence agency, you don't know a gods-be-damned thing about being an intelligence analyst, and watching Jason Bourne and James Bond movies doesn't mean a gods-be-damned thing. Anything that any of you have to say on the subject is just your opinions, and as such isn't worth the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You're doing the equivalent of your non-IT (or non-engineer, or non-coder, take your pick) relative criticizing you because you can't fix their borqed-up computer in five minutes or less.

Comment People in glass houses (Score 1) 385

Our right to privacy has been greatly infringed upon, but if you want to complain about that, put the blame in the right place: it's out elected officials who are behind allowing that to happen, along with sheep-like citizens who allowed it to happen, in spite of warnings from good people like you and I who warned them long and loud that once the mass-surveillance genie was out of the bottle, it would be hard if not impossible to put back in -- or are you one of those people who gave in to fear and allowed it to halt your higher cognitive processes, and let the bloody buggers start turning the whole country into one big prison state?

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 3, Insightful) 385

Ostensibly, not a single one of us in this discussion is an analyst or other operative for an intelligence organization, so as such all we're doing is 'armchair quarterbacking', and worse, 'Monday morning armchair quarterbacking' when it comes to this type of work. I'm not sticking up for these people, but I will say it's easy to criticize what they are (or are not) doing when you don't have any real-world idea what the work actually entails.

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