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Comment: Re:You no longer own a car (Score 2) 649

by kheldan (#49514447) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars
Not even going to mince words here: They want to be assholes.

Of course this will never be allowed to happen. If so it might well completely collapse the economy. There are many, many people who cannot afford to pay someone to do repair work on their vehicles, and what are you going to tell them? "Sorry, you have to quit your job you're just getting by on, and take a shittier job within walking distance of home, because you can't afford to pay exhorbitant fees to have simple repairs done to your car that you otherwise were doing yourself, for the cost of parts and supplies". Also, what about auto parts stores? You'd essentially be declaring them illegal, too, putting more people out of work, as you collapse an entire industry.

It's madness, it's stupid, it'll never, ever happen. Nothing to see here, move along, everyone..

Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 128

by kheldan (#49494561) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate
Better look out, Monsanto (aka Umbrella Corporation IRL), will probably find some way of patenting tree DNA, then sue the fuck out of everyone who has trees on their land.

..but all bullshitting aside: Mod parent up to 'Score:9.99E+36, Ultimate Truth'. Stop cutting down trees, plant MORE trees, do it NOW.

Comment: Re:all in the implementation (Score 1) 113

Oh for fuck's sake.. it's very simple: Avionics need to be on a physically separate network from everything else, preferably encrypted. If there was 'air gap hacking' going on or even possible, wouldn't we have seen it long before now? Wouldn't an intelligent, capable, well-organized, well-thought-out terrorist (yes, Virginia, they do exist) have found a way to sneak the equipment necessary aboard a flight and implemented his hack, taken control of the plane?

Comment: Re:An Odd Bird (Score 2) 110

by kheldan (#49471097) Attached to: First 26 Pages of Neal Stephenson's New Novel "Seveneves" Online
What have YOU written that was any good at all, let alone worthy of being published and marketed at major brick-and-mortar booksellers? You speak boldly for someone who isn't even willing to sign their own name to a shitpost they're making on Slashdot. I stand utterly amazed that you can even use correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure, while at the same time finding nothing of relevance or value in your ill-considered 'opinion'. Perhaps his works are just beyond your comprehension? Maybe Dr. Seuss would be more your speed. No, I take that back; probably still too sophisticated for you. The slogans on coasters at your local dive bar are probably more appealing to you, as are the graffitti on the mens' room wall. But please, continue to grace us with your wisdom.

Comment: Re:But....Profits! (Score 1) 281

by kheldan (#49452853) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid
If what you're implying is that rooftop solar generators should be paid the same as what the utility companies would spend generating it themselves, then sure, that's fair. Their main complaint about rooftop solar proliferation is that they're not paying their fair share of the upkeep for the grid itself. Who knows how valid that point is and/or how much they're overstating it.

Unfortunately from what I hear there are many places where your house will literally be declared 'condemned' by the local County if it does not have an active connection to the local electric grid. That, however, I find to be unreasonable, but something that can (and should) be remedied legally by updating the relevant laws, which are obviously behind the times. Like with the proliferation of digital music, which the RIAA is still largely fighting against tooth and nail, the utility industry is operating with a now-outdated business model and must change. Nobody said this would be easy or quick.

Comment: Re:Living off the grid (Score 1) 281

by kheldan (#49452821) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid
Buddy, I could almost admire what you claim to have accomplished here, except for two things:

1. You're posting as Anonymous Coward instead of taking credit for what you claim to have done for yourself.
2. Your claims about the electric grid/utility companies being 'socialist'; what the actual fuck, dude?

Electric companies may seem heartless and evil sometimes, but face it: they're a for-profit venture in a capitalist system. So sorry your electric bills didn't have hearts and unicorns in them when you opened them, but that's the breaks I guess. As is that last sentence in your post makes you sound like a right-wing libertarian whack-job, and as such, you should just keep to yourself and not chime in on discussions about solar power at home -- you're just going to make everyone else look like a whack-job, too. Sorry to have to tell you but to get solar power generation at home to be even more mainstream is going to take the cooperation of the power generation companies and completely demonizing them by calling them 'socialist' or other baseless inaccurate insults isn't going to help with that in the least.

Comment: Re:Perfect security (Score 1) 460

by kheldan (#49444605) Attached to: Planes Without Pilots
Yah? Fucking assholes like YOU are happy and willing to take away MY right to drive because YOU are scared little rabbits who can't accept the reality of the world, or perhaps you yourself are such a shit driver that you're willing to have some goddamned machine drive you around and never mind if it gets hacked, malfunctions, or otherwise gets you killed, while you stare out the windshield at the concrete abutment or cliff you're rushing towards. Get fucked, asshole. I am FAR from being alone in this, and we will FIGHT to keep ultimate control of our vehicles, despite what fucking cowards and idiots like YOU and your kind try to take it away from us. FYI you're just going to have to take the bus from now until your death, NOBODY is going to allow passenger vehicles on the road with no suite of manual controls OR sole occupants who are not trained, tested, and licensed to operate a motor vehicle, BET ON IT. Worthless fucking cowards like you are also likely the ones that keep voting away our privacy and freedom so you can feel 'safe', in which case: FUCK YOU. I am TIRED of people like you fucking up the future for everyone because you're too lazy and too cowardly.

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