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Comment Re:What good is SSH when there's no security? (Score 2) 231

Hey, buddy, don't come crying to me when you come home one day and discover that Clippy has gone through your underwear and sock drawers, neatly folded and organized all the above, discarded the ones with holes in them, ordered replacements, and emailed you a recommendation for brands of non-chlorine bleach to get those nasty stains out of the crotch of your tighty-whities.

Comment Re:I'm not so sure you're right (Score 1) 525

I wish you were running for POTUS, kheldan.

My initial reaction to this was to think it's sarcasm, but based on your apparent Slashdot cred (four-digit user ID) and your previous comments (relatively few and far between, and quality, not the usual Internet snark) I deduce you intended this as a compliment. Thank you for that. :-) However I'd rather lose my left nut than get involved in politics, as I am well-known to not suffer fools gladly, and additionally I'm a terrible poker-player, and as such I would not fare well on the World political stage. Really wish there was better to choose from this time around than the worse-than-normal crop of losers and liars, though; in my opinion the U.S. desperately needs a 'None of the above' choice on POTUS ballots. As-is I'll have to vote for a third-party candidate, not because they'll have any chance of winning, but as a political statement, and also so I can neither be held responsible for whatever idiot/loser/crook gets elected, but also so nobody can look down their nose at me for not voting at all.

Comment What good is SSH when there's no security? (Score 0, Troll) 231

When Windows 10 doesn't in the least respect your privacy, what's the point of even having SSH capability? It'll just capture all your keystrokes and everything else and report it all to Redmond anyway. Are they even bothering to do this so you can't capture the packets it's sending to it's corporate masters, so you won't be able to tell precisely what data they're stealing from you?

Comment Re:I'm not so sure you're right (Score 1) 525

there's a case to be made that America has

I, and as previously stated, many many others, heartily disagree with that. See previous comments from others regarding the difference between 'secrecy' and 'privacy'. There is nothing excessive or pathological about not wanting the government or faceless corporations digging into the details of my personal life just because I want to share it with a group of people in my social circle on the Internet. Likewise my personal emails and telephone calls between myself and personal friends should be nobody's business and not revealed as a matter of course to people and organizations they're not explicitly intended for. I'm not discussing committing acts of treason or the commission of crimes, or anything else illegal, immoral, or even fattening for that matter, and again that's not the business of anyone not explicitly intended to see such material. The fact that there seems to be an entire generation that doesn't understand that, and that furthermore doesn't seem to understand the difference between 'keeping secrets' and 'preserving privacy', is what's disturbing.

Comment Re:This is big news, actually (Score 4, Insightful) 525

3)- "I have nothing to hide / you're old if you care"

I, and I'll easily assume that many, many others, are getting pretty damned sick and tired of hearing that line from idiots who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated, that they probably don't even consciously know that they're parroting it. It is a fact that, after a certain point in the development of a human being, desiring privacy is a normal, natural, healthy thing for a person to want. Not wanting or caring about your private life being private is an abberation, a sign that something is wrong. This whole faux culture of 'sharing everything with everyone' is some sort of a sickness and it needs to stop.

By the way, cfalcon, just to be sure you understand me: I'm agreeing with you on all counts, not attacking you.

Comment Let's just destroy television for everyone! (Score 3, Interesting) 102

This is the age of the DVR. Who the hell actually watches a broadcast TV show when it's actually scheduled? Everyone records it on a DVR and watches it later. Wait, not allowed to record it? Gee I guess that show doesn't get watched then. I'm sure content providers will just love that, their shows all die in the ratings because people aren't willing to have their lives rotate around a TV show schedule. This is about as stupid as stupid can get; you'd think some politician thought of it, it's about as pants-on-head retarded as wanting backdoors in encryption. Also it won't work, there'll be hacks around it, and it'll just promote the idea of filesharing those shows even more than they would be otherwise. Stupid idea, needs to die, LET PEOPLE RECORD WHAT THEY WANT.

Comment Porsche != 'Luddite' (Score 1) 212

If you actually think that Porsches' position on so-called 'self-driving' cars is a Luddite attitude, then you don't at all get what Porsche is all about in the first place. It's a driver's car, not just transportation. If you don't understand that, then you've either never driven one, or, like someone with no sense of taste being handed a glass of truly fine wine or well-aged single-malt whiskey, you just aren't capable of 'getting it'. For some people an automobile is just transportation; enjoy your Fords, or Chevys, or Toyotas, or Hondas, or whatever other pedestrian brand of car you care to name; Porsche is not for you, never was, never will be. Neither for that matter are BWM, or Audi, or to a certain extent, Mercedes. Likewise you'd never own a Ferarri or a Lamborghini, even if someone gave it to you as a gift. You'd probably sell it and buy an SUV.

I look forward to your comments filled with hate, outrage, insults, lengthy descriptions of my sexual deviances, and my dubious parentage, along with being slammed down to neg one at a velocity of 0.99C. Nothing quite starts off my mornings like having the villagers, with their pitchforks, scythes, and burning torches, come to batter down my door.

Comment Re:End anonymity for cash (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Great idea. Then they can drive all those pesky small-time mom-and-pop businesses out of the market entirely when they can't afford the exhorbitant fees charged per transaction. The world will be such a better place for everyone when it's all Walmart/Target/{insert name of Big Box Store here}.

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 311

Nice when someone other than me is the first one saying this.
Yes, someone really needs to figure out how to differentiate between users forced to update at gunpoint, and users who (for some unfathomable reason) voluntarily updated. I think once that was done, we'd see that the adoption rate is as dismally low as you'd expect it to be.

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