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Comment Re:A simple test is in order (Score 1) 355

Actually you do bring up a point. In addition to openly 'using' a non-functioning cellphone right in front of her, have someone later come in with a fully-functional phone in their pocket, doing something very transceive-intensive, like streaming something from YouTube, but with the volume down so she can't detect it. Then, again, see if she develops 'symptoms'.

Comment A simple test is in order (Score 5, Interesting) 355

Pretend to use a cellphone in her presence. When she starts complaining of symptoms and discomfort, show her that the phone not only isn't on, that it doesn't even have a battery in it so there's no chance it could have been on.

I did something similar to this with a friend of mine who claimed to be able to see infrared light from TV remotes. While he wasn't looking I removed the batteries from one, then called his name and when he turned around, pointed it at him and pushed buttons. He complained about how much that hurt his eyes, and how could I do that to him? Then I showed him the remote had no batteries in it. Needless to say he was somewhat embarassed. Still claims to be able to 'see' IR light though.

Comment Re:Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 1) 159

Then come back and talk about it once we have a world power grid in place.

Yeah no kidding! The day that we can get every nation on Earth to actually agree to something will be quite a day indeed. Not to mention that if you did manage such a thing as a 'world power grid' there'd still be terrorist organizations sabotaging it constantly, greedy corporations (and individuals) trying to leverage it for their own profit, and protestors protesting whatever it is they protest about concerning a 'world power grid'. Then there's the NIMBYs, and the people convinced that powerlines are causing their chronic illnesses.

Comment Re:Glad they didn't read the books (Score 1) 193

Banning the Bible wouldn't accomplish anything. People would just find something to take it's place. What we need is to, somehow, evolve past the point where we need such things, and everything associated with it, at all. Of course we also need to evolve past things like greed, lust for power, crime and corruption, racism, sexism, and a whole long laundry list of problems with Humans in general, and that ain't happening anytime soon, either. Oh and since I'm 100% certain that this will be one of the least popular opinions I can post anywhere, I'll just quietly accept my (-1, {whatever}) moderation, LOL IDGAF.

Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 1) 411

After decades of using Microsoft OS's, I'm actually considering making the move to some flavor of Linux so I don't have to put up with all this fascist bullshit from Microsoft. We seem to be rapidly moving towards a world where you don't even own the hardware you're running an OS on, let alone the OS itself, you're just 'renting' it or something, and they actually own all the data you've got on it. Fuck that.

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