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Comment Re:Some people need to get a life (Score 1) 257

Remember Howard Stern? Back in the day, most people liked to listen to Stern 'because they wanted to see what he'd do next'. Ironically enough the people who passionately hated Stern and wanted him off the air more than anything? They'd listen to him 'because they wanted to see what he'd do next'. So it goes, in my opinion, with TBB: There are people out there who will say it's crap, shouldn't be allowed on television, is ruining our children and our society -- and they'll faithfully tune in to watch it week after week, to see what it's going to do this time. They need to get a life, is what they need to do, or at least get a new hobby.

Comment Time to face reality (Score 1) 74

You'll get your 'robocars' about the same time you get flying cars and hoverboards.

In my opinion, at best you'll have a sophisticated 'autopilot' system to supplement your full set of manual controls, and it'll be a boon on long highway trips, and maybe to keep you safe if you fall asleep at the wheel in the middle of the night. Assuming you're rich and can afford a luxury car, that is; economy cars won't have such things as an option. Sorry, kids, but you'll still have to learn how to drive, pass tests, and pay for insurance, and you'll have a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals (if not a clutch pedal) in front of you for quite some time to come; please do learn your driver training lessons well so we're all safe on the roads, OK? Thanks.

Comment Re:Brave polling, but in real life? (Score 1) 229

Especially if you don't have anything incriminating, it will be easier to give the password show that you don't have anything and just go on and change your password

Here's the problem with that: It establishes a pattern of behavior. What about the next time? If there is a next time maybe they say, "But you gave it willingly last time, why not now? What are you hiding from us now?" Also what if they install spyware of some sort on your device while they have access to it? 'I'm not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to fear' just doesn't cut it, as you can see; you're a citizen of an allegedly free country that allegedly observes human and civil rights; you shouldn't be treated like an enemy of the state to begin with, and giving in to them even once just sets you up for being abused in the future. You must take a stand the first time and every time to send a clear message that you won't allow your rights to be abused.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 0) 264

How many years of testing is enough for you

As many as it takes to be 99.9% sure it's not going to cause harm to human or animal life.

and what do you base that requirement on?

A human generation or two, we'll know if there is any genetic damage to humans being caused by eating GMO foods.

Comment It's already a moot point (Score 1) 264

Genetically modified crops have already dispersed sufficiently throughout the world through cross pollination to make the damage to the ecosphere irreversible. If it turns out that 50 years from now we discover that the tampering done to them produces foodstuffs harmful to humans in the long run, it'll be far to late to do anything about it.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 563

Either of these strategies are far better than buying flavored water with weird chemicals added

I agree with you. However, the best option is to drink just water, and get your nutrients from other sources -- like whole fruits and vegetables, wasting nothing, and getting the entire benefit of the food. ;-)

Comment Re:Probably the #1 cause of diabetes (Score 1) 563

Having scanned through a few pages of your recent comments, you're clearly a negative person who likes to start arguments for the sake of starting arguments, and furthermore insults people just to rile them up, and as such nothing you say to me is worth responding to; please bugger off.

Comment Re:Probably the #1 cause of diabetes (Score 1) 563

Excessive meat consumption is the leading cause.

Oh really? Let's see here.. 'TED talks' don't mean a thing, by the way. But I did research 'red meat consumption' and 'diabetes' and came up with an article about some actual research that had this to say:

âoeThe final proof in humans will be much harder to come by,â Varki said. âoeBut on a more general note, this work may also help explain potential connections of red meat consumption to other diseases exacerbated by chronic inflammation, such as atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes.

So let's summarize: They genetically modify some mice, then feed them insane amounts of some sugar molecule that is found in red meat, and lo-and-behold! They get weird tumors and stuff. How amazing! But note the wording there: "The final proof in humans will be much harder to come by.." "this mayalso help explain.." Nothing is proven yet. By the way if you're a vegetarian or vegan then I question your motives.

Comment Re:no xkcd reference? (Score 1) 229

If I find myself living in a world where my own government and/or law enforcement is willing to physically torture me for some gods-be-damned password? Then it's Game Over for me anyway, I won't want to continue living in that world. I'll just retreat into myself and they can beat me to death if they want, my will to survive will disappear -- but I won't give them the satisfaction of giving the bastards what they want.

Comment Never. (Score 1) 229

I do not give out passwords to anyone for any reason at any time, ever, and the matter is not negotiable. I recommend everyone else without exception adopt the same attitude. Furthermore I believe that the encryption anyone might use to protect their most important information should contain code to support an optional 'duress password' that when used will render the data completely unreadable the instant it's used, as well as too many failed password attempts causing the same thing to happen, to prevent any 3rd parties from compromising your private data.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 563

Along with that, I think somebody should point out that fuit juice is almost as bad as soda

Yes, they should, and anyone that disagrees with you is, in my opinion, deeply in denial and needs to acknowledge the truth: 'fruit juice' is just more flavored sugar water, devoid of any real nutrition. Nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc., will tell you 'don't drink your calories'. You want fruit? Eat whole fruit, don't drink their juices. That being said if you're trying to avoid sugars then don't eat much fruit, except as a treat.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 563

Just to be clear -- most flavors of Chobani yogurt contains more sugar per ounce than Coca Cola. That's what a "no sugar added" [] label gets you these days

If you want yogurt, then you get plain Fage greek yogurt. If you want it flavored with something then you add it yourself, or put the yogurt into something else. By the way most nutrition labels show how many grams of sugars there are in something, not just all carbohydrates.

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