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Comment: Re:"Hard redirect" (Score 1) 374

by kheldan (#47703387) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up
It comes to this? My solution is simple: Call Comcast (in my case) and cancel my service. I tell them I'm going to go with AT&T U-verse instead, they'll change their tune and remove the block rather than lose a customer. If not, then even if I have no other choice for internet? I just do without. Life does not depend on having internet access.

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by kheldan (#47698191) Attached to: Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance
Try telling this to your typical politician or government official, who has to hire underlings to manage their email because they don't even understand how to deal with that even on an end-user basis. Even here in the U.S. we have judges occasionally attempt to make legal rulings concerning websites that don't physically reside in the U.S. at all, let alone their jurisdiction.

Comment: No good will come of this, no good of any kind (Score 1) 61

by kheldan (#47698149) Attached to: Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance
Your average politician doesn't understand how the Internet even works to start with. Now add political agendas, especially from oppressive governments and rulers, and this is what will completely destroy the Internet for everyone, not corporations, not spammers, not scammers, not even cyber-terrorists. It'll end up a fragmented disaster as country after country disconnects and walls themselves off so they're not subjected to the whims of fucktarded politicians, dictators, and even monarchs, who will insist on things that make no sense for a world-wide network. Needless to say, this must be prevented at all costs.

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by kheldan (#47677553) Attached to: Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League
I dunno about anyone else, but my reaction to things like this is to say 'Maybe I'll just stop being a fan of your team and stop watching completely, how would you like that?'. These people are not making money off posting little vid clips of soccer (oh, excuse me, 'football') goals, they're doing it because they're fans of the team; they're actually supporting and promoting the team for free, so quit yer bitchin' already unless you want to drive your fans away. Fools.

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by kheldan (#47671041) Attached to: John McAfee Airs His Beefs About Privacy In Def Con Surprise Talk
If governments and law enforcement had their way, that wouldn't be necessary because citizens wouldn't be allowed to posess anything more deadly than a small kitchen knife, and anyone other than police or military posessing weapons of any sort would be shot on sight and an investigation launched later. Also I'm sure all forms of martial arts would be outlawed as 'illegal killing techniques'. They'd probably also outlaw any forms of fitness training that actually builds significant amounts of muscle on people to keep them weak and compliant.

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If you're not a millennial or thereabouts, then, as I already stated, you must not be paying attention, at all. Get your head out of the sand, son, and take a good long critical look at the world around you, read the news (NOT just from U.S. sources, either, from the BBC, Al Jazeera, and other foreign sources) and see the evidence for yourself: You're being watched, monitored, and profiled by your own government, and by corporations, and so far it's not getting any better, it's getting worse, and the current generation of young people, having been born into this surveillance culture we're rapidly becoming, don't know the difference. And by the way I'm almost 50 years old, and I, for one, have not had my head in the sand the entire time, and I remember what it was like to have some modicum of privacy in my day-to-day life, pre-Internet, and what it was like to live in a world where it was unthinkable to have CCTV cameras everywhere, and where it was looked down upon to pry into other people's lives. But please, go right ahead and continue to live in denial if that's what makes you happy, so far as the government is concerned, that just makes you a 'patriot' and a 'good citizen' anymore (as they pat you on the head like a well-behaved pet).

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Yeah, it's true. I used to believe that I grew up in the 'Land of the free, home of the brave' that we were taught we were living in. Then I discovered that the U.S. wasn't so much the 'good guys' that I thought we were (although we have our moments) and that there are people like the entire Bush family of traitors (as in George and G.W., going back for generations) that have been actively working to *undermine* the U.S. Constitution for their own ends since shortly after the U.S. was even formed into it's own independent nation.

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..only the most dedicated living off the grid can escape their view

At this stage of the game, the best bet for anyone wishing to be left the hell alone is the 'hide in plain sight' tactic: Leave enough of a digital footprint and paper-trail to appear ordinary, and this be left alone. At least for now, that'll work and will keep you safe, because they (governments, corporations) still don't have the processing capacity to bring the signal-to-noise ratio up to the point where they'd even see the patterns in that well enough to realize you are using surveillance countermeasures like that, and focus on you specifically. I still hold out the hope that this situation can be turned around before it reaches the point that everyone is always under the high-resolution microscope like that though.

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I think I like this John McAfee person.

You must be young.
You sound like someone who was raised in this surveillance culture we're now living in, and as such have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the societal, corporate, and government propaganda and conditioning, that you actually believe that 'privacy' is something only sought after by criminals and the mentally ill. Either that or you just don't understand that we're being surveilled constantly, with plans to surveil us even more than we already are.

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In Singapore, however, due to the "Father Knows Best" government which has taken care of almost everything for its citizens, many Singaporeans (I mean, the home bred Singaporeans, not those imported ones) have turned into something not very different from zombies --- they lack the zeal for doing anything, have no interest in learning nor put any effort in coming out with anything that is creative

I'm not at all surprised. That's about how people act when they're living in oppressive conditions, knowing that it's not a matter of 'if', but of 'when' they slip up, say or do something the government considers 'undesirable', and they're scooped up and hauled away to some form of incarceration or other, their lives (and maybe their families' lives, too?) ruined. As I said in my own comment: You can't legislate and mandate morality.

Comment: Goverment by fear (Score 2) 79

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"It's hard to know whether the low crime rates and adherence to the rule of law are more a result of pervasive surveillance or Singaporeans' unspoken agreement that they mustn't turn on one another, lest the tiny island come apart at the seams."

If your every move is being watched by a government that can and will scoop you up and destroy your life for so much as saying something they don't like ('undesirable content' indeed!) then it's completely and totally moot whether or not people 'behave', because you're inhibiting their true nature via threats to their existence. At best you're driving criminal elements of all different stripes deeper underground, not stamping them out. Something as trivial and relatively innocuous as filesharing, or actually speaking your mind (when it's not a 'popular', or perhaps in this context, a 'state approve' viewpoint)? They just learn to hide better. In my opinion, it's about as valid as Victorian morals or the Puritans, who also were just better at hiding their dirty laundry and base desires for sake of appearances. You can't legislate and mandate morality.

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