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Comment: Re:I thought (Score 1) 53

by kheldan (#49360759) Attached to: Notel Media Player Helps North Koreans Skirt Censorship
The 'Notel Motel' franchise values secrecy -- so much so, that even publicly using the name is strictly forbidden in the charter. Typically the way you can identify an establishment as a member of the Notel network, is by their rate structure: If they can charge by the half-hour, then it's almost certainly a Notel Motel.

..meanwhile, back in North Korea: You can't stop the signal, now can you? I bet that despite his outward appearance of being virulently xenophobic and rabidly against all things Western, Kim Jong-un likely has an Xbox 360 and/or PS4, likes his Levis, Hershey bars, and Coca-Cola, and most of all his free Internet porn. Probably has seen all of MTV's Jackass, including the movies, and thinks Johnny Knoxville is a fucking genius. Nope, I think the North Korean tree is rotting from within -- or in this case, starting to grow from within, finally. I think the day will come when North and South are indeed reconciled and reunited -- and it'll all happen without a single shot being fired, and the whole thing will be shared with the world via YouTube.

Comment: Re:Kill them all. (Score 1) 335

What are you suggesting we do, have a nice sit-down with them over tea and crumpets and talk about their feelings that are making them act out? We're not talking about teenagers committing petty vanadalism and graffitti, we're talking about assholes that are running around the Middle East cutting off people's heads, slaughtering entire populations, enslaving women and turning them into sex slaves, and taking the children they capture and brainwashing them into being suicide bombers! How can there BE any other response to this other than 'Kill every last one of the bastards'? What the actual FUCK is your solution!? Are you one of them or something? Are you part of the 'islamic state' press corps or something? Do you not understand? These assholes would gladly and gleefully kill YOU, your FAMILY, and EVERYONE YOU KNOW, just to make a POINT! They make Al Qaeda, Hamas, Iran, and any other group of assholes currently out there in the world look like fucking pansies in comparison.

Comment: Kill them all. (Score 2, Informative) 335

These so-called 'islamic state' assholes? They need to die. Every last one of them. No negotiations, no trials, no 'explanations' -- just fucking KILL THEM ALL, male, female, I don't fucking care, just KILL THEM. Children below a certain age can be de-programmed and put with families that will care for them and raise them to be rational, responsible, sane human beings -- but every last adult that is involved with this uber-asshole 'organization'? They need to be killed.

This isn't even about religion. It's about a power-vacuum that was created in the Middle East, which allowed these assholes to swoop in with their ultra-extremist bullshit and start setting up shop. These assholes are like a socio-economic version of the Black Plague, and like any other epidemic, it needs to be erradicated, completely.

Of course I can't ignore the fact that there will always be violent assholes in the world that will use religion of any kind as an excuse to be violent assholes on a large scale, and as unpopular an opinion as it apparently is in the world, I just wish that humans in general would fucking grow out of this apparently genetic need for a god or gods of any kind. All it seems to do is open the door for more atrocities, more ignorance (much of it willful ignorance), more backsliding, and in general more bullshit. I make jokes sometimes about how 'XYZ is the reason that alien civilizations won't contact us openly', but I'm only half kidding oftimes when I say it -- as is the case with this subject: If there are in fact starfaring alien civilizations out there that have been observing us, they must look at this sort of bullshit (and the Inquisition, and the Salem witch trials, and who knows how many other atrocities that have been committed over the centuries) and feel nothing but disgust and maybe pity for our poor race, that we're so afflicted by such a major flaw in our cognitive process.

Not posted as Anonymous Coward, because I'm not one. Come and get me, assholes. We, the sane, rational people of the world, we reject you and your fucking ultra-extremist bullshit. You claim to be doing the work of Allah? I CALL BULLSHIT ON THAT; you're just a bunch of power-hungry FRAUDS who enjoy killing people, and we will see you all DEAD for your crimes against humanity. It's time for this shit to stop.

Comment: Re:Elon Musk just lost my respect (Score 1) 341

I know it must happen to you at least a few times every week, but: The next time someone beats you to a pulp in real life, you piece of shit? You'll have to wonder if it's me.

Sleep well, asshole -- if you can. Guys like you? Your days are numbered, both on the Internet, and in real life. Enjoy living in fear.

Comment: Re:Elon Musk just lost my respect (Score 1) 341

Maybe YOU endanger the public when YOU drive a car, but I do not. Maybe YOU should sell your car and take the bus or a cab, but I do not have to because I do not suck at driving. Enjoy being subject to the whims of others -- including whatever software engineer fucked up writing that one line of code that sends you to a firey death when your controll-less autonomous car runs full speed into a concrete abutment. Really, you 'autonomous car' assholes can go fuck yourselves.

"Manifestation of personal freedom"! If that's what it means to you, your ideas of freedom and your own self image are damaged beyond repair. If you're admitting you'll never change your mind, you are not being rational, by the very definition of the word. If you're not being rational, why should anyone assume you were rational when you concocted your strange opinion? You essentially just farted on Slashdot, and it made you feel good. Nice. Thanks for that.

Where do you live so I can beat your fucking face in for saying that to me, you little bitch? Fuck off and die, slag. People like you don't DESERVE to be in control of ANYTHING, especially not when, where, and how you get around, you should be on a LEASH and TOLD what to do, you're obviously not responsible enough to be allowed to run around loose.

Comment: Re:Elon Musk just lost my respect (Score 1) 341

I drive a small pickup with a 5-speed stick, and I know for a fact that the only control that doesn't have a direct mechanical linkage is the throttle, and I can live with that. I know I can always bring the vehicle to a complete stop whenever and wherever I choose and no automated system can override me, everything still functions even if the engine quit running.

Comment: Elon Musk just lost my respect (Score 0) 341

by kheldan (#49296273) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades
I will NEVER, EVER get in an automobile that I cannot have immediate and complete MANUAL control over. Ever. I will also NEVER give up riding a motorcycle, and you CANNOT 'automate' that. Fuck you, Musk. Driving may be a privelege and not a right, but it IS a manifestation of personal freedom and I'll be damned if that is taken away from me. Others agree.

DISCLAIMER: I don't give a flying fuck if you agree with me or not, I don't give a flying fuck about your insults, and you're not changing my mind, EVER, either, so just don't bother commenting on the above at all, deal with it.

Comment: Re: A turd by any other name (Score 1) 317

by kheldan (#49279145) Attached to: Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand
But, they're not the ones driving this process, precisely because they don't know the difference, and don't really care. Also I don't necessarily believe that, because if it was true then why would there even be Chrome or Firefox or Opera or any other 3rd-party browser in the first place?

Comment: Re:A turd by any other name (Score 1, Troll) 317

by kheldan (#49278481) Attached to: Microsoft Is Killing Off the Internet Explorer Brand
Pretty much, yeah.
I don't see why they even need to bother with any sort of extensive internet browser. Why not just provide a minimal browser, just enough to get you to where you can download Firefox, or Chrome, or whatever other browser you want? Or maybe just partner with one of them instead? It would cost them less money in the long run due to reduced development costs, and most people will get what they want anyway, just quicker.

For what it's worth, a the Major Microprocessor Manufacturer I work for just announced yesterday that we'd all be having Chrome push-installed on us and that IE would be retired. What does that tell you, that they're not willing to wait for Microsoft's next offering?

Comment: Failbook confirmed for next AOL (Score 1) 67

Anyone remember AOL? If you have senior-citizen parents you very well might know what AOL is, because if they have it they probably still think the Internet is just AOL. That's what Failbook is heading towards according to this story.

Of course I'm also hoping Failbook becomes as irrelevant as AOL, sooner rather than later..

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?