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Comment Re:This is *SO* unethical ! (Score 1) 123

Legal or not, this is an asshole move by that newspaper, and I hope a bunch of people take them to court over it. The guy talks about how it's a small town. Did they even consider for a moment how many people's lives they could be ruining by doing this? I haven't seen the 'uncivil' comments he's talking about, but I've sure as hell seen enough 'uncivil' discourse on the Internet over the last 10 years to last me several lifetimes, and I hate the way people act when they can be completely anonymous in that way, but I also acknoweldge that the ability to be so completely anonymous that is unique to the Internet is also a very powerful tool for Freedom Of Speech in countries that value it, and also especially for people who live in countries where there is no freedom of speech -- and that with that unique power comes a whole unique class of abuse of that power to be completely anonymous; we have to take the bad with the good (unfortunately!) in order to have this uniquely powerful ability. But this newspaper is uniquely violating that. I want to use the word 'un-American' here to describe it.

Comment Re:Next up: Stone candy. (Score 1) 127

This. Things like this are just poor attempts at doing and end-run around having to (gasp!) actually change your eating habits (read as: getting the fork out of your mouth), which takes planning, committment, and (shocking!) will-power, along with sufficient exercise to create a caloric deficit. The problem is people never want to give anything up, they're averse to doing any actual work (even paying people to lose weight doesn't work), and have no patience (which is why shitty diet pills that don't do a damn thing still sell like hotcakes). You want to lose weight? Here's the only four words you need to know: Move more, eat less.


Comment Bravo, Glenn Greenwald. (Score 3, Insightful) 253

Nice to see someone unafraid to speak the truth, especially someone involved with the media.

Too bad he'll die in a tragic accident very soon and/or be completely discredited and/or found guilty of being in posession of child porn or illegal drugs or other contraband, and everything he had to say denied as false.

Comment Re:Screw paying for ANY television viewing (Score 1) 217

I see 'streaming video on mobile devices' as another tech bubble that will burst sooner than most people think it will. There is only so much bandwidth available, and people keep demanding more and more of it, and all the while wireless providers like AT&T and Verison are literally gouging people for service, even more so than cable companies ever have, and they're actually providing less value for the money than wired broadband. I see it either coming to a point where you can't get more people and more bandwidth because it just doesn't exist, or it getting to the point where people are paying so much money that they start backing away from it and/or the government getting involved and forcing the wireless companies to charge less for it. Meanwhile there are people like me (and I don't believe I'm anything like alone in this) who have no smartphone and see no reason to ever get one, because of how much wireless companies gouge for 'data plans' that are too restrictive to really be practical for the use they keep pushing everyone to use it for (streaming video, and then they gouge you ten times worse when you go over your 'limit'). All in all I don't think it's sustainable.

Comment Re:They're not too expensive (Score 1) 448

This is what distresses me about things like this though: We're not talking about toys like phones here (don't get mad; that's what they more-or-less are anymore are toys to keep people amused and distracted). We're talking about something that will, in fact, change the world, and it's being treated with disdain at best, and bald-faced contempt and hatred at worst. We need to move away from internal combustion engines and towards electric. The change will literally be good for everyone, but the bridge-trolls won't let anyone cross unless they pay the toll (by buying more IC engine vehicles). They have a monopoly and that monopoly needs to be taken away from them despite their objections so this technology can more readily get into the hands of consumers, which will mean electric vehicle manufacturers will have more money to work with, which means both better vehicles will be produced and the price to the consumer will go down, all while going a long way to cleaning up the air we're breathing. Car salesmen at old-style dealerships can either get on board or go work at Walmart for all I care. Unlike coal miners (not a random reference; heard about the last coal mine in Britain closing down soon on NPR this morning) someone who has a career in sales can apply their skillset pretty much anywhere, so they get little-to-no sympathy from me anyway.

Comment Catch-22 (Score 1) 448

Electric cars are too expensive and too little profit because they don't make/sell enough of them, but we won't sell them because they're too expensive and too little profit. Sounds to me like someone needs to take a baseball bat and 'explain' to a few people that they're holding up progress, and to knock that shit off before someone has an unfortunate accident. Seriously, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the almighty dollar being the deciding factor on everything. It's not science or technology or even the rank-and-file citizens that are holding up progress in areas we need progress in, it's business that's to blame.

Comment Re:Not too hard (Score 1) 66

So far as I've ever heard, all credit card numbers are generated according to an algorithm that can be fairly easily reverse-engineered, so this 'news' really isn't a surprise at all to me. Other than that he's doing more-or-less a brute-force attack on PoS terminals by tossing 'up to 40 (fake) cards' at them. I think in the end the only thing that will be impressive about this is what AmEx may do to him legally (criminal or civil) first for creating this device, then revealing it publicly; he gave enough details already that anyone moderately competent should be able to duplicate it and go on a fraud-spree.

Comment Last time I checked.. (Score 1) 105

Vacuum tubes make excellent high-power switches (talking the size of a 55-gallon barrel, here), and there are ultra-high-speed switches called Krytrons that are technically a type of vacuum tube, too. Also so far as I know vacuum tube final amps for very high-power transmitters.

Comment Screw paying for ANY television viewing (Score 5, Insightful) 217

I think there should be advances in OTA broadcast technology.
Several years ago I decided that I was tired of paying $50 a month to Comcast for a whole slew of channels I never ever watched, a handful I did, and all the shitty extra re-compression they were doing to jam all the crap channels I never watched into the same size pipe, and got an antenna on the roof and started watching local broadcast stations instead, and never looked back once. Best decision I ever made. I've got more stuff on my DVR than I have time to watch, typically, it cost me nothing other than a one-time expense for the antenna, and the picture quality is about as high as it can be. Updating of OTA broadcast, I think, will find more people turning to it and away from shitty cable and satellite, which is already a trend. Streaming over the Internet, I think, is just another 'pay TV' trap like cable and satellite, and as a matter of fact if you think for a moment, how is it really any different than cable or satellite directly connected to your TV? Worse in some ways, you're paying for the connectivity and paying for the content! Get Netflix or something like it for the things you can't get OTA (newer movies, specific content) but OTA makes so much sense.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 239

Dumbass Americans only care about eating more food, getting more fat, going to doctors for their fatass lifestyle diseases, complaining about the cost of food, driving their SUVs while never driving off-road or hauling cargo or carrying lots of passengers and complaining about the price of gas, voting for one party that wants to fuck up the nation or the other party BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH WORDS

Why are you bothering us with a description of yourself and your pathetic life? Mix in a salad once in a while and go get some exercise or something and stop whining, you're giving us all migraine headaches.

Comment Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 136

So much about Muslim bashing ...

Oh, you mean how every other comment the last week or so is 'ISIS this, Al-Qaeda that, Muslim whatever'? I'm not sure if I believe they're low-level operatives for those organizations, spreading propaganda, or just idiots doing essentially the same thing, but if neither then they need to knock it off because that's what they're doing: getting everyone talking about those jackasses, which is exactly what they want: easier to spread FUD if you've already got them in everybody's forebrains. Best thing anyone can do is ignore all their bullshit, and conduct our lives as much normal as we possibly can, and let the people we elect and pay to worry about that sort of thing, do their jobs. But enough about that junk..

In my opinion, you really want to show someone you care about them? Give them your time. Time is the one resource nobody ever has enough of, and you can't just go make more of it, it's always finite and in exactly the same quantity. Anyone can throw money at another person, and 'things' are nice and all, but it's only one step above handing someone an envelope with cash in it; the only thing that differentiates the two things is the time you spend picking out something to buy for someone.