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Comment does it work with frequency modulation? (Score 1) 62

My understanding that the transmissions over modern fibers use all sorts of tricks to pack more information into it, including frequency modulation, multiple polarization states, etc. I wonder how this new frequency comb technique plays with those.

Comment Re:Nerds care about politics too (Score 3, Interesting) 676

If Warren won't run, I'll vote for Bernie Sanders, the only Independant in Congress.

I sympathize with your view, but I hope you're not fooling yourself that someone who actually wants to stand up for the little guy has any chance of being nominated. Warren is demonized as a left-wing nut, and the most extreme thing she tried to do was to lower the student loan rate to match that the Fed is giving to the banks. Someone should import a few real left-wing nuts, put them up in some reality TV show, just so people get some sense as to what that really means.

Comment Re:Way too many humanities majors (Score 1) 397

The study of humanities can provide something called "perspective", which I find lacking in a lot of otherwise intelligent people who happen to be engineers.


Steve Jobs famously dropped out of college, but dropped in to take things like calligraphy courses

Yes, if there's any activity that promotes critical thinking it's painstaking and systematic reproduction and of pre-defined letter shapes.

Comment Re: Well, then I guess (Score 3, Insightful) 284

And copyright is requiring government services to maintain. Police, government creating laws, and so on.

Yes, like keeping a fellow who illegally downloaded your copyrighted work locked up in jail for 10 years. Sure as hell will cost taxpayer a pretty penny.

Comment Re:basically how the UAE works (Score 1) 247

I never understood the whole 'take your passport' thing. I was under impression that if I show up at the US embassy, say that I am a US citizen, that my passport was forcefully taken from me, and I want to go home, they'll go through some checks and give me the documents I need to go back. No?

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