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Comment: Re:QOS? (Score 1) 245

by kasin (#32481736) Attached to: Time For Universal Data Plans?

I don't know why they can't just use QOS on their own phone network. They could mark the first 2-5 GB of capacity as high priority, and then the rest low priority.

You have just reimplemented tiered data plans, as used in Australia and other parts of the world for DSL. Hit the quota, get shaped to 64/128/256 kbit (depending on ISP and plan). High-quota plans cost more, eg:


+ - Amsterdam Airport Deploys Body-Scanning Machines

Submitted by jb.cancer
jb.cancer (905806) writes ",1895,2130462, p is an article on the next wave of security measures at airports. "Amsterdam's Schiphol airport began using new body-scanning machines at security checkpoints on Tuesday, the first major airport to use the technology to find metals and explosives hidden under clothing." The scanners use radio waves to scan people and images are viewed by security personnel and deleted soon after. The radio waves are said to be "harmless" and a much better "privacy" option to hand-frisking."

+ - What Honeybees can Teach us about Security

Submitted by
CowboyRobot writes "Dan Geer has an article in ACM Queue on modeling enterprise security on the genetic diversity of honeybees. It begins, "The optimal number of security failures is greater than zero. If it is zero, then you are spending too much on protection." While having every bee (computer) in a system be different would be both the most secure (from viruses) and prohibitively expensive, having a single monoculture is the easiest to maintain but the most vulnerable to attacks. "An evolutionary risk-management prerequisite to climb from a multicell organism to a multi-individual colonial hive is a minimax tradeoff between the ease of control and the vulnerability resulting from unmitigated identicality." Reading between the lines, he seems to argue that between 3 and 12 versions of Windows running on various computers at an organization is the way to optimize security."

+ - Mythical Man-Month formula?

Submitted by frodpittle
frodpittle (1063818) writes "We all know that doubling the number of developers doesn't halve the development time.

What rule-of-thumb formula do you use to adjust your development-time estimate based on the number of developers? For example, if a project will take 1 year with 2 developers, how long will it take with 5 developers? How dependent is the answer on the specifics of a particular project?"

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