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Comment: Re:So basically we're living in the best timeline? (Score 1) 126

by OverlordQ (#49699417) Attached to: How SpaceX and the Quest For Mars Almost Sunk Tesla Motors

At 7KWh, the battery really wont do anything except for the occassional brown/blackout and really how often does that last. if you dont have solar, there's absolute no point in getting one of these. And if you do have solar it'll just make the payoff slightly better. It'll still take you 3-5 years to pay off the powerwall for little to no gain.

Comment: Re:Assumptions (Score 4, Interesting) 78

by OverlordQ (#49604415) Attached to: Hacking the US Prescription System

> I think it is far more likely that the pharmacy sells this information to insurance, pharmaceutical, and marketing companies.

This. Pretty much every prescription the doctor writes effectively goes straight to the drug reps. If you stop prescribing, they'll know, and come in and bribe^H^H^H^Hinquire as to why you stopped prescribing their drug.

Comment: Re:Oh For Crying Out Loud (Score 1) 161

by karmatic (#49369693) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption

This is more a discussion about mobile devices, which (unless you jailbreak them) don't trust the user.

Barring a root exploit (which do exist for a bit, and are patched when found), a keylogger on android is much less of a possibility. With Apple, the crypto is handled in hardware, and a keylogger gets to be near impossible (though phishing is not).

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