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Comment Re:Not a problem (Score 3, Insightful) 161

Not sure how thats not a problem. Its always how this starts. grab a part of it. then fuck up everything over time.

You will not know if torrent, your game, your mail, or http traffic needs to be throttled. They will decide on that and make the numbers say anything they want to get a financial advantage. That's what they do.

Comment Re:Another Corporate rape of the commons (Score 1) 142

for their benefit

And for YOUR benefit, if you have enough discipline to run your own business that happens to use the same type of technology. I suppose you consider the wireless connectivity you use every day to be a "rape of the commons" every time you connect to a web site that runs advertising in order to pay for their operations? Rape! Rape rape rape! Eeeeevil businesses doing things like ... delivery antibiotics to your hospital. Rape rape rape!


Comment Re:Oligopoly (Score 1) 366

Not sure how - as long as uber drivers get more money than taxi drivers there will be drivers - and since that's the case...
In my area people use Lyft as much as Uber, and would use any other service of similar quality so its not like if there was a monopoly either.
Heck we' use taxis if they didn't suck balls and costed 3x the price (yet drivers still get less money.. oh go figure!)

Comment Re:the establishment really does not like competit (Score 1) 366

The establishment has to answer the many complaints from the taxi unions despite (in France at least) one of the crapiest service in the world. Less working taxi leads to unemployment. And, to be fair, the requirements to become a taxi - would such requirement be relevant in the first place - are extremely heavy. All of a sudden Uber blooms everywhere and offers a service which is, actually, illegal in many countries. I'm glad Uber comes to balance the taxis monopoly, but all the aggressive and legal reactions against it were predictable.

I believe this is when the laws have to be changed - obviously these do not benefit the country, citizens or drivers. Only a minority.
Oh of course, I know, dreams and stuff.

Comment Re: the establishment really does not like competi (Score 2) 366

I spoke to hundred of Uber drivers about this here in SF (basically every ride I take..) - not a single one so far echo'd that stuff. I'm sure they could be paid more and have more advantage, but every single time they're telling me that they make more with Uber (even on 7USD pool rides, they get more than 7 USD) than they would with most jobs they could take at this time in their lives - certainly more than taxi drivers too!

So I don't know but that deal seems to work good enough for them.

Comment Re:But they help also (Score 1) 366

well one advantage of uber is that you dont need to do anything. punch in destination done.
no need to get your wallet out. no need to tell the driver how to get there or repeat the name of the street (which, as a foreigner, is quite nice for both parties).
Finally, the service from uber drivers has been at least 1000% superior to any single freaking taxi ride i have ever taken. That last part is just crazy.

Dirty taxis, drivers bored to death and giving your attitude every now and then, or their opinion how everyone else drives like shit - no thanks. Sure it reflects their not-so-great work conditions. But Uber drivers (and others) are nearly always happy with a positive attitude, trying to be a nice person. Just for that i'd take them instead of taxis.

Comment Re:Google AV... baked in with every product. (Score 1) 32

Err Windows contain a very good antivirus by default. Its actually better than anything you can buy.
Not only that - but using Google-only products drives you to an ecosystem that is going to be worse than Windows ever was.

Arguably, Windows, will all of its shortcomings was and still is pretty damn open.
Not in code, but in APIs, tools, etc. That's actually how it won so much marketshare in the 90's. (its now also getting more and more open in code, tho).

ChromeOS on the other end, is pretty closed. You want a kernel driver? Dream on. If you don't make your own hardware, or don't use Google-approved hardware, you're out of luck, it will not work and you can't make it work without rooting the machine (ie you can't sell or even give away that product to customers).

You want to customize some API? Dream on. This one is impossible without replacing the OS.

All this is trivial on Windows (and regular Linux, or even OSX, for example).

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