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Comment: Or 1h.. (Score 1) 77

by kangsterizer (#46680853) Attached to: 3D-Printed UAV Can Go From Atoms to Airborne in 24 Hours

In other news, a non-3D printed equivalent UAV can be made from zero to flying in about 1H... and has been so for years.
It will also probably fly better.. all you need is a block of EPP foam and a hot wire (the cut itself takes 5min, full build about 1H)

so yeah.. it says 3D printer QUICK it must be worth some ads-prints publish!

Comment: Re:First amendment only applies to our friends (Score 1) 824

by kangsterizer (#46600459) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down

At Mozilla there's one difference tho, you don't enrich the CEO *that* much. There's no stock actions. He did not get a package. All he gets is a slightly higher salary than you do.
If anything, you work to the benefit of the Mozilla Foundation (which owns Mozilla Corporation - and Eich is CEO of that.)

Their recruiting ad is in fact mirroring this with "Don't work for the man, work for mankind."

Comment: Re:Ready or not (Score 1) 469

by kangsterizer (#45774411) Attached to: Is the World Ready For Facial Recognition On Google Glass?

recognizing is not ok, actually. you'll recognize your friend or anyone significant. you won't recognize someone you barely know yet cross every week.
automated face recognition will (and already does - in case you haven't seen the zillion of cameras on the streets of all countries big cities)

Comment: Re:Jailbreakingg (Score 1) 210

by kangsterizer (#45774351) Attached to: The iOS 7 Jailbreak Fiasco

note that "pirated" games these days generally offer an option to disable or bypass the socalled freemium crap (ie inapp purchases where you have to spend hundreds in order to play the game at all). i'd rather pay $10 from scratch, than being hagged into "rating", "liking on facebook", "paying item X, Z, Y for $100+ that are artificially required to enjoy the game. sometimes its way more than $100.". It's an horrible model.

Heck even games such as battlefield and what not - which costs much more to produce, takes longer and more people "only" cost" about $100 with all DLCs every 3 month for a year or two included. And people hate DLCs.

I therefore fully support pirating any game following this model (then again, i don't have an iphone, and i don't really play games on android, so i'm an angel. still, i get the idea.)

Comment: eBay's right - yet wrong (Score 1) 189

by kangsterizer (#45641367) Attached to: eBay CEO: Amazon Drones Are Fantasy

As you guys point out - Amazon gets a much better *marketing* from claiming they want drones. Doesn't matter if they can do it or not (obviously as of today this is technologically impossible to have this work in a reliable fashion, and probably not in 5 years either).

And in that, they're right, ie, they're getting fame, customers, money, even thus it's a cheap marketing lie. So since money is all that matters, they're "right".

However, eBay's right too, drones are currently a fantasy, and focusing on what you can do today is what Amazon does too. What a company does and communicate is often very different. eBay's CEO being honest is what i'd like from every company, but isn't what is going to work for them unfortunately.

Comment: Re:Anandtech Fucked Up (Score 1) 183

by kangsterizer (#45341981) Attached to: AMD's Radeon R9 290 Delivers 290X Performance For $150 Less

according to many other tests the 290 and 290X in fact heat more and thus have beefier fans than their geforce counterpart (the 780 and its cousin the titan) - and that, by a rather large factor.
If you don't care for a little noise tho, the AMD is a pretty good value right now. My 780TF is nearly silent under load. I choose the noise - but if i had a really good case, i'd be tempted.

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