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Comment: A few years ago, (Score 2) 199

by k31 (#46516965) Attached to: A Call For Rollbacks To Previous Versions of Software

there were articles complaining that software was never updated on mobile devices, even though the technical facility to do so was.

Now that is is being updated, complain about that, too.

If companies kept a backwards compatibility support team, the cost of new products would be higher... and you would complain about that, too, I suppose.

Comment: Flaw in the analogy: (Score 1) 716

by k31 (#46224069) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?

The wall-builder is basically repeating a skill. He should be able to build a "good enough" wall that doesn't have major holes, or fall down on its own.

The programmer is translating intention into code, which interacts with other code, a lot of which is buggy. The specifications may be unclear. The time it takes to do it is uncertain. In other words, he is doing art-for-hire. Even if he is "good enough", we cannot call programming a deterministic activity devoid of creativity and which people can be trained to do, rather than enabled and inspired to do.

If what they want is a solved problem, bundled in an easy to use interface that hides details, they would buy software, not build it... which is basically why people do buy software in the first place. (And why I don't think there is any future in traditional programming on a large scale.)

So, the analogy is what is wrong. Artisans and Artists may have similar names, but what they actually do is totally different.

+ - Kuro5hin DNS servers are Down, use alternatives.-> 4

Submitted by Orion Blastar
Orion Blastar (457579) writes "Use the link to get a reverse proxy to read this is a free service by Blastar of India and China.

I think the DNS has been hacked or something... or he's triggered a transfer. lol

just add into your /etc/hosts file

To get working again.

The domain won't let you log in because the cookie is for so as soon as you log in, you will be logged out. You can only view the web proxy as an anonymous user. The hosts file update needs admin access in Windows. Look in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or /etc/hosts for Unix systems.

Some possible causes of this problem:

1) Rusty didn't enter his real information and Internic is punishing him until he enters contact info that is real.

2) There is some social engineering hack to trigger a domain name transfer.

3) Rusty didn't pay his name server and DNS hosting bills.

4) Some hack attempts on the domain name, and maybe DoS attacks.

5) That hacker NIWS aka Jason P. has a grudge against Rusty and did something to the servers that do his DNS and name servers."

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Comment: Re:The problem with the industry is not programmer (Score 1) 132

That is some good information,
but my assertion had nothing to do with his ability to make games,
but rather, the "pitch" them; i.e. to get financing for games which he wanted to make, but were non-mainstream.

If he had successfully pitched something, and then taught others the secret, then it would make more sense to me to say that the academy would fix that problem.

Comment: Re:The problem with the industry is not programmer (Score 1) 132

I pitched [...]. But [..] I was told "no, that won't work."

So, after failing to get his pitches into reality, he plans to open an "Academy" and teach other people how to fail, just like him?

I really don't see how he is solving any problems in the commercial world. This seems more like "those who can't, teach".

Of course, since he can't actually get people to finance his games, teaching will likely give him something else to do with his time, at a personal profit, I suppose. Good for him but, again, what does it do for everyone else?

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Journal: This is my Journal

Journal by k31

This is my Journal.

I have not posted here for a few years.

Time flies when you are pretending to be a zombie in order to fit into the boring parts of society.

Recently I decided to reform my life.

I will soon have more time "to myself", but will I spent more time for writing here?
Only time will tell....

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