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Journal Journal: css rounded corners for mozilla based browsers

One of the most keenly-anticipated CSS3 properties is border-radius. No longer will web designers have to resort to complex table structures using custom-made corner graphics to produce rounded corners.

While Internet Explorer doesn't support many (or any) CSS3 properties, you can get started using Firefox 1.5 and other 'Mozilla' browsers. Even Apple's 'WebKit' is said to support this property, although it doesn't seem to have made it into Safari (at least not yet).


Journal Journal: SourceForge download system simplified at last

One of the drawbacks I encountered switching people to open source software, was the difficult downloading system of SourceForge. For that reason, I set up my own download page for some sourceforge projects, about two years ago.

Today, I noticed that the download links on sourceforge now show the text `Download', which is much clearer than the previous links, showing the size of the download.

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