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by DigitAl56K (#47369231) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

In Ca, it's a ticket if a car enters a crosswalk while a pedestrian is using it, no matter if they're on the other side of the intersection or not.

As a pedestrian in CA, LOL!

Cars almost always charge me while the walk light is on so they can get around the corner a few seconds faster. The cases where they don't are a rarity. I have been struck by a car doing this while the walk light was still on (not even counting down yet). Despite the fact that this happens nearly every time I cross the street I have never, ever seen anyone being pulled over for it, even when there have been police vehicles sitting in plain view at the other junction on the intersection.

This surprises me, because the city could print money doing this. Obviously they don't care. Oh, but jaywalking in the wake of someone getting hit and garnering publicity, that you will get a ticket for.

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by DigitAl56K (#47275555) Attached to: 2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

a. Gas isn't too cheap in the US. If anything, it looks like commodities investors alone drive the price independent of supply/demand.
b. The cost should go on registration. As we keep getting cars that are more and more efficient (and even run on electricity), we'll charging road users very unevenly. If this was an emissions tax that might be okay, but I think it isn't (?).

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by DigitAl56K (#47275421) Attached to: TrueCrypt Author Claims That Forking Is Impossible

Frankly, nothing could concern me less than making it work well with Windows. I am only interested in using it with an open source OS.

How awesome for you.

Some people believe that privacy is a right and work to ensure that as many people of possible have means of protecting that right. I say thank you to those people.

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by DigitAl56K (#47156791) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist?

Heh, I could be wrong on the LTE frequencies. Seems the ROW edition might fare much better there.

Nexus 5 specs:

        2G/3G/4G LTE

        North America:
        GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
        CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
        WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
        LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41

        Rest of World:
        GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
        WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8
        LTE: Bands: 1/3/5/7/8/20

UK LTE bands (from Wikipedia):

EE: 3,7
Hutichson 3: 20,3
O2: 20
UK Broadband 42,43
Vodaphone: 20

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by DigitAl56K (#47156649) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist?

Yes, but Nexus 5 would be better due to proper LTE support. The USA Google Play version has the right frequency support for the UK networks (at least mine worked on T-Mobile).

Side: T-Mobile coverage in some areas is very poor there, not due to the phone. However, if you do use T-Mobile in the US on one of their $60+ plans when you visit Scotland you will get cheap voice, free texts and free data "at 2G speeds" free, which is handy and may save you buying a local SIM unless you need high-speed while you're there. (T-Mobile does let you upgrade your plan while visiting but the price to do that is ridiculous for some reason - more than you will pay back home per day, and you're still paying your bill back home too).

Comment: Re:Any idea what's the motivation to remove START? (Score 1) 516

by DigitAl56K (#47149783) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

For reasons known only to them, they wanted phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops to all use the same interface. Since a start menu doesn't work well on a phone, they opted to remove it.

The reasons are obvious. Force 100% of your user base to use your app platform. To leverage your desktop users to maximum effect, force them to access desktop apps through the app platform interface also. Tell app developers you have x million users of your app platform. Profit from your app business ala Google and Apple.

Presumably the fallout from all of this is still $ positive in the long term.

Comment: The motivation to remove Start... (Score 1) 516

by DigitAl56K (#47149703) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

... "oh look, Apple is making a shitload of Money from their app store. Google is also making a shitload of money from their app store. Let's make an app platform, and very strongly encourage as many people as possible to use it by making it a primary interface on the new version of Windows, giving as few concessions to naysayers as possible. We'll make $$$!"

Comment: Is this a joke? (Score 2) 339

by DigitAl56K (#47122517) Attached to: The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

And if cloud services didn't disappear from time to time either all together or on legacy platforms, risk me losing access to content due to an account block on some other part of the providers service, rely on me always having a fast connection handy, allowed me to download the content in high quality and transcode it for all my devices, maybe that would be okay.

But they don't. So it isn't.

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by DigitAl56K (#46985379) Attached to: GM Sees a Market For $5/Day Dedicated In-Car Internet

the target customer, here, would be the same one that buys a 'smart tv' instead of using a computer and a tv monitor together.

note: there are more dummies in the world than smart guys. we are a tiny tiny minority in the world.

I bought a smart TV. It didn't cost much more than a regular TV - there are plenty in the budget category now. It has hassle-free built-in support for Netflix HD and Amazon Prime HD, both supporting surround sound. I didn't have to spend ages setting up a media PC, leaving it running all the time, showing other people how to use it, stuffing it into an already cramped space.

There's a difference between being a 'smart guy' and being judgmental to others just because you personally don't see the value in something.

That being said, I think smart TVs offer a lot more value to a lot more people than this offering from GM, for reasons many others have already posted.

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by DigitAl56K (#46950823) Attached to: Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones

No, think of it this way: You don't understand what is and is not a "public forum". The "texts, contacts, photos and videos, call history and audio recordings" stored on your personal phone are not accessible in a "public forum", and Apple is somehow (allegedly) pulling these things from your device remotely (heaven knows why the security model even allows this to happen) at the behest of law enforcement.

Other than my personal information I don't care what people know or get from me.

What if people knew you were an idiot? Congrats, you just displayed it in a public forum.

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by DigitAl56K (#46922079) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

Those complaints resulted in roughly 21 million vehicles being recalled.

How many of these recalls would not have happened if the manufacturers listened to their own internal reports saying that the parts had problems? We can subtract GM's most recent 2.6 million for a start.

Nice try, trying to blame the key type.

Comment: Why Microsoft won't abandon those users (Score 3, Insightful) 179

by DigitAl56K (#46894031) Attached to: XP Systems Getting Emergency IE Zero Day Patch

Why should they continue to spend money to support an ancient OS that no one is buying any more? They're not receiving any new revenue for it, so why should they continue to support it?

They are absolutely receiving revenue for it, just not directly. These users are part of the Windows total addressable market. Developers choosing to write applications and looking at which platform to choose look at this number. 30% of the Windows userbase comes from XP. If Microsoft upsets these users by letting rampant malware trash their systems, a chunk of these people may switch to e.g. Apple. Oops! Now we have more cross platform or Apple-native apps being developed because there are more users there. Microsoft does not want this to happen.

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