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Comment: Re:Different software appeals to different peopl (Score 3, Informative) 240

by jvervloet (#27052103) Attached to: Open Source Usability — Joomla! Vs. WordPress

Yes, Linux is a great OS, but it simply doesn't have photoshop or anything that compares to it. GIMP is a clumsy hack and is frankly like Paint in comparison.

Compared to Photoshop, Gimp might be like Paint, but compared to Paint, Gimp really is like Photoshop :-)

Gnome, KDE and Explorer have nothing on the frankly revolutionary changes Mac has seamlessly implemented in the last few years. There are a lot of poorly implemented whizbang features like Time Machine's GUI or Safari 4's Top Pages, but there are also features like Spotlight, Expose, the new stacks in the Dock, and Quick Look.

Maybe you can check out

Call me back when Linux works with my hardware out of the box

Call me back when you buy hardware that works with Linux. :-)

Comment: Re:re Hard to decide ... (Score 2, Informative) 448

by jvervloet (#25815033) Attached to: Microsoft To Offer Free Anti-Virus Software

"The idea that bobs_your_uncle_32.exe, installed on a user account, runs as a superuser and can modify important system files is completely idiotic."

This isn't a Windows-only problem any more.

I bought myself a Linux powered Acer Aspire One, which has Linpus installed by default. The default user can sudo anything without having to enter a password, which I think is a serious security risk.

Operating Systems

Linux Gains Two New Virtualization Solutions 170

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the almost-as-good-as-the-real-thing dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The upcoming 2.6.23 kernel has gained two new virtualization solutions. According to KernelTrap, both Xen and lguest have been merged into the mainline kernel. These two virtualization solutions join the already merged KVM, offering Linux multiple ways to run multiple virtual machines each running their own OS."
Hardware Hacking

+ - Your GPS may be too trusting

Submitted by
mi writes "Many GPS devices today will try to scan the FM bands for traffic advisories in the area to display on their screens. The signals, however, are neither authenticated nor encrypted, and one can — with commonly available electronics — construct a device to broadcast bogus advisories. Possible codes range from "bullfight ahead" to "terrorist attack"..."

+ - Why are we still using the Fax?

Submitted by
neverpsyked writes "From On Thursday evening, Lexington, KY police arrested a man who had been wrongly released from the Kentucky Correctional & Psychiatric Center in La Grange, KY. He had been released after prison officials received a fax that "...contained grammatical errors, was not typed on letterhead and was faxed from a local grocery store. The fax falsely claimed that the Kentucky Supreme Court 'demanded' Rouse be released."

My question is this: why is anyone still using a fax machine for anything, let alone to receive and transmit documentation relating to the release of violent criminals? At the very least, shouldn't they be using a fax machine on a secure, encrypted line?"

+ - Microsoft US$3 software to fight Linux

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft has launched an effort to double its user base to 2 billion by 2015 by offering a US$3 Microsoft package, which will be sold to qualifying governments. This package includes Windows XP Starter Edition, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Microsoft Math 3.0, Learning Essentials 2.0 for Microsoft Office, and Windows Live Mail desktop. From the article: "The last thing Microsoft wants to see is a Linux third world. Therefore, since most recycled PCs will be Windows machines running XP, it is in Microsoft's interests to persuade cash poor governments to buy cheap recycled PCs which will be capable of running its US$3 software." Microsoft, which has a massive piracy problem in developing countries, is caught between a rock and a hard place in poorer nations. Most consumers cannot afford its premium priced software and the only way to access Microsoft products is to buy cheap pirated copies. The problem for Microsoft is if it cracks down too hard on piracy in poor countries it risks pushing consumers into the arms of open source alternatives such as Linux.""

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson