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Comment Re:Am I the only One Who thinks ... (Score 1) 519

He's not wrong. Christianity (and other religions) seek to turn the meaning of Bad to Evil, because their initial survival was predicated on demonizing their enemies. ISIS commits some terrible, immoral actions -- blowing up innocent civilians for political gain -- but their goal is first to create a nation-state, before world domination. Birds of a feather will flock together.

Comment Re:Human tolerance (Score 1) 488

Until the religions of the world accept that women are equal to men, a pox on all religion. Christianity and Judaism are merely a few hundred years progressed from Islam's burkas and hijabs. Thankfully the West has mostly embraced the notion that women should have the right to vote, and go to school, and drive -- but this is still a rarity in the Middle East.

Comment States Rights' are to blame (Score 1) 278

We need high national standards for academic achievement. State's rights, and allowing states to create their own measurements of academic success, are detrimental because they add a bunch more bullshit tests, where students are scolded to memorize facts rather than using that teaching time for helping students to think for themselves. States' rights, like the slavery they preserved, belong in history books.

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