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Comment: This is so backwards it's sad (Score 1) 218

by jsepeta (#49469857) Attached to: Legislation Would Force Radio Stations To Pay Royalties

Radio should play whatever the hell it wants. And people whose music is played should pay radio ("payola") because their sales increase from the exposure.

If stations have to license music to play it, then perhaps terrestrial radio should start playing more new artists, and fuck the major labels. seriously, fuck them to hell.

Comment: Re: Saudi Arabia, etc. (Score 1) 653

by jsepeta (#49414559) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights

Nobody's asking a pastor to go against his religion by performing a ceremony he doesn't want to perform for whatever reason. But dammit, it's 2015 not 1860, and people need to get with the fucking times. Being gay is not a curse from the devil, it's in your goddamned genetic code -- written out, as it were, by a benevolent and loving God.

Comment: Re:Saudi Arabia, etc. (Score 2) 653

by jsepeta (#49414531) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights

There are a number of Negroes who were lynched and hanged in Indiana because Indiana is the birthplace of the KKK. Discrimination vs. gays is just a new twist on ugly, self-righteous bigotry. Nobody's religious freedom was being infringed upon prior to this awful piece of legislation. And now the state is giving cover for hate crimes. Beautiful.

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