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Comment: Re:Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 415

by jsepeta (#49544839) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Apple stopped being a computer company with the success of the iPod, then iPhone, then iPad. They're a technology devices company whose products are geared at consumers, not a computing company focused on particular industries as they were in the 1990's (publishing, audio, video). Mac sales numbers are a footnote to the money they're printing with iPhones, and the Apple watch is just a fresh way to get their BRAND recognition on the street (since you keep your iPhone in your pocket or your purse). It doesn't matter how many Apple watches sell -- they're just more income for the Apple behemoth.

Comment: Re:Would you kindly cut out the political crap? (Score 1) 298

politics are an important part of the environment but you're correct: attempts to boil this debate down to conservative vs liberal is (figuratively) us eating the red herring. truth of the matter is all politicians seek the backing of wealthy donors / special interest groups including the RIAA, because indie artists who aren't part of corporate rock / corporate greed aren't big political donors. laws will not be made in favor of the people.

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