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Comment: Free Saturdays! (Score 2) 380 380

by jsepeta (#49977211) Attached to: Who Owns Your Overtime?

My employer makes all salaried employees work Saturdays. Thankfully it's only a half-day, but had they been up-front about this, I would not have agreed or would have asked for significantly more money. I'm appreciative that they only ask me to work every other Saturday but there's zero pay for it. I put in about 200 hours per month while salaried positions elsewhere only require 160 hours a month. And to top it off, I've only earned 3 paid time off days in over a year, because all the additional time I work isn't counted against time off for doctor's visits and the like. It's bullshit.

Comment: Re:Japanese Technology Will Disrupt the Song? (Score 1) 158 158

by jsepeta (#49782757) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song?

My teenaged daughter mostly plays vocaloid songs on our long, long car rides. Yamaha owns the vocaloid technology

They even made a keyboard synthesizer only available in Japan that's specific to producing vocaloid music.

Comment: marriage was a disaster for me (Score 1) 950 950

Thanks to my marriage, I'm on the hook for 20 years of giving up 20% of my paycheck. Although I love my daughter, every single other aspect of my marriage destroyed me -- loss of income means living in a basement apartment with little sunlight but centipedes and poor heating because that's all I could afford. I was an emotional wreck for a year. My wife didn't love me, and attempting to find a girlfriend since then has been fruitless -- the women I meet who are willing to date me are hardly the cream of the crop. I'm better off watching porn than seeking the admiration of women who themselves seek the money I don't have.

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