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Sun Microsystems

+ - Sun Enters the Commodity Silicon Business->

Samrobb writes: According to Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz, Sun has decided to release its UltraSPARC T2 processor under the GPL. According to Schwartz, "We're announcing the fastest microprocessor we've ever shipped this week — delivering 89.6 Ghz of parallel computing power on a single chip — running standard Java applications and open source OS's. Simultaneously, we've said we're entering the commodity marketplace, and opening the chip up to our competition... To add fuel to the fire, the blueprints for our UltraSPARC T2... the core design files and test suites, will be available to the open source community, via its most popular license: the GPL."
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+ - NVIDIA Premieres "The Plush Life"->

bigwophh writes: "To showcase the advanced rendering features of NVIDIA's Gelato GPU-accelerated rendering software, Timothy Heath and his team from the NVIDIA Digital Film Group put together a short film dubbed "The Plush Life" featuring Lundo and Flint, two plush characters with a penchant for joyriding in their 1969 Buick Electra. The Plush Life is the first release in a planned series of animated short films created with Gelato using some of its more advanced features like subsurface scattering, depth-of-shadows, and a new shader technology used to create the velvety appearance of the "Flint" character. HotHardware has more information regarding the short film and an array of impressive screenshots that are as good as any animated feature film released to date."
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+ - Blu-ray Disc Among Top Selling DVDs at Amazon

An anonymous reader writes: In a milestone for the next-gen disc format, the Blu-ray edition of 'Casino Royale' cracked the top ten on Amazon's DVD top sellers list upon its release Tuesday, peaking late in the evening at #8. Of course, the two-disc standard-def DVD still topped the chart at #1, but a strong showing for Blu-ray regardless.

+ - The future of packaging software in Linux

michuk writes: "There are currently at least five popular ways of installing software in GNU/Linux. None of them is widely accepted throughout the popular distibutions. This situation is not a problem for experienced users — they can make decisions themselves. However, for a newcomer in the GNU/Linux world, installing new software is always pretty confusing. The article tries to sum up some of the recent efforts to fix this problem and examine the possible future of packaging software in GNU/Linux."

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