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Comment Re:Cyanogenmod has gone downhill a bit (Score 1) 86

And sadly, unless you're buying the device well into its shelf life, you don't know about major flaws until they're discovered. At which point, you've just sunk several hundred dollars into a device that you'll need to replace in a couple years to stay on top of the current version.

Comment Re:Law of large numbers (Score 1) 155

New Yorkers are just assholes. They complain about weather that's not even half as bad as ours. Sorry, next.

We know about our State Fair because people actually attend (as I mentioned above). It's not called the Great Minnesota Get Together for nothing. It's actually a serious affair, and yes, a large part of that is because Minnesota remains a significant agrarian state. The difference between Minnesota and other states with a blend of agriculture and industry is that we embrace our heritage and our progress together.

Minnesota does have beautiful scenery. That doesn't mean that other places don't. I'm not sure what exactly you have a problem with here. Maybe you need to step outside and enjoy some beautiful scenery yourself.

Well, politics are politics, no one's truly going to agree. Even in Minnesota, where we put a gay marriage ban on the ballot, voted it down, and then the legislature vote in a bill legalizing it. I don't think anyone could say the entire state was 100% behind every action that took place there, but here's the point of it all: Minnesota hasn't challenged the bill in court. We made something happen and moved on with our lives, we didn't lose ten years in court bickering and dividing our society along battle lines. I'm not sure how many other states can really say that for such a divisive issue.

Comment Re:Law of large numbers (Score 3, Interesting) 155

Because it's the only thing they can make fun of.

They can't make fun of our Minnesota Nice attitude (we'd probably just laugh it off anyway).

They can't make fun of our state fair, which is the biggest in terms of attendance per day (second only to Texas in terms of sheer attendance, but they have to run it twice as long just to get there).

They can't make fun of our beautiful scenery, from wooded forests to Lake Superior to grassy plains and a lake every way you look.

They can't make fun of our political successes, our progressive attitudes that care for people, or our economic sensibilities that actually work.

No, the only thing that people outside of Minnesota can make fun of is the weather. And if that's the worst they can do, then bring it on!

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