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Comment Re: Duh... (Score 1) 109

So you're moving the risk from the crowdfunders to this nebulous OF company? If someone were able to personally obtain a loan for the product anyway, why would they approach Kickstarter/Indiegogo? Why wouldn't they just sit down at their local bank? You'd have to have a pretty compelling loan program for this to be more appealing than a regular loan or the current state of crowdfunding.

Honestly, what you're talking about sounds like a marriage of Kickstarter and Massdrop, and probably could be a successful business if you were to come up with a friendly loan program. The last thing we need to see is another business out to generate more debt among the middle class.

Comment Re:Why do the clueless always try to "correct"? (Score 1) 249

When exactly did that happen? Jimmy Carter's library website doesn't have Union College, and a similar assertion rejects the idea that he could have completed such a program.

He probably had some nuclear knowledge, just like I have some chemistry knowledge. I wouldn't call myself a chemist, though.

Comment Re:Cyanogenmod has gone downhill a bit (Score 1) 87

And sadly, unless you're buying the device well into its shelf life, you don't know about major flaws until they're discovered. At which point, you've just sunk several hundred dollars into a device that you'll need to replace in a couple years to stay on top of the current version.

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