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Comment Was already a problem with USB 2.0 (Score 1) 206

Whenever a USB cable is used for charging, it's very easy to see why cheap cables are cheap.

A quest for a cable that can support full 1.2A charging, not to mention current generation fast-charging, can be a long and frustrating one. I prefer my chargers to have 1.8m cables instead of manufacturer-standard 1m, and it took a lot of tries to find one that doesn't suck.

Comment Re:ads are the problem (Score 1) 95

Reckon you can do that, Google?

Of course they can't. Look at their FAQ.

How will advertising work on Accelerated Mobile Pages?

A goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad monetization on the mobile web while embracing a user-centric approach. With that context, the objective is to provide support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages. As part of that, those involved with the project are also engaged in crafting Sustainable Ad Practices to insure [sic] that ads in AMP files are fast, safe, compelling and effective for users.

Comment Re:Returns? (Score 1) 102

Previously it was a stand-alone app that would act as a proxy and filter out ads from all traffic. That was yanked from the store since it "interfered with operations of other apps". To some extent, that's a fair accusation.

Now, a FF plugin affecting only FF or a standalone browser are okay by this criterion, so it's "back" in this form.

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